How to Make Delightful Denim Hearts 2 ways from Jeans

How to Make Delightful Denim Hearts from Old Jeans

Denim Hearts: I’m not sure when it all started but you might have noticed I am a bit obsessed with upcycling old jeans. I can’t resist making things in denim, it is definitely my favourite fabric to repurpose.

I made upcycled denim eggs last Easter and did a very popular round-up of denim Christmas decorations. So I thought why not do something in denim for Valentine’s, and you can’t get more Valentine’s than a heart. These rustic denim decorations don’t just have to be for Valentine’s, I think they will look great all year round.

I couldn’t decide which way to go so I have made not one but 2 different kinds of denim hearts. One’s a denim heart wreath to hang on your door and the other is a cute little padded denim heart keyring for your door keys. The little denim hearts also look great hanging together as a sweet decorative garland.

Upcycled denim hearts.

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Denim Hearts 1: The upcycled denim Wreath

All you need to make these denim heart wreaths are:

  • An old wire coat hanger, or just some old wire.
  • Strips of denim cut from your old jeans.
  • Fabric Mod Podge or other white glue such as PVA.

How to make a delightful denim hearts wreath from upcycled jeans.  Great Valentine's decoration

Use your old jeans and a coat hanger to make a gorgeous upcycled denim wreath for Valentines or all year round decor.

  1. Using some pliers bend your wire coat hanger into a heart shape.
  2. Cut your denim into strips about 1 -2 inches wide.
  3. Fray the edges of your denim strips slightly by pulling out the loose threads.
  4. Paste the wrong sides of the denim strips with glue and wrap them around the wire overlapping as you go.
  5. Carry on wrapping the denim until the whole heart is covered. Then go around at least twice more.
  6. Hang from a red ribbon for a more Valentine’s look.

I actually made 2 of these denim hearts a big one and a little one and hung them together.

Use your old jeans and a coat hanger to make a gorgeous upcycled denim wreath for Valentines or all year round decor.

How to make rustic Denim hearts decorations from upcycled old jeans.  Not just for Valentine's day

The Small Padded Denim hearts (keyrings)

These little hearts are great as they use up all those odd scrap pieces of old denim. They are so simple to make are handsewn and can be used as a decoration or given as a keyring.

Upcycle scraps of old jeans into gorgeous padded denim hearts to hand as a decoration or use as a keyring.

  1. I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter as a template to draw around.
  2. I cut out 2 heart shapes from the denim scraps.
  3. Cut out a length of seam or hem from you jeans approximately 3-4 inches long to make a loop.
  4. Pin your denim heart shapes wrong sides together with the denim loop.
  5. Stitch them together using a simple running stitch, leaving a small gap. I used a red thread to make them more Valentine’s like.
  6. Fill your hearts with a small amount of fiber and then stitch to close. Brush the edges of the heart with some fabric mod podge to prevent them fraying.

Use your jeans scraps to make the sweet padded denim hearts keyring.  It would make a cute valentine's gift.

As these padded denim hearts were handsewn, I made a few of them whilst watching telly in the evening with the family. (I don’t know why but I find it hard to watch telly unless I’m doing something with my hands.) Which meant that I made enough of them hang them up in a garland as well as use them as a keyring.

Using a heart cookie cutter as a template upcycle jeans scraps into a gorgeous rustic padded denim hearts garland decoration for Valentine's,  Christmas or everyday.

You could always attach one of these denim heart keyrings to a Valentine card for that special someone and write something corny about the key to your heart or perhaps not!

Scraps of old jeans are perfect for upcycling into cute padded denim heart keyrings.  Make a great Valentine's gift.

Scraps of old jeans are perfect for upcycling into cute rustic padded denim heart keyrings.  Make a great Valentine's gift.

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  6. What a fun project and just what I was looking for to teach Grandkids a little simple basic sewing. Thank you so much .

  7. What a fun denim craft! Love the heart key chain you made. Pinning 🙂

    • Thank you, I got a bit carried away and made 6 of them as they were so sweet.

  8. What a fun project! I love the look of denim!

  9. Claire, you amaze me with all of your wonderful projects that you make with denim!! So clever! These hearts are just so sweet!

  10. Claire, these hearts make me smile! Im making them right now. I really hate to throw out my hubbys jeans so I constantly look for ways to use them. I’ve never seen these before, thank you so much for sharing your creativity!

    • Thank you, so nice to hear that you are making them. If you want I’d love for you to share a finished picture of them on my Facebook page.

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  12. I love working with denim too, it’s the perfect recycling medium.
    I love these ideas, especially the padded hearts, they make a really cute garland and lovely keyrings too. I especially like how you’ve used the seams for the loops.

    • Thanks Julie, I love to use the seams and waistbands in my denim upcycles whenever possible as I think they add character.

  13. These are really cute Claire and your idea of adding the little heart key ring with a corny “key quote” works for me. I think it would make a lovely Valentine’s gift.

    • Thanks, Michelle, the key ring with a corny quote will be on my Valentine’s card this year!

  14. A great way of using up stash denim or re-use old jeans. I love the keyrings!

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    Love them both! Thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

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  19. You certainly are the queen of denim! Love these 🙂

    • Thank you, Medina! You make it sound like I wear double denim, which I don’t by the way! But I do like to upcycle the old jeans for crafts.

  20. I can’t decide which hearts I like best. Another awesome way to reuse jeans, Claire. Featured today, both your tutorial and blog.

    • Thank you so much, Pam, I look forward to seeing them. I couldn’t decide either that’s why I made both.

  21. Love these little hearts and definitely on my to do list and not just for Valentines. My mind is racing with ideas and uses for the wreath ‘idea’ too. Thank you for posting them.

    Psst did you mean wrong sides together in number 4 above? 😉

    • Thank you Susan, and extra Brownee points to you for spotting the not so deliberate mistake. I’ve now corrected it, cheers!

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  23. Cute ideas!! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for tomorrow morning that features your tutorial: –Anne

  24. These are so cute, I wondered what you used to make them so big. I love how you are so creative with Denim. You inspire me!

    • Thank you, Toni, I love to think of new ways to upcycle denim it’s kind of a personal challenge for me.

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