How To Make The Cutest Handmade Dog Toys.

Upcycle Your Jeans Into The Cutest Dog Toys.

Do you have a dog? And do you like to spoil it with dog toys? Well, have you ever thought of making your own handmade dog toys?

Apparently us Brits as well as being tea drinkers we love our dogs too!

I’m not fussed about tea (more of a coffee lover), but I do have a dog. In fact, most of my friends and family own dogs too. We love to fuss over them with treats and toys.

Our Dog pack..

My craft club friend Wendy’s dog Lottie’s (of giant wall art fame) loves to destroy her dog toys. They don’t last five minutes and Wendy is fed up of constantly buying new ones.

Lottie is not the only craft club dog, there’s my dog Toby a Foxy Russell (Jack Russell, Fox Terrier cross). Toby’s the old man of the pack, we’re not quite sure how old Toby actually is as he was a rescue dog, but think he’s about 14 years old now.

Then there’s Buster another Jack Russell with a Napoleon complex. I couldn’t make just one toy for Lottie. I had to make a pile of handmade dog toys for them all.

Lottie is not interested in the supposedly indestructible heavy duty rubber dog toys. She likes the soft plush ones that squeak. I suggested by making our own handmade dog toys. Not only would we save a bit of money but they may last a little longer.

Toby with his handmade dog toy.  Made from upcycled old jeans complete with squeakers for the coolest dog toys on the block.

Why Denim Dog Toys?..

I never throw away old jeans. I even save all the scraps from previous craft projects. Most of the time I find a use for every part of a pair of jeans. A couple of weeks ago I made some lovely denim hearts out of scraps.

Since denim is such a robust fabric and as I have lots of it I decided to make my handmade dog toys out of denim. These dog toys also come with the squeak. However, if squeaky dog toys drive you mad you can leave that bit out.

Luckily these dog toys were really simple to make, therefore, I make a load of them really quickly.

How to upcycle your old jeans into some cool handmade dog toys.  complete with squeakers.

By the way, these handmade dog toys aren’t just for Jack Russells but can be enjoyed by any breed of dog. I’m going to give one to the cute Beagle (Millie) round the corner.

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What you need to make denim handmade dog toys

  • Old jeans, or denim scraps. Any part of the jean will do. It’s great if you can get some denim seams on to the dog toys. To achieve a two-tone effect I used denim from more than one pair of jeans. I’m sure the dogs didn’t appreciate this aesthetic but I did!
  • Fibre fill– I fortunately had a load of natural wool fiberfill that had been used as insulation for a fresh food delivery. However, you can use any fiberfill that is child-friendly. (If it’s child-friendly it should be dog-friendly).
  • Needle and thread – I used a sewing machine to make my dog toys, but they are very easy to sew by hand.
  • Dog bone template.
What you need to make handmade dog toys.

How to Make Handmade Dog Toys

2. Then lay the dog bone template on the wrong side of your denim scrap and draw round it.

Drawing around dog bone template

3. Using scissors cut out the dog bone shape. Make sure you have 2 dog bone shapes for each toy. I used two contrasting denim shades for each dog toy.

Denim dog bone cut outs

4. Then pin the denim bones wrong sides together and sew them either by hand or on a machine. Remember to leave a small opening and a 5mm approx margin.

5. Next, by using the small opening turn the denim dog toy the right side out.

6. Finally, stuff your denim dog bone with the fiber and don’t forget to put in your squeaker before sewing up the opening.

These denim dog toys are a bargain. The only cost is for the squeak inside!

DIY denim dog toy
Buster with his handmade dog toy.  Full tutorial on how to make these denim upcycled dog toys.

Personally, I think these denim handmade dog toys are the coolest ones in town. Whether or not the dogs think that I’m not sure. I know many dog lovers though that would love to receive one of these denim bones as a gift.

Does your dog love toys?  Then why not make them some cool upcycled handmade dog toys from an old pair of jeans.  These would also make a lovely present for any dog lover.

Top tip: I if you use the pocket bit of your old jeans when making your dog toys, you can then hide a treat inside the pocket. This gives the handmade dog toys an extra fun element as the dog tries to work the treat out of the pocket.

Make your dog the coolest handmade dog toys from your old jeans.

If you love to craft with denim I have a made a lot of wonderful things out of old jeans, you can check them all out here.:

Unique upcycled denim and repurposed jeans ideas for the home.

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  2. Great toys, Looks easy to make. I will try these.

  3. Great tut, thanks. Have you or any readers tried washing them in a machine ?
    How well did they hold up ?

    • They are denim so should be perfectly fine to wash in the machine. Thank you 😊

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  13. I didn’t have any filling so any part of the jean I wasn’t using I cut up kind of small and used as stuffing. I made sure not to have any zipper or anything metal in it. We don’t have a dog but hopefully some like a different texture inside. My boys are going to donate them to a shelter or something.

    • That sounds like a great idea. I like how you were very creative with the filling.

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  15. wow…What a great idea to make a toy for my lovely pooch. Thanks you so much for sharing awesome trick. Keep Posting…..

  16. Love the idea, I will stuff mine with old socks.

    • That sound like a great use for all those odd socks I have at the bottom of the laundry basket. Thank you!

  17. I bet I could stuff them with old Tshirt scraps or even denim scraps if i don’t have wool! My guys like crinkly toys so I could even put some water bottle pieces in for that crinkly effect. Cat lovers can also get involved. A little fish. Add some cat nip. Such a cute idea! 👍🏻🤗

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  19. Great Idea! Such a good use of old things.
    I’ve shared with my followers because it’s something they’d definitely LOVE to try!!

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  21. Lea

    Well if these aren’t adorable and such a great gift!! You are very creative.

  22. Love the dog bone in denim. I make Ms Lexie her toys. Her favorite is when I use the cereal liner from a box of cold cereal. I sew the liner in part of the seam so it doesn’t get wadded up. They are very crinkly ( got the idea at a baby shower), I put in some batting, cereal liner, a squeaky and she plays for a long time. I am now going to make her some more using your denim and bone shape, along with my cereal liner.

    • Thank you and thanks for the feral liner tip that sounds like a great idea.

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  24. These are absolutely amazing! I was just looking at my sons ripped jeans and wondering what to do with them and this is perfect!! x

    • Thank you, good luck with them. I have 3 teenage boys so a plentiful supply of ripped jeans.

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  29. These dog toys are just downright adorable and my two doggies would love them !!

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  32. I bet my puppies would love this! And I think I’ve got a pair of jeans on their last legs (if you pardon the pun). I love the tip about using the pocket for dog treats! Thanks for sharing on the Waste Less Wednesday Blog Hop!

    • Thank you and good luck with them. I’m sure the puppies will have fun with treats in the pockets.

  33. This is the cutest project I’ve seen in a long time. My dog would love it and probably rip it apart in minutes. She’s a coon hound and seems to have no boundries when it comes to dog toys. So she finds weird stuff on the farm like pine cones and branches to play with. This project though really rocks and what a great tutorial.

    • Thank you! I think that’s half the fun for dogs tearing the toys apart. The good thing about these are they are so cheap to make you could make a whole load in one go.

  34. Liz

    This is such a great idea! I really love it!

  35. This is adorable and cost saving besides. Really simple cool idea.
    I looked at the other Tobie post and your artwork is amazing. Your so casual about it and the skill level it takes. You are a natural artist.

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  37. Oh these are so sweet! I might have to make a giant version of this for my boxer 😁

  38. These are brilliant. We don’t have a dog in our house but I know plenty of people who do and many tell me their dogs like to get hold of soft things, I’m sure this idea could help save lots of slippers over the years! Thanks for sharing at #HandmadeMonday 🙂

    • Thank you. Yes, some dogs really love soft toys, some rip them to shreds others just like to carry them around.

  39. Our grandpup would get a kick out of these and he wouldn’t be able to rip them to shreds. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, have a great weekend.

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  41. Such a clever idea Claire, and I bet yours is a lot sturdier than the ones you buy at the stores. Love the use of denim on them.

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  43. Such a great idea. I bet your dog loves it`s new toys.

    • He’s not so fussed but his friends Lottie and Buster love them.

  44. What a great idea! And I love your furry model – Thanks for sharing on the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party!

  45. Oh my word! I’m taking some of these! Thanks for the link to the squeakers! My dog will be thrilled!!!!

  46. Claire, you are the queen of denim projects–each one cuter than the one before! Thanks for sharing your creativity @Vintage Charm!

  47. I love this idea, will have to sort some old jeans of DH and make Shiloh some, thank you for the tutorial

  48. I have a pair of jeans waiting to be repurposed and two dogs who tear through their toys – I know what I’ll be sewing up next!!! 😀 #handmademonday

  49. Claire this is so cute!!! And they even have squeakers!!! Ever since meeting you I have started saving denim, my hubby knows not to throw away his worn out jeans 😉 and our dogs would would love this, especially with the squeaker and a treat hidden in a pocket! Thanks so much for sharing, I am pinning 🙂

    • Thank you Susanne. I have a big pile of denim waiting for more upcycles so watch this space.

  50. Oh wow – years ago I made my beloved Westie a “blue thing” which was a rolled up toy made up of fabric scraps from a denim dress that I had just made. He loved it so much, even though the seams were uneven. Love the idea of the treat pocket!

    • Thanks, the treat pocket is fun. My grandparents had Westies when I was growing up one of them used to sing along with singers on the telly.

  51. What a great idea! I gotta get my sewing machine out of mothballs!

    • Thank you, they can be made by hand but obviously it is quicker on a machine.

  52. creativejewishmom/sara

    Fabulous claire! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday as always!

  53. Cute and fun. And great tutorial. I loved your model!
    I loved all the pics you included! I hope you’ll come over and share your post at The Fabulous Spring/Easter party!
    It’s over here:
    Happy Spring.

  54. These are so cute!! Love them! Great way to reuse the fabric too!

  55. Frances Lineberry

    These are super cute but please omit the squeakers. My daughter almost lost her dog due to the dog swallowing the squeakers from dog toys. When they did surgery she had several in her stomach, causing blockage. The vet said several dog owners had lost their dogs due to them swallowing the squeakers from toys.

    • Thank you! Sorry to hear about your daughters dog, I didn’t realise squeakers were an issue as reputable companies such as Kong sell replacements.

      • I believe the Kong toys have hidden squeakers. I buy them for my American Bull dog. First thing she does is try to get a squeaker out of a toy so I buy the Kong toys. She can’t get them out.

        • Thank you, I’ll have to look for Kong toys next time at the pet store.

  56. This is such a cute idea!!! I would have totally made this if I had a dog :)xoxo

    • Thank you! You could always make them as a gift for any dog loving friends you have.

  57. What a super cute idea!!! Our lab puppy (she is 3 but still our puppy) loves squeaky toys and they are expensive. The denim fabric would make it very sturdy and the pocket idea for a treat is genius. Thanks for sharing – Halia (our pup) will thank you.

  58. Oh my goodness, these are just too stinkin’ cute!

  59. What a cute project…. and they should be quite durable also. 🙂

  60. Super fun idea, Claire! Our dog is too old these days to play with her toys but a great way to use up old fabrics. Visiting from Vintage Charm.

    • Thank you, Victoria. Toby is a bit old for toys, I made them more for his friends.

  61. Claire these are adorable … And your dugs are even cuter. I want to take them home with me!

    • Thanks, both dogs aren’t mine. However, Buster does come to stay every now and again.

  62. Brilliant! I was just doing a post on dog beds out of denim jeans leftovers, and your post is just so much more clever!! May I link to you from my post when it publishes?

    • Thank you, yes, of course, you can. Please send me the link of your post as I would love to see it. I could then link back to it too.

  63. merci pour le tuto, je vais le faire

  64. These are adorable!!!

    • The dog toys or the dogs or both? I think both are adorable of course.

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