Easy Christmas Bottle Lights To Illuminate Your Home

How To Make Some Cool Simple Christmas Bottle Lights

I just love it at Christmas when the house twinkles, with all the lovely Christmas lights on those dark cold winter nights. Last week I made some cute led mini Pine Cone Christmas trees and this week I’ve added some lovely Christmas bottle lights to my illuminations.
Before when you wanted to put lights into a bottle you had to drill a hole into the glass, which you can imagine wasn’t easy. Well, the other day I discovered an amazing product, cork bottle led lights. No need for drilling anymore just simply drop the string of led lights through the neck of the bottle and the batteries are stored in the cork.
Once I discovered these lights, the whole craft became really easy. They are cheap too! Which is great as it now means that I can have loads of these Christmas bottle lights around my home adding to that lovely Christmasy twinkly feeling.
Using cork led lights make some gorgeous Christmas bottle lights to illuminate your home this winter.  So simple no glass drilling required. #Christmas #Christmascrafts #Christmaslights #bottlelights #lights
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What you need to Make Christmas Bottle Lights

  • Empty glass bottles- You can use wine bottles, spirit bottles, and even soda bottles. Just choose the ones you like the shape of. Personally, I like the little tonic water bottles.
    Empty bottles

  • Cork bottle lights

  • Christmas foam shapes (adhesive) – These are normally readily available in craft and pound/dollar stores at this time of year.
    If you have a die cutting machine you can, of course, cut your own Christmas shapes.


  • White and red spray paint

  • Christmas washi tape


How to make Christmas Bottle lights

  1. Firstly soak the bottles in hot water soapy to remove all lables and residue from the outside. Then leave to dry thourhly.
    wahing bottles

  3. Next stick the foam Christmas shapes onto the bottles where you would like the light to shine through.


  5. Spray paint the bottles, with 2 coats of paint letting each dry in between. Once the paint has dried, carefully remove the foam stickers.
    spray painted bottle

  7. Now the bottles are ready for the cork lights. To make my lights look more festive I covered the cork in Christmas washi tape.
    bottle lights

DIY Christmas bottle lights #Christmas #Christmascrafts #Christmaslights #bottlelights #lights
I told you they were simple to make. If you want to make more fancy Christmas scenes. You can either cut your own foam shape design or use a die cutting machine.
I used my die cutting machine to cut some intricate birch trees and used this to create a lovely winter scene on an old bourbon bottle.
Diy Christmas bottle lights, using a bourbon bottle and Christmas birch die cutter. #Christmas #Christmascrafts #Christmaslights #bottlelights #lights

Illuminate your home at Christmas with this simple Christmas bottle lights.  They would also make a lovely Christmas gift. #Christmas #Christmascrafts #Christmaslights #bottlelights #lights
I think that these lights would make a lovely Christmas gift, you can use bottles of different shapes and spray paint them different colours. A Christmas bottle light made from an old Whisky bottle would look great in a mancave.
They also make lovely night lights at Christmas, my son wants one for his room.
Using cork led lights make some gorgeous Christmas bottle lights to illuminate your home this winter.  So simple no glass drilling required.
If you like to make Christmas crafts with lights then you will probably like the LED Deer Head I made last year.
Make your own brilliant DIY LED Deer Head Christmas decoration. It's a lot cheaper and simpler than you think. #Christmas #Christmascrafts #Christmaslights #bottlelights #lights
If you are looking for more illuminated holiday decorations then why not check out allfreechristmascrafts.com.

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  5. If I went round my neighbours and raided all their recycling bins as well as ours I could probably light my entire house this way. Such a clever idea, thank you for linking up to #HomeEtc X

  6. These are lovely Claire I especially love the birch trees

  7. These are awesome! And more simple than I was thinking they would be to make upon first glance. 🙂 Thanks for sharing on This is How We Roll link up.

  8. In a word? Brilliant. Just brilliant. Loved every bit of this craft. Going to have to do this at home – thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you. It is really easy to do and so many possibilities.

  9. Thank you so much for posting about this! I have been wanting to make these for years but didn’t want to deal with cutting or drilling into bottles! These cork lights are the key! Can’t wait to try it!

    • Same here, I wanted to make bottle lights but couldn’t face the glass cutting. Thank you 😊

  10. Love this idea! Can’t wait to try it!

  11. These bottles turned out so cute. I think I want to make some mason jar luminaries for the patio. Thank you for such great detailed tutorial so we can re-create this look.

    • These would make lovely patio lights. I like the idea of Mason jar lights too!

  12. What a find!!! Particularly love your birch trees – I may put a die cut machine on my Christmas list:)

    • Thank you, I was really excited when I found those lights. I like my die cutting machine is just a simple Sizzix Big Shot, but I wouldn’t say it was an essential crafting tool. I don’t use it that often, but I think that is more to do with the kind of crafts I like to do.

  13. Whaaaatttt!!!! Those cork string lights are just brilliant Claire. I need to get some of those and I love how your bottle lights turned out. They look amazing. The one with the birch trees is my favorite

  14. What a brilliant idea and a great find with those cork lights. I think I need to go through the recycling bin before it is collected on Wednesday morning, see if we have any interestingly shaped bottles.

    • They do make lovely lights round the house and are so easy to move around.

  15. What a great idea, didn’t know about these cork battery lights, now I just have to get some 😀 Dropping by from #HandmadeMonday

    • Thank you! I was so excited when I discovered the cork lights.

  16. These are gorgeous – and so simple to make! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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