Easy Paper Bunny Treat Bags

Paper Bunny Treat Bags for Easter

The great thing about these paper bunny treat bags, they are quick to make cost almost nothing and make an adorable Easter gift. After stitching paper for the first time for my Valentine Map hearts I got the idea to stitch a paper bunny for Easter. Like those Map hearts the bunnies are very addictive and I ended up making lots of them.
These gorgeous paper bunny treat bags are easy to make and are great for Easter gifts and hunts.  Great for party favours too.

Paper Bunny Treat bags - Pillarboxblue tutorial
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What you need to make a Paper Bunny treat bag

  • Decorative papers, I use whatever I can find, craft papers, wrapping paper scraps & wallpaper samples. In fact I used an old 2015 Lotta Jansdotter calendar for some of my paper bunnies, as I adore her simple Scandinavian prints. Lots of shops will give you free wallpaper samples, there are so many fantastic wallpaper designs out there. All you need is approximately one A4 size piece of paper for each bunny.

  • Paper bunny template which you can download here.
  • Small luggage label tags.
  • Scraps of cream wool for pom pom tail
  • Sewing machine, scissors, needle and thread.
  • Last but not least your Easter treats; I used mini chocolate eggs.
    What you need to make paper bunny treat bags

    How to make a Paper Bunny treat bag


    1. Download and cutout the paper bunny template or draw your own.

    3. Once you have decided on the paper you are going to use (should be A4 in size), fold in half lengthways and draw round your template.

    5. Cut out your bunny shape, you should end up with 2 bunnies. Place wrong sides together and stitch round the edge leaving a gap at the bottom.

    7. Fill with your Easter treats and sew up to close

    9. Add small pom pom for tail (tutorial below). Also you can add a name tag using a small luggage label and some bakers twine

    Paper bunny treat bags - Pillarboxblue.com 
    Paper Bunny Treat Bags _ Pillarboxblue.com

    Quick way to make pom pom tails.

    You probably know how to make pom pom’s, but just in case you don’t I’ll show you my quick way to make lots of pom poms at once. All you need is a metal coat hanger, wool and scissors.

    1. Squash your coat hanger into a more rectangular shape.

    3. Wind your wool round the coat hanger at least 20 times, the more wool winds the bushier the pom poms.

    5. Using wool tie round the wool strands at even spaces along the length of wool. These will be the middle of your pom poms, the more bits of wool you tie the more pom poms you will make but the smaller they will be. This is easier to visualise by looking at the picture below.

    7. Now cut the wool in between these tied middle pieces and cut the wool off the end of the coat hangers. Finally fluff up and trim your pom poms as desired

    Quick way to make pom poms -Pillarboxblue.com
    paper bunny treat bags -pillarboxblue.com
    paper bunny treat bags _ pillarboxblue.com
    These paper bunny bags are not only great for giving out treats with at Easter but I think they will make great party favours as well. We are actually going up to my Aunts at Easter to a beautiful part of the English countryside the Consall Valley. My nephews who made the patchwork fabric eggs will be there as well, so I’m going to take these paper bunny bags with me. They are just perfect for an Easter egg hunt.
    Consall Valley UK
    Consall station - uk
    paper bunny treat bags - Pillarboxblue.com


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    7. Claire,
      Sewing paper is not new to me but making bunny bags certainly is. I have and Easter egg hunt at my home every year. This might just become a new tradition in our home. Making pom poms like you did is a new lesson. I wish I new this when I was making them for cheerleading when I was younger. Thanks for sharing with TADA this week. See you Thursday!
      Happy Creating,
      Karen Marie

    8. These are super adorable and just perfect for spring and Easter Claire. You always come up with the best and most fun ideas.

      • Thank you, Mary. My nephews love them too, they are great for Easter hunts.

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    13. These are really adorable. You could use them as gifts or hang them as decor and surprise children that they are candy filled later.

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      • Thanks, pom poms are really easy to make especially with my quick method.

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    19. The bunny bags are so darling. I also love the bunny tail you made. It is a sweet project, no pun intended 🙂

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      • Thank you very much ! That’s really nice to hear that you like my stuff.

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    44. What a great idea! You are right that sewing paper is really easy we do it all the time to make our own books ;). I love the small pom-poms and your method for making them that is genius. Thank you for linking to your fabric egg project, I have been looking for an Easter project to do with the children we had a go at blowing eggs but we did not end up with one whole egg! I am going on a hunt for crafting eggs of some sort this week, I have loads of fabric and mod podge already looking forward to it!

      • Thank you ! Glad you liked them, and the egg craft is a great one to do with kids.

    45. Really adorable Claire, just thinking how sad it is to actually have to tear them open! Love those Lotta patterns too…..thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

      • Thank you! I know about tearing them open, but they are so quick and easy to make you can make 2 lots one to give away and one for decoration.

    46. These are way too cute! And I LOVE the coat hanger idea for pom poms

      • Thank you! Yes the Pom Pom hanger is really handy I use it all the time.

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    48. I am freaking in love with these bunnies! I think I’ll make some for my front door and maybe even some gifts. Wouldn’t these be cute made from book pages for my book club friends?
      You are so clever!

    49. How sweet and wonderful for Easter Claire. This looks like such a fun project for adults as well as children to accomplish. Bunnies can be used in several ways to decorate, gotta love that. I happen to have template very much like yours so will use that.
      Don’t have printer will work with windows 10 now so trying to manage best I can til I get one. Receiving new printer to go with new laptop as soon as printer can be ordered. Just little bump in road for now and printers worth a darn aren’t being given away on street corners so will have to wait a bit yet .Good for my character to have to wait, learn some patience. So enjoyed this lovely Easter project you shared. Glad to have clicked on your post via blog party. Have always found such delightful blogs that way. Have wonderful weekend.


      • Thank you so much! Hope you get your printer situation sorted out soon. You don’t really need a printer for this the bunny template is simple enough to draw.

    50. Super cute! I’ve never attempted sewing paper but you’ve inspired me. Probably more durable than glue! Visiting from Pinbellish party.

    51. These are so adorable. I love the papers you chose. I have never sewn paper (I don’t sew much) but these make me want to give it a try.
      Saw your link on This is How We Roll.

      • Thank you ! Sewing paper is so easy in fact I think it’s easier than sewing fabric, you should give it ago.

    52. These are adorable! What a great idea. I love the decorative paper that you used.

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