Unique DIY Wooden Christmas Tree With Knobs On

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Made From Architectural Salvage

I can’t walk past a skip (dumpster) without having a good look in. I especially love odd bits of wood with interesting moldings or hooks and knobs on them. Over the last year, I managed to gather quite a collection of this Architectural salvage. I needed to do something with it, that’s when I got the idea for a DIY wooden Christmas tree
I love a flat Christmas tree, last year I made a stylish branch DIY Christmas tree. This looked great in my front room and didn’t take up half as much space as a real Christmas tree.
As much as I love a real Christmas tree we don’t really have the room for one. Flat Christmas trees just don’t take up as much space.
I still have my branch Christmas tree but I thought it would be fun to have another flat Christmas tree in the dining room this time. I really enjoyed making another flat Christmas tree this year. This DIY wooden Christmas tree is very different as it has knobs and hooks and is made from architectural salvage.
I think that the knobs look like Christmas ornaments in themselves especially the coloured ones. The tree can be simply hung on the wall or you can make a stand for it and have it free standing.
How to make a fun unique DIY wooden Christmas tree. Upcycled from scrap wood such as moldings and pallets combined with old knobs and hooks.
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What you need to make a DIY wooden Christmas tree


How to make a DIY wooden Christmas tree

  1. The first thing to do is to gather up all your wood scraps and lay them out on the ground to work out how the Christmas tree will look. Put the smaller pieces of the wood at the top.
    Laying out the design of a DIY wood Christmas tree.

  3. To achieve a typical Christmas tree shape using a sharpie, mark where you will need to saw your wood planks. So that the ends, slope. Using a reciprocating saw if you have one, saw along the sharpie lines.
    Don’t worry if you don’t have an electric saw you can always do this bit by hand but it will just take a little longer.
  4. Before screwing your Christmas tree together paint the wood. However, before painting, you can brush a Crackle Medium onto the wood to give a more rustic finished look to the wood. For the paint, I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Antibes green.
    To add to the aged wood effect I finished it off with a coating of Annie Sloan dark wax. Stain the wooden trunk dark brown using the dark wax.

  6. Prepared the knobs and hooks, by scraping away any excess rust from the metal painting the wooden ones. I just used what spray paints I had in my craft cupboard to paint the wooden knobs but you can use any leftover paints you have.
    painted knobs

  8. The placement of the knobs and hooks may look random but they weren’t quite. Lay the painted wood branches down on the ground and then place the knobs and hooks where you think they look best. Then taking one branch at a time, screw the knobs and hooks into place.
    Placement of knobs and hooks on DIY Christmas tree


  10. Lay the trunk flat on the ground and starting with the top, one by one screw the branches of the Christmas tree to the trunk. I used 2 screws per branch.

Screwing branches to wood DIY wooden christmas tree
Use architectual salvage from skips and dumpsters to make a unique DIY wooden Christmas tree.  Hang it on the wall for the perfect flat Christmas tree
The original plan was to hang decorations from the all the knobs and hooks of my flat DIY wood Christmas tree. However, the knobs and hooks are like Christmas ornaments in themselves so I think I might just leave the tree as is, and hang my decorations elsewhere.



DIy architectural salvage Christmas tree
Decorated DIY wood Christmas tree.  A space saving unique flat Christmas tree for your home.  Full step by step tutorials.
I love my flat Christmas trees as you can just hang them or lean them against the wall, taking up very little space. You might want to check out the stylish branch Christmas tree I made last year.
Or if you like simple Christmas trees that are great for showing off ornaments, check out these other DIY trees.
DIY Lampshade Rustic Christmas Tree
Stylish Scandinavian Christmas Tree
Make a simple flat stylish Branch Christmas tree from branches in your garden and a bit of wire.
How many Christmas trees do you have in your home?
For more repurposed and DIY wood projects visit the DIYideacentre.

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  12. I couldn’t remember if I commented on this before – but oh well if I have this post deserved two comments! Great way to use knobs Claire .. loving this! And like you said – a total space saver!

    • Thanks, Medina. I would have loved some of the knobs from your project. I’m going to start collecting more of them for other projects.

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  14. The knobs on this tree are so gorgeous I love all their clunky vintage goodness. Your blog posts are always so unique and one of a kind.

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  16. Oh my goodness I absolutely love it, just my style! Very creative! Stopping by from Tip Me Tuesday.

  17. That’s brilliant, what a lovely tree. We just have the one in our house, and it has every decoration we’ve ever had on it!
    I love the idea of these flat trees though, I’m sure we have a space for one somewhere.

    • Thanks, Julie, flat trees are great. You still get to hang all your favourite decorations.

  18. I absolutely adore this and it is definitely a favourite but I will be so accused of favouritism lol SO just now Claire I love it and will share it everywhere

    • Ahh thank you Amber. It is my favourite Christmas tree I’ve ever made so far too!

  19. What a stunning tree and amazing idea! I just love how unique it is! Sharing and Pinning, thank you! 🙂 Lisa

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  21. Very clever way to have a Christmas tree that doesn’t take up a lot of room! My junker heart loves the junk knobs and things on the tree! Totally my style…love it!

    • Thank you. I have a lot of Junk I can’t stop picking bits out of skips (dumpsters), so it’s great to finally use some of it.

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  23. OMG! This is so clever! I love it! You’re one talented lady! I think I might even try it myself!

    • It was very simple, just a lot of skip diving to collect the bits of wood. Thank you.

  24. Oh my goodness, what a fun idea! That really is so cool! Now my head is spinning with ideas!

  25. I love this! I love all the vintage knobs you added too! Have a great day

    • Thank you so much. I loved collecting all the knobs for this project.

  26. This is a fantastic idea. What fun to select the knobs and you are done decorating leaving time to enjoy the holiday.

    • Thank you. I still have plenty more decorating to do yet though!

  27. Oops… I guess I just submited my comment to the contact form. Well, here again as a comment: I totally love your idea of flat Christmas trees and do like both your versions. Maybe will try one too, as one Christmas tree is never enough.

    • Thank you, that’s the beauty of flat Christmas trees they take up so little space that you can have more than one.

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  33. Louisa

    What a fantastic idea! My husband has an ever growing collection of wood offcuts and I know he would love an excuse to use them. #homeetc

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