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Happy Hour Upcycled Window

Happy Hour Upcycled Window

It was lovely and sunny at the weekend we had our first BBQ of the season. My outdoor space is a small town garden, in which I love to sit out and chill in the summer. I’m always looking for ways to jazz it up a bit with a few upcycled accessories. A few weeks ago I upcycled an old window into a gorgeous herb planter for my garden. I loved it so much that I decided to make another upcycled window.
As one of my favourite summer activities is to sip cocktails in the garden with friends, I gave the window a cocktail themed makeover. I painted a HAPPY HOUR sign on the window, added a hook for a bottle opener and a shelf to hold a cocktail caddy. You can download for free my sign template and I will show you how I made the little cocktail caddy.

Brighten up your garden with this upcycled happy hour cocktail window and cocktail caddy.  Free template to download and great step by step tutorial.

Happy Hour Upcycled Window - Free template and instructions including the cocktail caddy

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How to Paint Your Upcycled Window

The way I painted the window was basically the same as with my herb planter window but with at different template of course !

  • Stick your template face down on the front of your window as you will be painting on the back of the window (hence the mirror image).

Happy Hour upcycled window -

Happy Hour Upcycled window - free template and tutorial for caddy as well

  • To add a bit more character to the upcycled window, I added a shelf and a nail from which to hang a bottle opener from. I spotted a piece of pallet wood with a nice curve in it. I removed this from the pallet and cut it to the width of the window. The wood was then sanded and waxed with a dark wax before screwing to the bottom of the window.

    If you want to see a good tutorial for dismantling pallets click her to see Donna’s from Funky Junk Interiors.

Cocktail window

Pallet Shelf for upcycled window -

How to make an upcycled cocktail caddy

Upcycled Cocktail Caddy -

Being in the upcycling zone I decided to accessorize my window further with a cute little cocktail caddy. I’d made a Copper Craft Caddy before, this was quite similar but this time I used little tins and decoupaged them.

Cocktail Caddy -

How to make your cocktail caddy for your upcycled window

    • First decorate your tin cans, to keep with the cocktail lemon theme. I spray painted them on the inside yellow and creamy white on the outside.
    • Once dry I then decoupaged the outside with napkins. You just use the top ply layer of the paper napkin when decoupaging. If you want to see more detailed instructions on decoupaging with napkins click here. When finished coat with varnish to protect.
    • To make the handle, I drilled a hole into my piece of wood and stuck the end of my broken bottle opener. You can use resin glue in the hole to secure if needed.
  • Final I stuck the cans, 2 on each side to the wood strip and handle using Epoxy glue.

Cocktail caddy -

Now your caddy is ready to fill with all your cocktail paraphernalia, such as straws, cocktail sticks and those cute tiny umbrellas.

Cocktail Caddy-

Cocktail Happy Hour Window -

I’ve already been making good use of my cocktail window, I hope this gorgeous weather we are having at the moment continues. I’m looking forward to the elderflowers coming out so that I can make my elderflower champagne which I love to use as a base in my summer cocktails. As you can probably gather from the window my favourite spirit is Gin so alot my cocktails are gin-based such as my Gin & Rhubarb Fizz. What’s your favourite cocktail ?

Happy Hour Upcycled Window -

There are many more upcycled and repurposed fun ideas for the garden here.

handmade by amalia

Friday 25th of May 2018

It sure makes me happy looking at it. Amalia xo

Claire Armstrong

Friday 25th of May 2018

Thank you it does brighten up my back patio.

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Janet Trieschman

Tuesday 28th of June 2016

Cute project, shows lots and lots of talent! Thanks for sharing your post with us at Creatively Crafty #CCBG .

Claire Armstrong

Tuesday 28th of June 2016

Thank you !