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Easy Christmas Bottle Lights To Illuminate Your Home

I just love it at Christmas when the house twinkles, with all the lovely Christmas lights on those dark cold winter nights.

Last week I made some cute led mini Pine Cone Christmas trees. This week I’ve added some lovely Christmas bottle lights, to my illuminations.

Before when you wanted to put lights into a bottle you had to drill a hole into the glass, which you can imagine wasn’t easy. Well, the other day I discovered an amazing product, cork bottle led lights.

How To Make Some Cool Simple Christmas Bottle Lights

No need for drilling anymore just simply drop the string of led lights through the neck of the bottle and the batteries are stored in the cork.

Once I discovered these lights, the whole craft became really easy. They are cheap too! This is great as it now means that I can have loads of these Christmas bottle lights around my home adding to that lovely Christmasy twinkly feeling.

Using cork led lights make some gorgeous Christmas bottle lights to illuminate your home this winter.  So simple no glass drilling required. #Christmas #Christmascrafts #Christmaslights #bottlelights #lights

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What you need to Make Christmas Bottle Lights

  • Empty glass bottles- You can use wine bottles, spirit bottles, and even soda bottles. Just choose the ones you like the shape of. Personally, I like the little tonic water bottles.
Empty bottles

How to make Christmas Bottle lights

1.. Firstly, soak the bottles in hot water soapy to remove all labels and residue from the outside. Then leave to dry thoroughly.

washing bottles

2. Next, stick the foam Christmas shapes onto the bottles where you would like the light to shine through.

3. Then, spray paint the bottles, with 2 coats of paint. Letting each coat dry in between. Once the paint has dried, carefully remove the foam stickers.

spray painted bottle

4. Now the bottles are ready for the cork lights. To make my lights look more festive I covered the cork in Christmas washi tape.

bottle lights
DIY Christmas bottle lights

I told you they were simple to make. If you want to make more fancy Christmas scenes. You can either cut your own foam shape design or use a die cutting machine.

I used my die cutting machine to cut some intricate birch trees and used this to create a lovely winter scene on an old bourbon bottle.

Birch Christmas bottle lights
Illuminate your home at Christmas with this simple Christmas bottle lights.  They would also make a lovely Christmas gift. #Christmas #Christmascrafts #Christmaslights #bottlelights #lights

I think that these lights would make a lovely Christmas gift, you can use bottles of different shapes and spray paint them in different colors. A Christmas bottle light made from an old Whisky bottle would look great in a man cave.

They also make lovely night lights at Christmas, my son wants one for his room.

Birch decorated upcycled Christmas bottle lights

Since making these lights I have made a Halloween version of the bottle lights and some Valentine’s bottle lights.

If you like to make Christmas crafts with lights then you will probably like the LED Deer Head I made last year.  Or this DIY Christmas garland with lights.

You’ll find many more cool Christmas DIYs for adults here.

Make your own brilliant DIY LED Deer Head Christmas decoration. It's a lot cheaper and simpler than you think. #Christmas #Christmascrafts #Christmaslights #bottlelights #lights

I have also upcycled glass jars and illuminated them too, with these Chinese paper lantern tea lights.

This clever bottle upcycle, featured under B for bottle in my A to Z of upcycling resources and ideas.

If you are looking for more illuminated holiday decorations then why not check out

Carol Green

Thursday 28th of September 2023

Did you use a special spray paint?

Claire Armstrong

Friday 29th of September 2023

I use Montana Gold Spray paints.

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Monday 27th of November 2017

Love these, Claire! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm--pinned!

Claire Armstrong

Monday 27th of November 2017

Thank you, Cecilia and thanks for the share.