How To Make A Vintage Wooden Thread Spool Ornament

Upcycled Vintage Wooden Thread Spool Ornament For Christmas

I have combined my favourite Christmas song lyrics with something you find in an old sewing tin to make a vintage wooden thread spool ornament.
I love rummaging through old tins full of sewing bits and pieces. As well as the gorgeous old buttons I’m also drawn to the lovely vintage wooden thread spools. As I child I remember that we used to make a wind-up toy with these spools a matchstick and an elastic band (like these ones here). This time though I decided to use the wooden thread spool to make a Christmas ornament.
I made the spools into cute little scroll holders. On the Christmas scrolls, I decided to print the lyrics of my families favourite Christmas songs;
White Christmas
Little Drummer Boy
& Let It Snow
You can print what you like on the little scrolls, perhaps a “Naughty & Nice” list for Santa! Which Christmas song or message would you print onto your Christmas Scroll Ornament?
Vintage wooden thread spool ornament
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What you need to make a wooden thread spool ornament

vintage wooden thread spools

How to make an upcycled wooden thread spool ornament

  1. First prepare your wooden thread spool. I painted a couple of mine red and then rubbed them with dark wax to add to that vintage patina. I left one of the spools unpainted but still waxed as I liked the label on the end. Measure the inside of the wooden spool as this will be the width of the Christmas scroll.
    painted vintage wooden thread spools

  3. The next thing to do is to prepare the scroll for the wooden thread spool ornament. I chose to use the lyrics of my favourite Christmas songs. Then to print them onto the kraft paper.

  5. I printed my lyrics rather than handwrite them, as my script handwritting skills are not great especially when writting that small. I did however use to choose a script font to print.
 is a great tool for picking fonts. Just type in a phrase or word and the site will show you that phrase written in all the fonts loaded on your computer. Or you can choose to see the word in Google fonts. If you choose a Google font rather than one already on your computer, it is easy to download and install that font using
    I picked the Google font Calligraffitti in bold for the vintage wooden thread spool ornament.

  7. Once you have chosen your lyrics and font, paste them into a word processing package such as word. In word I created a table with columns the width of the inside of the wooden spool. Then when I pasted my lyrics into the word table I knew they would fit the scroll.
    lyrics for upcycled scroll ornament

  9. Print out the lyrics onto the A4 Kraft paper.
    Christmas lyrics printed s

  11. Cut out the strips of lyrics and then cut a fork into the end of the stip.
    Christmas lyrics printed

  13. Paste the back of the kraft paper with glue and glue it around the wooden thread spool. Make sure that the forked end of the kraft paper hangs free from the end of the wooden spool.
    gluing scroll onto spool
    wooden threads spools scrolls

  15. Finally, thread the twine through the holes in the wooden spool.
    threading wooden spool with twine
    upcycled vintage wooden thread spool ornaments for Christmas
    Vintage wooden thread spool ornament
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  1. Another adorable idea! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! Pinning!

  2. These are beautiful! I love the printable you made, too. 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I love to personalize things so adding my favourite song lyrics gives the ornament more meaning.

  3. Such a great idea, love the vintage spools. Thanks for sharing

  4. Amy

    So cute and retro. Brings back some fun memories. We loved playing with those wooden spools. Found you at Reader Tip Tuesday.

    • Thank you, Amy. Yes I used to love playing with the spools too!

  5. I collect wooden thread spools and I adore this craft! Happy Holiday Season, Kippi

  6. What a fun idea! I love old wooden spools and these ornaments are soooo adorable! LOVE!

    • Thank you, Linda. There is something just so appealing about those oldwooden spools.

  7. Oh my goodness, your thread spool ornaments are ADORABLE!

    • Thank you, Maria. There is just something so appealing about vintage spools.

  8. Love it! I tend to save old (and not so old) thread spools. This is a fun idea. Visiting from Best of the Weekend.

  9. This is such a cute idea!! I hope you shared it on Funky Junk too. She’ll love it!

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