How To Make A Cool Map Rock Keychain

Printing Maps Onto Rocks To Make A Unique Keychain

I finally decided to tackle that kitchen drawer. You know the one that you stuff full of things you don’t know where else to put but you think will be useful.
The one you can hardly shut as it’s full to the brim of loose batteries, old keys, plugs, elastic bands etc…
One of the many odd things I did come across in the drawer was a set of tablecloth weights. They had never been used and were still in the original packaging.
Why I had them I don’t know as I never use a tablecloth. The weights did look kind of cool as they were simply smooth flat pebbles with a clip, that’s probably why I bought them in the first place.
I decided to keep them but not as tablecloth weights but to revamp them into a unique map rock keychain. They look even cooler now as I printed maps onto them.
A map rock keychain would make a lovely gift especially as you can print any kind of map you want on them. You can use a street map of where you live or a map of your favourite holiday destination. They are so simple and easy to make.
Did you know you can print maps onto rocks with Mod Podge? I repurposed some pebble table weights to make a unique map rock keychain. They make a cool gift.
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What you need to make a map rock key chain


  • Flat pebble tablecloth weights – The ones I used were from Tiger stores but you should be able to find them in your local discount store or even on Amazon.
    You can of course just find some flat pebbles at the beach or river and use a Dremel with a diamond tipped drill bit to drill a hole them for a keyring.
    Tiger pebble tablecloth weights.

  • Montana Gold Universal Primer
  • Matte Mod Podge
  • Sponge and water
  • Acrylic Spray Varnish
  • Keychain rings
  • Maps – Mirror printed with a laser printer.


How to Make a Map Rock Keychain

  1. The first time I tried to print a map onto the pebbles it wasn’t very successful the map came off easily. The second time I used a primer first and the map stayed on. Therefore what you need to do first is to spray the rocks/pebbles with a universal primer.
    Spraying pebbles with universal primer.

  3. The maps that are to be printed onto the rocks need to be a mirror image and printed onto normal copy paper with laser ink. You can simply scan in any map you want to use or print one from the internet. I don’t have a laser printer, I simply got my local copy shop to print my maps for me on to a sheet of A4 paper for a very small cost.
    Mirror image printed maps

  5. Cut out 2 pieces of map one for each side of the stone. If using table weights remove the metal clip from the pebble and then cover liberally with Mod Podge and stick the maps to it.
    Map covered stones printing.

  7. Leave to dry. Once dry wet the pebble either under a running tap or in a tub of water and rub away the white paper. As you rub away the paper you will see that the map has printed onto the stone. Carry on rubbing until all the paper residue has been removed.
    Did you know you can print maps onto rocks to make a really cool map rock keychain.  This would make a lovely personalised gift.

  9. Finally to finish off the map rock keychain, spray with a protective varnish and then add a metal keyring.

Did you know you can print maps onto pebbles and stones.  Use this technique to create a map rock keychain.  These make for a lovely personalised gift as you can use a map of any town or city.
I just love anything with a map on it so I made a few of these keychains. One with a road map of Bedford where I currently live and one with a map of Cardiff for my son who is currently studying there.
Print street maps onto stones and pebbles using Mod Podge to create a unique map rock keychain.  Makes for a lovely personalized gift.
You can even make a cute personalised wall key holder of your street for your map rock keychains like the one below.
Print street maps onto stones and pebbles using Mod Podge to create a unique map rock keychain.  Makes for a lovely personalized gift.
Map rock keychain fathers day gift

Printing with maps

I have some free printable maps on the blog you can download.

This is not the first time I’ve printed maps onto stuff.
Printed Map Picture Frame
Mapbox Ikea Kids Table Hack

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  1. I found your site from Hometalk. I like the key chain idea, but what I really want to know about is the wooden round with the blue dots next to your sink? Did you make this? If so, do you have a link to the tutorial? Thanks~

    • Thank you, Tina. The think you are talking about is actually a tray from IKEA.

  2. What did you use to drill the hole

    • I used table weights that had pre drilled holes. But you can easily drill holes into pebbles with a rotary drill like a dremel with a diamond tip drill bit.

  3. Hi Claire,
    I love this idea!! I’m having a hard time finding the rock tablecloth weights, though. Do you have any other suggestions of where to find them?


    • Not sure if you are in the US or UK, I got mine from Tiger in the UK. has some heart shaped ones at the moment You can however just get some flat pebbles and using a diamond tipped drill, drill a hole into them. Hope that helps.

  4. Love all your projects.. You’re an inspiration to get started on Christmas crafts!! Love the many ideas with Denim…
    I’m in love with this font!! Can you tell me what it is & where to find it?

    • Thank you, Lillian. Pleased to hear you like my projects and have had a look around. The font is called Pompiere and I think it’s readily available.

  5. I absolutely love your map keychains! I’ve been putting off trying to transfer images on to objects, but you have inspired me! Thank you!

    • Thank you Gigi, map transfer is a simple fun technique you should give it ago.

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  15. You hold the title for most unique maps and denim projects. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story and we hope you will join us again next week.

  16. I love these Claire they are so clever

  17. These are ridiculously cute! They would make such great presents for those hard to buy for people. Everyone has keys to something!

    • Thank you, Julie. I’ve already had a few requests from family to make them as gifts.

  18. So fun, Claire! Thanks for sharing @ Vintage Charm!

  19. Your creativity always inspires me Claire. I love how these “mapped” keychains turned out. Such a neat idea

    • Thank you, Michelle. The feelings mutual I love your creative makes too!

  20. This is a fabulous idea. They are so cute.

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  22. Love these claire!

  23. Kim

    These are adorable! I have a new driver who has been looking for a unique keychain. I think I just found it. 😉

  24. Super cute idea! I love the maps details. What fun!

  25. Claire there is literally no end to your talents and ideas! I wish I was half as inspired as you. These look great and I think are such a good idea for little stocking filler pressies too. Thank you for linking up to #HomeEtc

    • Ahh thank you Lins. Yes I’ll be making a few as stocking fillers.

  26. What a great idea, would make a fun home warming gift too

  27. Wow, I love these. You did an excellent job here. I can’t wait to make this project for my family.

  28. I’ve never been to your blog before, but I love it! These are so clever and so easy to customize. Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Thank you, Trish and hello! It’s lovely to get a new visitor.

  29. Your rock keychains are fab, such a clever idea 🙂
    I referenced your blog in mine this evening, another map craft, where you made paper roses 🙂


    • Thank you Jill. I’ve just visited your blog and the flowers are gorgeous!

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