Simple Cute Personalized Map Gift For Lovers

How To Make A Gorgeous Heart Map Gift

I normally make my hubby something for Valentine’s day. Not because I’m a hopeless romantic, but because it also happens to be my birthday and I want to share the joy. This year a made a personalized map gift.
Often I bake him some heart shaped cookies to take to work or a cake. However, he’s on a bit of a no sugar kick at the moment so I had to think of something else this year.
I made him this sweet framed personalized map gift for his desk. The framed heart is made of 2 maps of places that are special to me and my husband.
Hong Kong for me as that is where I’m from. Bergen (Norway) as that is where my hubby’s family is from. Also, we both also fantasize about getting a cottage in the Fjords, when we want to escape from everyday life.
Not only is this personalized map heart a lovely Valentine’s gift it would also make a great engagement or anniversary gift for a couple. You could use maps of the towns where they were born.
For this gift, I also painted an Ikea Ribba frame with gold and red paint to give the gift a more Valentine’s feel.
 Paper personalized map gift heart in a red & gold painted IKEA Ribba frame
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What you need to make a personalized map gift

Frame and maps

How to make a personalized map gift

  1. Firstly, I chose my maps. For the Bergen map, I used a road map I had for Norway. As I didn’t want to ruin the original map I simply photocopied the relevant bit of the roadmap. Photocopying maps as a good idea especially if you want to reduce or enlarge your map.
    For the Hong Kong map, I just did a google search and printed off the map I wanted.

  3. Next using a heart-shaped punch, I punched out a heart of the bit of the map I was interested in. If you don’t have a heart punch you can simply draw around a template and cut out your heart shapes.
    Cutting out map hearts

  5. I folded each heart in the half and cut down the middle. Then using a glue stick I stuck one half of each heart on the background paper of the photo frame.
    Heart made from Map of 2 special places

    Painting the Ikea Ribba Frame

  7. To achieve a shabby effect in red and gold with the Ikea Ribba frame, I used the same paint method as I used with my pineapple stenciled table upcycle.
    First I spray painted the frame gold. Once that was dry I smeared vaseline on the bits where I wanted the gold paint to show through before painting the frame again. This time with red chalk paint.
    Spray painting Ribba frame gold

  9. Once the chalk paint was dry I rubbed the frame with a cloth to remove the red paint where the vaseline was smeared. Finally, the frame was sealed with a clear wax and the map picture placed inside.
    Painting frame with vaseline method.

Personalized map gift paper heart in IKEA ribba frame hack.
I did originally make this as a gift for my hubby for his desk but as I really like how it’s turned out I’ll suggest we keep it in the dining room.
Framed paper map heart for a lovely personalized map gift
Framed paper map heart for a lovely personalized map gift
Paper cut map hearts for a personalized gift in a red frame
What maps would you use for your personalized map gift? If you happen to be from the US you might want to check out these free vintage US state maps to print.
If you’re looking for more personalized map frame projects you should check out my printed map picture frame.

paper heart map in red Ikea Ribba frame hack
Map paper heart in IKEA ribba frame #personalizedgift #mapgift #mapheart #valentine'sgift #valentinesday

How to make a unique upcycled DIY pallet printed map picture frame. A cool and personal way to show your holiday photos.

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  8. Claire, I love everything about this idea…from the red frame to the heart in the middle signifying the places important to you. I’m sure he’ll like it!

  9. Claire, This is an adorable project and I love how you painted the frame! Perfection. Pinned to share.

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  11. What a cute idea for Valentines. I’m intrigued about the map destinations though!

    • Thank you! Hong Kong is where I’m from I was born and bought up there but now live in the UK so miss my hometown. Equally, my hubby’s family is from Bergen and he spent his summers in the Fjords whilst growing up. We would both love to live in the Fjords (well for half the year, the summer).

  12. What a sweet and personal gift….and that frame perfect!
    Thank you for the inspiration. I think I will make one for my sweetie too.

    • Thank you so much. I think the frame gives it a more valentines feel.

  13. Ah this is so lovely! What a great idea x

  14. I love this idea! I think I will give it a go for my cousin’s wedding gift.

    What a meaningful gift for Valentines Day. I am sure your husband will love it. Happy early birthday also. 😉

    I found you through the DIDI party. See you next week!

    • Thank you so much Keri. I think it will make a lovely wedding gift.

  15. What a super idea. I love seeing old maps used in crafting.

    • Thank you, Ginny. Well you’ve come to the right place then as I love to craft with maps and you’ll find loads of ideas here.

  16. Such a lovely idea for a really personal gift

  17. What a gorgeous idea Claire and it’s so much more meaningful isn’t it to make something instead of just buy it. Thank you for llinking up to #HomeEtc X

    • Thank you, Lins. I know I’d be really pleased to receive a gift like this one.

  18. I’ve done this for wedding presents but inspired to do it for valentines this year. Thanks!

  19. A very thoughtful gift for Valentines. How do you come up with these ideas! I feel I never have enough imagination hence I go for whatever is available online (queue head holding emoji here!) – I can also see these as made in larger format to include whole countries :)))

    • Thank you Jenny. I just love making stuff and my head is full of craft and not much else.

  20. Such a sweet, personal gift. x

  21. What a lovely idea! Such a great personal gift that doesn’t cost a lot of money x

  22. Cute idea! I’d find some vintage maps to use I think xx

    • Thanks, Susan. You can always find some free vintage maps through Pinterest.

  23. Aww what a beautiful map idea – i would most likely use half polish map and half uk one

    • Thanks, Pati. If you don’t have the maps I’m sure you can find them with a Pinterest search as you only need a small area.

  24. Great idea! My husband and I are from two different countries as well so I should do something that celebrates that.

    • Thank you, Victoria. I’m sure that would look lovely a map heart made of the 2 countries. My kids love the fact that they have parents from different countries with different backgrounds.

  25. Ava

    I just love this heart map frame 🙂
    I love the idea of “heart map”, I definitely gonna try this at my home and wanna gift this to my parents.

  26. Such a charming gift idea, Claire! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm–pinned!

  27. I made something similar for my Husband 10 years ago now, it has 3 hearts with 3 important places. It is still one f my favourite things in my home. I love how you used 2 maps to make up the heart. So pretty xxx

    • Thank you, I like the idea of a heart map for each member of the family. The one heart made from 2 maps is to symbolize a couple as one.

  28. What a wonderful idea! So lovely and unique. Thank you and greetings.

  29. What a great idea to commemorate a special event or occasion.

  30. That’s such a cute idea Claire and it holds so much meaning too. Love the way the frame turned out and I hope your dreams of that cottage in the Fjords comes true some day.

    • Thank you, Michelle. I hope it does too, I’ve traveled a lot and nothing beats the beauty of the Norwegian Fjords. The weather could be better though!

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  32. I love this project, such a cute way to say “I love you” without sugar LOL

    • Yes, but I still like a bit of sugar in chocolate form occasionally. Thanks Toni.

  33. Claire, this is such a beautiful Valentine gift. I love it!

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