Old window Christmas Decoration

Repurposing an old window into a Christmas Mirror Decoration

Old Window Christmas Decoration: I have participated in my blogging buddies “Christmas Trash to Treasure Challenge”. I adore a “trash to treasure” challenge. It’s my favourite kind of crafting, turning the unloved into the loved.
For this challenge, my trash was an old sash window. I revamped and upcycled this window into a vintage mirror and Christmas decoration.
There are many lovely words that you just associate with Christmas. I love to use these words in my Christmas crafting projects. Last year I make some giant felt Fa La La letters. For this years upcycled Christmas decoration Jingle was my Christmas word of choice.
Earlier on in the year, a friend had a load of new windows put in her house and I managed to rescue the old Victorian sashes she replaced before they went to the dump.
One I turned into a window herb planter and the other into a happy hour upcycled window. As there was still a window yet to be repurposed sitting in my garden I decided to upcycle it with a Christmas theme.
For the festive season, I have swapped my normal mantle mirror for this old window Christmas Decoration. It’s a Christmas sign, mirror, and place to hang ornaments all wrapped into one.

You can check out my fellow blogging buddies “trash to treasure” projects at the end of this post.
Did you know you can change glass into a mirror with spray paint?  Along with some glass paints you can upcycle an old window into a lovely Christmas mirror for your holiday mantle.
Old window Christmas Decoration Mirror
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What I Used for my Old Window Christmas Decoration

Old sash windows upcycled into herb planter


How to Make an Old Window Christmas Decoration

Painting on the words

  1. If your frame is looking a bit too new you can easily age it. Sanding and chipping off some of the paint and then rubbing the frame with a dark furniture wax helps to achieve that shabby look.

  3. To start with download and print out the “Jingle” template here. Depending on the size of your window resize the wording to fit. The font I used was far too big to fit on one piece of A4 paper. Therefore, I printed the template one bit at a time, onto several pages. Print your Christmas word out as a mirror image. If you go into advanced options on the print setup page, you should be able to tick a mirror image option.
    I painted onto the back of the window (hence the mirror image). Therefore, stick the printed template onto the front of the window so that you can read the letters on the other side.



  5. Using your template as a guide paint the Christmas words onto the back of your window. I painted 3 coats, letting each coat dry in between.

    Upcycling an old window Christmas decoration and mirror


    Creating the mirror effect

  7. When you have finished painting remove your paper template. Cover the back frame of the painted window in masking tape. Lay the window down flat onto newspapers. Either outside or in a very well ventilated room.
    Then following the instructions on the can, spray the back of the window with the special mirror spray. I shook my can of paint well, sprayed from a height of 20-30cm and did about 4 coats of paint. Waiting a couple of minutes between each coat.
  8. The special spray paint creates a lovely antique mirror effect which looks great with the old window as it adds to that lovely vintage look. To finish off I added some brass cup hooks to the bottom of the window. This enabled me to hang Christmas vintage baubles and bells on the mirror window.
    Old window Christmas decoration:  turn an old window into an antique mirror and lovely Christmas decoration for that vintage Christmas look.

What are your favourite Christmas words ? Mine are “Fa La La”, “Jingle” and “Ho Ho Ho”.
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  2. I love this Mirror Claire I would love this in my house

    • Ahh, thank you Amber. It’s on my Christmas mantle looking very festive.

  3. Old windows are really hard to find in Western Canada and if you do they are so pricey its ridiculous. I wish I could find them because your makeover/craft is super cute and pretty.

    • Thank you, Leanna. I was lucky and got a load for free when my friend had new windows put in.

  4. Great project Claire! It will warm up our house for the season. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas!

  5. Beautiful! I wouldn’t have thought to put mirror paint on an old window, but it turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing on the Waste Less Wednesday Hop!

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    • Thank you so much LaCie for featuring me. I’d love to see how you decorate your old windows.

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  20. Love this project! Very cool with the tracing technique and the mirror effect! Definitely a treasure.
    Thanks so much for sharing and linking up at Dishing It & Digging It! Can’t wait to see more of your creativity next week! 🙂

  21. Claire, I love everything about this…inspired to transform one of my old windows-just collecting dust in the garage!!! So glad I saw it on Sweet Inspirations!!

  22. Love it! Recycling is the best! Going to share this on our Facebook and Pin it! Rhonda

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  25. Oh Claire, I love this SO MUCH! I have an old window leaning on our mantel, but it is plain. I am inspired to create a Christmas themed window for the season, I just need to find another window! 🙂 Thank you so much for participating in the T2T blog hop! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    • Thank you so much .Kimm. Hopefully you’ll find another window.

  26. I love old windows, I wish I had so many! Your christmas window is so beautiful, love the easy transformation and the greenery around it too!

  27. Claire, I can’t even tell you how cool this is! Oh my…I just really love the creativity you have that inspired this project. Now you have my mind spinning as to all the great take-offs of this project.

    Thanks for the inspiration my friend!

    Hugs, Lynn

  28. This post caught my eye b/c hubby was just telling me this week he wanted to get rid of some newer old windows I picked up on the curb a while back. Just waiting for inspiration, ya know?? Now I’ve got it with your Christmas window. I totally love the project. Pinning for later. Thanks!

  29. This reminds me of a client I had that wanted a personalized bar mirror. The techniques shown here would totally work for making one of your own. Love the final project!

    • Thank you Debbie. It too reminded me of the mirrors you get in pubs but usually with a whisky advert and not a Christmas saying.

  30. Oh my goodness!! I love this!! That old mirror effect from the paint is amazing!!!

  31. Oh Claire! I LOVE your repurposed window!! Such a great cheerful Christmas project! I have a window project going on at the moment and would have never have thought to use mirror spray! Brilliant idea!!

  32. Ann

    I love this!!! Now I need to go find some more old windows!

  33. Sarah, your Christmas window is adorable! Love the mirror effect!

  34. I LOVE a good mirror effects project, that spray is amazing!!! Your window turned out great!

  35. I just love this! It’s so festive and beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful idea.

  36. Oh my goodness – this turned out so great! I love the “old mirror” effect you got with the spray paint!! And the chippyness of the paint is glorious!

  37. Your mantle is delightful. Fun, light, and airy are all words that come to mind while I was gazing at it.

    Beautiful re-purpose of an old window.


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