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Simple Cute Personalized Map Gift For Lovers

I usually make my hubby something for Valentine’s Day. I’m not a hopeless romantic, but I want to share the joy because it is my birthday. This year, I made a personalized map gift.

Often, I bake him some heart-shaped cookies or a cake to take to work. However, he’s on a no-sugar kick, so I had to think of something else this year.

I made him this sweet framed personalized map gift for his desk. The framed heart is made of 2 maps of places special to my husband and me.

Hong Kong for me, as that is where I’m from. Bergen (Norway) is where my hubby’s family is from. Also, we both fantasize about getting a cottage in the Fjords when we want to escape from everyday life.

I made him personalized map treat bags before, which he loved, but this is more of a keepsake gift.

How To Make A Gorgeous Heart Map Gift

This personalized map paper heart is a lovely Valentine’s gift; it would also make a great engagement or anniversary gift for a couple. You could use maps of the towns where they were born.

For this gift, I also painted an Ikea Ribba frame with gold and red paint to give the gift a more Valentine’s feel.

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 Paper personalized map gift heart in a red & gold painted IKEA Ribba frame

What you need

Frame and maps

How to make a personalized map gift

Step 1: Firstly, I chose my maps. For the Bergen map, I used a road map I had for Norway. As I didn’t want to ruin the original map, I photocopied the relevant bit of the roadmap. Photocopying maps is a good idea, especially if you want to reduce or enlarge your map.

For the Hong Kong map, I just did a Google search and printed off the map I wanted. There are lots of free vintage maps on

Step 2: Next, using a heart-shaped punch, I punched out a heart of the bit of the map I was interested in. You can draw around a template and cut out your heart shapes if you don’t have a heart punch.

Top tip: Heart-shaped cookie cutters make great templates.

Cutting out map hearts

Step 3: Next, I folded each heart in the half and cut down the middle. Then using a glue stick, I stuck one half of each heart on the background paper of the photo frame.

Heart made from Map of 2 special places

Painting the Ikea Ribba Frame

I used the same paint method with my pineapple stencilled table upcycle to achieve a shabby effect in red and gold with the Ikea Ribba frame.

Step 4: First, I spray-painted the frame gold. Once that was dry, I smeared vaseline on the bits where I wanted the gold paint to show through before repainting the frame. This time with red chalk paint.

Spray painting Ribba frame gold

Step 5: Once the chalk paint was dry, I rubbed the frame with a cloth to remove the red paint where the vaseline was smeared. Finally, the frame was sealed with clear wax, and the map picture was placed inside.

Painting frame with vaseline method.
Personalized map gift paper heart in IKEA ribba frame hack.
Framed paper map heart for a lovely personalized map gift
Framed paper map heart for a lovely personalized map gift
Paper cut map hearts for a personalized gift in a red frame

I originally made this as a gift for my hubby for his desk, but as I like how it’s turned out, I suggest we keep it in the dining room.

What maps would you use for your personalized map gift? If you are from the US, you might want to check out these free vintage US state maps to print.

You should check out my printed map picture frame if you’re looking for more personalized map frame projects.

Other personalized map gift ideas to make are, world map necklaces or map rock keychains.

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Fran Cohen

Monday 6th of May 2019

I've been trying to find a going away gift for my boyfriend, as he will be working out of the country for a year. He's also a minimalist, and he won't have much room to take something with him. This was the perfect answer! I'm using a map of my address and a map of the address where he'll be working. I'm thinking of putting a quote on the back. Thank you!!!

Claire Armstrong

Monday 6th of May 2019

Thank you. I'm sure he will love it.

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