How to Make a Vintage Map Heart Garland

Decorate Your Home With A Vintage Map Heart Garland

This vintage map heart garland is basically an update of the repurposed map decorations I made for my home over Christmas.

I can’t get enough of decorating my home with vintage maps. I thought it would be fun to make a heart garland out of old maps for Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day is a special day in our home. Not because we are soppy romantics. I don’t really go in for all the going out for a romantic meal etc. I know I’ve already mentioned it (sorry) with my “Heart String Lights” but it is actually my Birthday then. So it’s kind of fun to have a few decorations around. And this year it’s a milestone birthday! I won’t tell you which one but you can probably work it out.

Another great reason for making this map heart garland was that it enabled me to play with one of my Christmas presents, an extra large heart punch. I just need to think of a few more things to make with it.

 Paper heart garland made from heart map shapes

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What you need to make a Map Heart Garland

What you need to make a map heart garland.

How to Make A Heart Garland

    1. The heart punch is what makes this craft so easy. You could, of course, cut out individual hearts by hand but that would take forever and it would be hard to get them all exactly the same. Punch out lots of heart shapes from your vintage map. You will need six for each map ornament and then multiply that by how long you want the heart garland to be.

      Punching hearts
      Punched heart shapes

    2. First, fold the map hearts in half. If your maps are only printed on one side make sure the print is on the inside of the folded heart shapes.
    3. Using the glue stick, cover the outside half of one heart and stick it the outside heart of another. Carry on until all six folded hearts are stacked on top of one another.

      Folded and glued map heart shapes.

    1. Next, open out the 3d map heart, and cover both end bits in glue. Before gluing the 2 ends together place the red twine in the middle.

      Map heart garland.

    2. Carry on sticking all the map hearts to the twine. Making sure they are evenly spaced.

      Vintage map heart garland.

It really is that simple! I’ve made two one for the kitchen and another for the mantle in the living room.

Map heart garland close up

heart garland made from road maps

paper map garland made from hearts

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  1. I love these but my only problem would be cutting up the maps as I love pouring over old maps! #GoingGreen

    • I know what you mean about cutting up old maps, but I have so many road maps I knew I wouldn’t miss one.

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  3. These would be such fun decorations for a going away party! Thanks for sharing with Party in Your PJs!

  4. Happy Birthday for the other day, hope it was fabulous!
    You must be rubbing of on me. I have a project on the go at the moment with a old road map book I found knocking around!
    This is super de dooper cute, I love your heart punch too – great gift!

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  7. Oh my gosh, this is adorable! I love anything made with maps and all of these ideas are awesome!

  8. Beautiful ,like everything you do!

  9. These are fab. The maps stop the hearts becoming too cutsie so you can use them for other occasions than valentines. I hope you have an amazing birthday! #handmademonday

    • Thank you, Louisa. Yes I think they will be staying up after Valentine’s Day!

  10. Wonderful garland, Claire! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm–pinned!

  11. It’s another winner Claire. There’s just something about a map that still appeals to me. I hope they never go out of fashion

    • Thank you, Michelle. I know what you mean there is something so appealing about old maps I think they are beautiful.

  12. Claire I love these cute little hearts. Of course I love all of your map projects!!

  13. I love all the cool crafts you make out of maps. You’re my go-to gal for all map stuff for sure.

  14. I am a TOTAL sucker for maps and anything vintage so this is fabulous. I DO go all out for holiday decor and I’d love to make a few of these guys to hang around. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thank you, Bri. It is fun to change up the decorations for different holidays.

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