A Fun Tropical Pineapple Stenciled Table Upcycle

How To Make A Chalk Paint Pineapple Stenciled Table

Why pineapples? I have a thing about Pineapples. Which is probably why my sister gave me some pineapple knobs for Christmas. I was dying to use the pineapple handles for a furniture upcycle. That’s why I made this pineapple stenciled table.

I think of pineapples as being the king of fruits. I hate to admit it, but I’m easily seduced by great looking packaging. As far as fruit go, the pineapple wins hands down in the looks department. Also having been brought up in the tropics I do like tropical themed crafts. Last year I made a tropical themed birdhouse decoration.

There was not much wrong with the console table I picked up from the junk store. It was the perfect size for my lounge with 2 handy draws for the remote and takeaway menus. It was just a bit boring and tired looking. All it need was a bit of pimping with paint and new handles to turn it into something delightful and a bit more interesting.

As well as a tropical theme, I wanted to give the console table a shabby chalk paint makeover gold and black paint job. New pineapple knobs just added to the whole effect on the pineapple stenciled table.

Console table before

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What You Need For A Stenciled Table Makeover

Pineapple knobs for DIY stenciled table

Painting the stenciled table

1. I wanted to go for a black and gold shabby, chippy paint effect. To achieve this firstly I spray painted the edges of the console with the gold chrome spray paint. It’s best to do this outside as spray paint can be a bit smelly.

2. Once the gold paint is dry and before covering the console table with the black chalk paint, I brushed vaseline on the edges and corners where I wanted the gold paint to show through.

3. Next, paint the table with the black chalk paint and leave to dry. Once dry use a cloth to rub away the black paint from the edges where you put the vaseline. The paint should come away easily revealing the gold underneath.

Spray painting the table gold
Applying vaseline to the corner of the table
Rubbing off the chalk paint in the corners

How to Make the Pineapple Stenciled Table

I used 2 pineapple stencils for this stenciled table. They were actually the same design but different sizes.

1. The first thing I did was tape the large pineapple stencil with masking tape to the top of the cupboard and sprayed with the gold chrome paint.

If you can’t get the stencil to lie totally flat then I recommend using a stencil brush and a dabbing motion. You can either use some liquid gold paint for this. Or as the stencil is only a small area, you can spray some of the gold paint out of the can to create a paint puddle. Then use this puddle of paint with the stencil brush.

Spray painting the pineapple gold

2. Next, I taped the small pineapple stencils to the side of the table. Again I painted these with gold paint. The table was laid down on it’s side so that the paint did not run.

Stencilling the pineapples on the side of the table

3. Even though the pineapple knobs my sister gave me were the inspiration for this pineapple stenciled table. They were the wrong colour (silver). So I simply spray painted them with the gold paint to match the stenciled pineapples on the table.

4. For the finishing touch, I lined the two drawers on the stenciled table with pineapple gift wrap.

Finished pineapple stenciled console table

5. Finally to seal the chalk paint I applied clear furniture wax with a soft cloth to the pineapple stenciled table.

Pineapple stenciled table:
Pineapple stenciled table: I love pineapples and upcycled this thrift store console table with a fun pineapple themed upcycle.
Pineapple stenciled table: I love pineapples and upcycled this thrift store console table with a fun pineapple themed upcycle.

The pineapple table really fits in well with my pineapple decor. I’ve even made some gold crushed can DIY planters to match the theme.

10 minute crushed gold diy planters

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Pineapple Stenciled Table

Pineapple Stenciled Table
Upcycled console table. Painted in black and gold chalk paint using the vaseline method to give a shabby glam look. Gold pineapples stenciled to the table.
Prep Time 1 hour
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 2 hours


  • black chalk paint
  • gold spray paint
  • vaseline
  • pineapple knobs
  • sandpaper
  • pineapple gift wrap
  • clear furniture wax


  • Paint brush


  1. Spray table gold
  2. Once dry, vaseline corners
  3. Paint table in black
  4. Once dry sand corners
  5. Stencil pineapple on top and sides
  6. Add pineapple knobs and line the drawers

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  16. This is beautiful, I love the gold underneath just showing through.
    I’m sure I’d heard once that pineapples are a symbol of welcome somewhere in the world, I don’t know if that’s true but I kind of like the idea, and I’m sure in Spanish there is an expression about being close ‘like a pineapple’ if you are close to family or friends.

    • Thank you so much Julie. Ni didn’t realise about the welcome bit until someone else said. I like the welcome symbol idea and the Spanish saying too.

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    I want this! It would look fabulous in our bedroom holding my jewelry or in the dining room on the table!

    What an awesome thrift store upcycle! Thanks so much for the DIY inspiration!

    {BIG hugs}
    ~ Ashley

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I like the idea of the spray painted pineapple.

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    • Thank you, the pineapple stencils only cost me a couple of dollars from eBay.

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    Your talent is endless! I always love your projects and this table came out fabulous!

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    • Thank you Lisa, as you can see I have quite a few Pineapple themed things going on in my home.

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