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How To Make Cute Paper Bunny Treat Bags

The great thing about these paper bunny treat bags, they are quick to make cost almost nothing and make an adorable Easter gift.

After stitching paper for the first time for my Valentine Map hearts I got the idea to stitch a paper bunny for Easter. Like those Map hearts, the bunnies are very addictive and I ended up making lots of them.

I also got to use some fabulous printed papers that I’d saved from a calendar.

Paper Bunny Treat Bags & Decor for Easter

Paper bunny treat bags

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What you need to make the Easter treat bags

  • Decorative papers, I use whatever I can find, craft papers, wrapping paper scraps & wallpaper samples. I used an old 2015 Lotta Jansdotter calendar for some of my paper bunnies, as I adore her simple Scandinavian prints.

Top Tip: Lots of shops will give you free wallpaper samples, there are so many fantastic wallpaper designs out there. All you need is approximately one A4 size piece of paper for each bunny.

What you need to make paper bunny treat bags

How to Make a Paper Bunny treat bag

1. Firstly, download and cut out the paper bunny template or draw your own.

2. Next, once you have decided on the paper you are going to use (should be A4 in size), fold it in half lengthways and draw around your template.

3. Then, cut out your bunny shape. You should end up with 2 identical paper bunnies. Place them wrong sides together and stitch around the edge leaving a gap at the bottom. Use a sewing machine for this.

4. Fill with your Easter treats through the gap and then sew it up to close.

5. Finally, add a small pompom for the paper bunny tail (tutorial below). Also, you can add a name tag using a small luggage label and some bakers twine.

Paper bunny treat bags -
Paper Bunny Treat bags - Pillarboxblue tutorial

I really enjoyed making these bunnies as I love stitching paper on the sewing machine. Every season I find any excuse to make treat bags with paper and stitch. I’ve also made similar DIY denim bunnies for my mantle.

I made some cute Halloween bags 3 ways in the shape of pumpkins, bats and Ghosts. I’ve made two types of stitched paper Christmas crafts a gingerbread kraft paper garland and a repurposed bag advent calendar.

Paper Bunny Treat Bags _

A Quick Way To Make Pom Pom Tails.

You probably know how to make pom pom’s, but just in case you don’t I’ll show you my quick way to make lots of pom poms at once.

All you need is a metal coat hanger, wool and scissors.

  1. Firstly, open up the coat hanger and mould it into a more rectangular shape.

2. Secondly, wind your wool around the coat hanger at least 20 times. The more wool winds the bushier the pom poms.

3. Using a piece of wool tie round the wool strands at even spaces along the length of wool. These will be the middle of your pom-poms.

The more bits of wool you tie the more pom poms you will make but the smaller they will be. This is easier to visualize by looking at the picture below.

4. Finally, cut the wool in between these tied middle pieces and cut the wool off the end of the coat hangers.

To finish fluff up and trim your pom poms as desired. Stick a pom-pom to each paper bunny treat bag.

Quick way to make pom poms

These paper bunny bags are not only great for giving out treats at Easter but I think they will make great party favours as well.

We are actually going to spend Easter in a beautiful part of the English countryside the Consall Valley. My nephews who made the patchwork fabric eggs will be there as well, so I’m going to take these paper bunny bags with me. They are just perfect for an Easter egg hunt.

paper bunny treat bags _
Consall Valley UK

Find more tips on sewing paper here also check out the post on sewing paper vase sleeves.

If you like these paper bunnies you might want to check out some of my other Easter crafts. I used some old bed springs to make cute upcycled spring bunnies. I’ve also repurposed sweaters into bunny pillows.

This isn’t my first Easter craft that uses a wire coat hanger, I’ve also used one before to make a Marimekko Easter egg wreath.

These bunnies are very Scandi in style, which I love. You should check out my other Scandi and Nordic crafts.

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