The Best Repurposed Denim Christmas Decorations

Cool and Unique Upcycled Denim Christmas Decorations

When you think of the colours of Christmas, indigo may not be the top of the list. However, I still think that you can make some pretty cool and unique denim Christmas decorations from a pair of old jeans.
My favrouite part of Christmas is actually all the preparation, the decorating, cooking and especially the crafting. I love to fill my home with Christmas decorations that I have made. Each year I love to craft something new to add to them. As I love to upcycle my old jeans I thought it would be fun to find some cool and unique denim Christmas decorations.
This is a round up of my favourite denim Christmas decorations, some I’ve crafted myself and others I have found.

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  1. Denim DIY Christmas Tree – Pillarboxblue
    These cute Christmas trees are made from all recycled and repurpose materials. They can be left as they are for a year-round decoration or made more Christmassy by adding a star and some decorations.
    Gorgeous upcycled jeans DIY Christmas trees

  3. Denim Christmas Decorations – Vickymyerscreations
    If you just add colourful embroidery to some scraps of denim and all of a sudden you have some cute Christmas decorations.


  5. Denim Gingerbread Man Ornament – Eastdrinkchic
    Isn’t this gingerbread man just the cutest ?
    My Favourite 5 Upcycled Denim Christmas Decorations.  Put your old jeans into good use and upcycle them into some unique christ

  7. Denim Hearts 2 Ways- Pillarboxblue
    My in-laws are from Norway and like many other Northern European countries, hearts form an important part of their Christmas decorations. There is a tutorial here of 2 different types of heart denim Christmas decorations. The smaller padded ones can be hung on the tree and the larger wire ones as wreath.
    (They also make a good Valentine’s decoration of course!)
    Upcycle your old jeans into denim hearts 2 different ways for Valentine's. One a wreath the other a padded keyring.

    More denim Christmas decoration ideas!

  9. Denim Christmas Stocking – Nancysieman
    If you make these stockings with the pocket part of your jeans, then you’ll have extra hiding places for treats.
    Favourite 5 Denim Christmas Decorations.  Put your old jeans into good use and upcycle them into some unique christmas decorations.
  10. Denim Pocket Angels – Handverkarna
    Unfortunately there is no tutorial with these angels but it should be really easy to work out how to make them. All you need is some jeans pockets and denim scraps.
    Favourite 5 Denim Christmas Decorations.  Put your old jeans into good use and upcycle them into some

  12. Jeans Pocket Handmade Advent Calendar – Pillarboxblue
    Advent calendars are a fun part of the build up for the big day it’s self! The pockets on this upcycled denim advent calendar are perfect for hiding a daily treat to add to the festive excitement.
    Best denim Christmas decorations advent calendar

  14. Denim Rustic Stars – Pillarboxblue
    No Christmas decorations are complete without a star, whether it is on the top of the tree or elsewhere. These star denim Christmas decorations, certainly add a rustic element to the festive decorations.
    Make rustic stars to decorate your home. They can be made from recycled jeans or burlap on a simple wireframe. A great upcycled Christmas decoration.

  16. Monogrammed denim gift tags- Pillarboxblue
    You may argue that they are a gift tag and not strictly a decoration. However, I will be hanging my denim gift tags from the tree. There again I hang all sorts of ornaments from my tree, mostly homemade though.
    Upcycled denim gift tags

You may want to check out these other Christmas decorations too, which I’m sure can be adapted to make them denim Christmas decorations.
Denim tassels
Denim Feather Wall Hanging

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  1. So many cute ideas, Claire! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  2. Ann

    Great collection of ideas. Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJs!

  3. These are super ideas, especially the advent calendar. You just got me in the mood for some DIY! Thank you.

    • Thank you, I love to make a family advent calendar every year.

  4. Now I really want to go making the denim decorative items for this Christmas immediately! Put them in every room of the house! Love the Christmas tree best! Thank for your sharing!

  5. These make me want to go out and get some denim! I love the gift tag idea. Thanks for sharing on the Waste Less Wednesday Hop!

    • Thank you, the gift tags do look great with a present and make a great bookmark after.

  6. Some cute ideas here. I really appreciate you taking the time to share at The Crafty Corner link party! I hope to see you there again.

  7. These decorations are so charming and I’m a big fan of upcycled projects. Congrats, you’re featured this week at the #ThisIsHowWeRoll Link Party.

  8. I clicked over to your blog just to see mr. denim gingerbread man. Too cute! Great round up of ideas.

  9. Claire these are all so cute. I too love the look of denim but have never tried it for Christmas decor. I guess there is always a first time! Next year I’ll go all out and do blue and red! You have inspired me!

    • Thank you Mary. I love repurposing old jeans and I’m always looking for new ideas of things to make with them.

  10. I can’t decide which one I like best – what fun ideas! Thanks for sharing on the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party – and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  11. Liz

    The gingerbread man is super cute!

  12. I love all the items you picked, I never knew there was a denim category until I met you. Now I know I’ve been missing out on some great upcycle materials.

    • Thanks Toni, I admit it I have a bit of denim habit. I keep all our old jeans for crafting.

  13. I love them all – I’d spotted the denim angels on pinterest, love them:) Thin the denim organiser is a great idea for an advent calendar

    • Thank you Vicky! I like your 12 days of Christmas repurposing posts.

  14. I love love love this! I’ve never thought about repurposing my jeans which I am so doing how! And I have to say the Christmas tree made of denim is my absolute fave!

  15. Great ideas! The gift tags are my fave. Visiting from BOB Tribe.

    • Thank you Victoria. I will be making more gift tags this year.

  16. Very cool ideas! I love the denim Christmas tree!!

  17. So many great ideas! I love repurposing jean fabric! 🙂 Lisa

  18. Fantastic collection of projects. I especially love the tree, you are right, looks simple enough to work out (famous last words!)

  19. I love the denim organizer! I already can see where we can put it 😀

    • Thank you very much. My son has it in his room and it’s really handy for his bits and pieces.

  20. I love the tree the most but they are all amazing. I thought the tree was ribbons until I read they were seams…even cooler! Great ideas here for sure

  21. Ann

    Really… I think I’ve loved every project you’ve posted! This one is just my style!

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