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How To Make A Glamourous Fabric Fig Ornament For The Tree

Inside: A free pattern and tutorial to make a sparkly fabric fig out of fabric scraps.

I love those sparkly glass ornaments you get in many fun shapes, from avocados to vintage cameras. But clumsy me is fed up with smashing them; they are just too delicate.

So when I found myself eyeing up a glass fig ornament, I decided I’d better make a more robust fabric version. I love how the fabric fig ornament turned out so much that I made a few as family gifts and even managed a denim version.

And I added lots of glass beads and tinsel for the sparkle.

Why figs? My parents have lived in Portugal for the last 25 years, and when I visit every summer, we eat tons of fresh figs. Everyone I know in Portugal has a fig tree in their garden! So they remind me of my parents and lazy summers in the Algarve.

Making Fabric Figs

These fabric ornaments are easy to make, and I used scrap velvet fabric to make them feel glamorous, just like I did with my fabric mushrooms.

Each fig is a hand-sewn craft that can be done on the couch whilst watching TV. That’s why I ended up making so many. They also cost virtually nothing to make.

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What You Need

  • Scrap fabric – I made the fig’s skin in purple velvet, with a cream linen front and green felt leaf. You can make it with all felt fabric or whatever material you want. I even made one in denim.
  • Needle and thread
  • A small amount of fiberfill – I use the stuffing from old pillows.
  • Assorted glass seed beads and glitter
  • Trim it glue
What you need to make fabric figs

The Free Fig Pattern

Download and print out the free fig pattern here. The fig is made up of six pieces.

Fabric fig pattern

How To Sew The Fabric Fig

Step 1: Print and cut out the fig pattern. Draw around each shape. I used a purple velvet fabric for the three skin pieces and the seed piece. A cream linen fabric was used for the front of the fig, and a green felt was used for the leaf.

cut out fabric pieces for fig ornament

Step 2: I dabbed white glue around the edges to stop the velvet and linen fabric pieces from fraying. If you use fabric such as felt that doesn’t fray, skip this stage.

dabbing the edges of the fabric with glue to stop fraying

Step 3: Pin the centre velvet fig skin piece to one of the outside pieces’ right sides together. Make sure the top of the fig lines up. You will notice that the centre piece is longer than the sides.

stitching fig skin

Step 4: Hand-stitch these two pieces together and then repeat with the third velvet piece on the other side. The sewn velvet should open up into a kind of bowl shape.

making a velvet fig.

Step 5: Pin the two bottom side edges to the middle piece and stitch them together. This will make the fig skin curl round more.

Sewing the back of the fig
velvet fig back

Step 6: Pin the cream linen front piece to the velvet back. And stitch it in place using a simple blanket stitch, leaving a hole for stuffing.

Pining the front of the fig

Step 7: Stuff the fig firmly with fiberfill and stitch up the hole.

Making a gorgeous fabric fig ornament

Making The Seeds

Step 8: Take the round velvet fabric meant for the seeded bit of the fig. Stitch assorted seed beads on the top.

Stitching seed beads to velvet
Beads on velvet for fig seeds

Step 8: Cover the seeds and the velvet fabric with Trim-it glue. Then sprinkle on glitter and more tiny beads.

Adding glitter and glue

Step 9: Once the glue has dried, stitch the seeded fabric to the front of the fig. Again use a simple blanket stitch.

stitching seeds to front of fabric fig ornament

Stitching the Leaf

Step 10: Use a green thread to embroider some veins onto the felt leaf.

stitching a fig leaf

Step 10: Finish off the fabric fig ornament by stitching the leaf and some hanging cord to the top of the fig.

DIY fabric fig ornament
DIY fabric fig ornament angle

This gorgeous fig is now ready to hang from your tree. The lovely glass beads on the front will glimmer in the light.

fig ornament in tree

I enjoyed making this fig ornament so much that I made lots of them.

three fabric fig ornaments

I chose scraps of velvet to make these figs as I wanted a luxurious look. But you can make these fabric figs in any material you like, such as felt.

I love making denim Christmas ornaments, so I even made a denim version of this fig using scraps of material from old jeans.

denim fig ornament
Denim fabric fig ornament

Another fun thing to make out of velvet scraps is these fabric poppy seed pods.

velvet poppy seed heads

You might like to check out these other nature-themed Christmas ornament ideas and these upcycled Christmas ornaments.

Pin for later!

Velvet fabric fig ornament


Sunday 5th of February 2023

Hi, I just came across your instructions for a random fig ornament! Thank you. I am no fan of the fig, but know someone w enough love to nurture a tree. The photo was great, displaying luxurious velvet, linen and beading. Looked interesting, so I clicked for instructions(old lady RARELY clicks, let alone leaves a comment). All around nice ideas, patterns and outcomes. I will attempt a few of these gorgeous fig ornaments. Keep creating and thanks for sharing. :) Cool poppy seed stems pattern too.

Claire Armstrong

Sunday 5th of February 2023

Thank you so much. I did enjoy making them and made a few as little Christmas presents for my friends to hang on their trees. The poppie are fun to make too. I just love playing around with scraps of fabric. Thank you for visiting and commenting.


Monday 26th of December 2022

I've probably said this a thousand times, but I don't know how you always come up with such interesting and unique ideas. Forget making ornaments that will get packed away, I'm going to make a big version, so they can stay on the mantle all year long.

Claire Armstrong

Monday 26th of December 2022

Thank you, I just like making quirky things and get inspired by stuff I like. I’m a big fan of figs 🤣

Michele F Michael

Monday 12th of December 2022

You are so clever. This is so cute and yes glamorous. Thank you for sharing at Funtastic Friday.

Claire Armstrong

Tuesday 13th of December 2022

Thank you, I really enjoyed making them.