How to Make Unique Scaffolding Board Furniture

Tutorial For An Upcycled Chair and Scaffolding Board Furniture Bench

I can’t walk past a skip (dumpster) without having a quick look to check if there is anything worth salvaging. Much to my husband’s annoyance I often return from walking the dog with some dodgy piece of junk from someone’s skip.
I knew I’d scored when I saw this scaffolding board sticking out of the skip I couldn’t resist it. I loved the weathered look of the wood and thought it would look great once sanded and polished.
It wasn’t until I added a broken old chair to my scrap hoard did I come up with an idea for my scaffolding board furniture. I decided to merge the 2 into a lovely reclaimed wood bench.
Originally the bench was going to be for just a bit of extra seating in the garden. As I like it so much I fancy having it in the house now. It’s a handy little bench to sit on when you put your shoes on or take them off.
I might compromise and have the bench outside in the summer for extra seating or even just for pots and then bring it inside for the winter. I just love how good the reclaimed wood on the scaffolding board furniture looks now that it’s been polished up. It still has a lot of character.
DIY scaffolding board furniture.  Make a unique bench from upcycling an old chair and a scaffolding board for the home or garden.
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What I used to make my scaffolding board furniture

  • Scaffolding board, my scaffolding board was a shorter one. You can cut them down to whatever size you want.
  • Old Wooden Chair
  • Saw – a handsaw or even better a Jigsaw/Reciprocating Saw
  • Electric Sander
  • Drill
  • Dark Furniture Wax
  • Outdoor wood varnish
  • 4 long wooden screws
    Scaffolding board and old chair for upcycled bench.

    How to DIY Scaffolding Board Furniture

      Preparing the scaffolding board

    1. The first thing to do is to give the scaffolding board a good sanding all over. If you use an electric sander then this will take no time at all.
      sanding scaffolding board s

    3. The next thing you are going to need to do is the stain and varnish the scaffolding board. I used a dark furniture wax to stain the board and then an outdoor varnish for the top coat. If you are just going to use the bench indoors then no need to varnish.

      Making the scaffolding board bench

    5. I used the chair to make the legs of the bench. Saw the legs off the chair, making sure they are all the same length.
      Dismantled chair for scaffolding bench

    7. Clamp each leg one at a time in a straight upright position and drill a small hole down the center. You will want to make sure your legs are perfectly straight for this otherwise you will end up with a crooked bench.
       Drilling holes in bench leg

    9. Finally using four long wood screws, going through the top of the scaffolding board screw a leg to each corner.
      Attaching legs to scaffolding board bench
       Scaffolding board furniture legs

    Scaffolding board furniture DIY garden bench using an old chair and board from a dumpster.
    I told you it was easy. I liked the chippy green paint on my chair legs so kept them as the were. The fact that you can tell the legs are from an old chair also appeals to me it gives the bench a unique look. I also love the look of reclaimed wood.
    Easy DIY scaffolding board furniture.  Combine the legs of an old dining chair with a scaffolding board for a unique upcycled wooden bench.
    Easy DIY scaffolding board furniture.  Combine the legs of an old dining chair with a scaffolding board for a lovely reclaimed wood bench.
    Easy DIY scaffolding board furniture. Combine the legs of an old dining chair with a scaffolding board for a unique upcycled wooden bench.
    Easy DIY scaffolding board furniture.  Combine the legs of an old dining chair with a scaffolding board for a lovely reclaimed wood bench.
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    1. Love the look of the board. I’m in the process of making an outdoor table with the top being used scaffold boards and I want a similar color to yours. I was thinking of using wood stain followed by varnish but I’d love to get the same effect that you’ve got. I wouldn’t have thought that varnish on top of wax would last… is it still going strong?

      • Yes, the scaffolding plank is still going strong. They were designed for outdoor use so I would expect it to last. I’m sure wood stain and varnish would work well.

    2. I love this and may point hubby in the direction of this post. He is the practical one and I have the ideas for him!!! And you have reminded me how much I miss skips – you rarely see them herein France. #GoingGreenLinky

      • Thanks, Rosie. There always seems to be a skip in my road somewhere, and I can’t help looking in as I walk past.

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    5. Mixing furniture is really fun and your bench is proof of that. Love the contrasting colors and that the legs are different.

    6. Love this! So rustic and fun! Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It!

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    8. That reclaimed scaffold wood is just gorgeous, what a great find and a super repurpose project, thanks for sharing it at #FridaysFurnitureFix!

    9. Claire, this is incredibly wonderful! Love every bit of the repurposing. What a great piece you’ve created!

    10. Claire I love it – the legs look fab and who can complain when it turns out so good.

    11. Claire I like how the legs are not all the same and the back legs look like they are sort of stepping out. Very clever and very unique and the green is just WOW!!

      • Thank you, Mary! I wasn’t sure the chair legs would work out at first because they weren’t all the same but now that’s what I love about the bench.

    12. Such a great upcycle. Added to my Pinterest queue. Thanks for sharing at the To Grandmas House We Go link party.

    13. Such a fun bench–pinned! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm, Claire!

    14. Claire, I’m kind of obsessed with benches in general. This one has me all googly eyed!! What vision you have. Great work. Such a cool unique piece!

      • Thank you, Janice. I think I will develop a thing about benches now they are fun to make and so handy.

    15. Love the way the wood glows with character after it has been sanded and stained. And those quirky legs! Great eye! Thanks for sharing your finds and projects with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg 🙂

    16. Such a cool make out of practically nothing. I love the green legs too. They give it a really quirky touch.

      • Thanks Julie, I always like a bit of quirkiness.

        • Hi Claire, I just popped by again to let you know your super de dooper bench is one of our features at Handmade Monday this week. 🙂

    17. I love the whole quirky look of your bench Claire. It turned out beautifully

    18. I love the green color of the legs. It does make such a unique, lovely, bench. Thanks for sharing on the #WasteLessWednesday blog hop.

    19. Love the green, with the old wood it’s gorgeous for a garden bench.

    20. What a great idea! I love it! the color is perfect too!

    21. Just LOVE this Claire! You’re so clever and creative! Those green legs are so cool!!

      • Thank you Sam! I know I just love those green legs that’s why I left them as they were!

    22. This is utterly fantastic, that board is so beautiful…so much character. And combined with those chair legs…perfection. Enjoy it…both inside and out.

      Hugs Lynn

      • Thank you Lynn. I’m on the look out for more scaffolding boards.

    23. I love the bench. But I do have a thing for using old chairs in different ways. I have a board very similar so I may need to give it a try. It sure looks great.

    24. The legs on this piece are so unique! I love this Claire and hope you keep taking a peep into those skips! Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, and I hope your week is going great.

      • Thank you, don’t worry I will keep peeking in the skips. In fact last night I picked some more wood out of a skip on my way home from the pub.

    25. I absolutely love this! I want it! And it’s probably a good thing we aren’t neighbors; we could get into a lot of recycling trouble!

      • Thank you Wendy! I’m lucky in that I have a junk shop at the end of my street and an auction house a couple of streets away. Also as the houses are old in my neighbourhood there are plenty of restorations going on so lots of skips (dumpsters). So lots of recycling opportunities!

    26. Super cool, Claire! Love the gree paint color and the combo with the bench wood. Visiting from Grandma’s House party.

      • Thank you, Victoria. I liked the green legs that’s why I left them as they were.

        • I am worried about the strength and stability of the legs when used as a sit on bench. With only one screw holding them in place will it get wobbly soon?

          • It’s holding up well so far. I did use big long screws. You could always use 2 screws.

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