How To Make Heart String Lights To Brighten Your Home

DIY Shrink Plastic Colourful Heart Shaped Lights

One of the things I don’t like about living in the UK is they gloomy grey winter days. In an attempt to brighten up my home a bit, I made some fun heart string lights.
When I was 8 years old I discovered Shrink plastic. I thought that it was an amazing craft and made endless, key chains, badges and bracelets from the stuff. I even experimented with shrinking everyday plastic packaging into fun trinkets.
This used to be great fun with the old style crisp packets but unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the new foil packets.
Even now many decades later, I still haven’t grown out of my love of crafting with shrink plastic. I have used it recently to make some fun luggage tag pins for a travel-themed map magnetic board. And I decided to use the stuff to make some colourful heart shapes for these Valentine’s string light decorations.
This craft is also a great way to find a good use for the copper string lights you have left over from your Christmas decorations.
Use shrink plastic and sharpies to make some lovely Valentine's heart string lights to brighten up your home.  #valentinesday #valentinescraft #stringlights #heartlights
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What you need to make heart string lights.

  • Clear Shrink plastic – I used 2 sheets.
  • Heart-shaped cookie cutter
  • Sharpies or felt tips in pinks, reds & purples
  • Copper string lights
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
    What you need to make heart string lights

    How to make heart string lights.

    1. Place the heart shaped cookie cutter on to a sheet of shrink plastic and draw around it. Then cut out the heart shape.
      Drawing around heart cookie cutter
      Cut out heart of shrink plastic

    3. Next using sharpies colour in your heart.
      colouring in heart shrink plastic

    5. Repeat until you have as many heart shapes you need for the heart string lights.

    7. Next pace the heart shapes on an oven tray and shrink according to the instructions that came with your shrink plastic. Mine was at 150c for about 5 mins. The plastic as it heats will curl and then uncurl as it shrinks to about 1/3 of its original size and becomes thicker.
      shrink plastic hearts in the oven

    9. Using a glue gun glue the plastic hearts to the copper wire lights. I twisted to the copper wire so that 3 lights were stuck to the back of each heart.
      Gluing copper wire lights to the back of plastic hearts

    11. Carry on sticking the heart shapes to the copper wire until they are all stuck down. There were about 20 plastic hearts on my string of lights.

    heart string lights made from shrink plastic and sharpies for Valentines day.
    Now all you need to do is decide where you’re going to hang the string heart lights and then plug them in.
    Heart string lights finished
    heart string lights made from shrink plastic

    Brighten up your home for Valentine's day with these DIY heart string lights.  Made with shrink plastic and sharpies.  #sharpiescraft #valentinescraft #valentinesday #valentinesdecor #stringlights.
    These lights make for a lovely fun Valentine’s decoration. However, you could use different shaped cookie cutters to make other shaped string lights. Also, some plastic packaging can be shrunk like the shrink plastic sheets, so you might want to play around with some of your plastic waste and use that instead for a more eco friendly craft.
    If you like Valentine light decorations you may want to check out the string ones I made last year.

    For more Valentine day crafts visit allfreeholidaycrafts.


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    1. I don’t know how to receive your blog or follow you, but I want to! Please add me! I love everything I’ve seen of yours (map board & pins, Valentine decor & more). Love, love, love!

      • Thank you, Vicki, that is lovely to hear. You should get an email asking if you want to subscribe. If you are on Instagram you can follow me there too, @pillarboxblue.

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    3. What a brilliant idea! I love a good excuse to play with shrinkies!

    4. I lurve shrink plastic, but haven’t used it for ages. This is such a pretty idea.
      I too have fond memories of shrinking crisp packets, I seem to remember a particularly fetching Quaker brooch I made myself!

      • Thank you. I grew up in Hong Kong where the crisp packets we had were Australian so I used to make Twisties brooches.

    5. I didn’t put up any Christmas lights this year but thankfully they’re available year round. It’s pretty dreary here in Michigan and these would surely brighten my day. Thanks for linking up with us at Celebrate Your Story.

      • Thank you, Sandra. It is very dull and grey here in England. We don’t get much winter sun at all, plus it gets dark really early.

    6. what a great idea! I have some very boring LED string lights… I might just jazz them up!

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    8. Jan

      What a great craft project! I’d love for you to share over at a new party called Let’s Party… look forward to seeing you there!

    9. What a lovely idea and a great decoration for St. Vallentines! Thankk you for sharing this with us.

    10. What a lovely idea!!! 🙂

    11. Such a great idea for those lights. So many possibilities. Thanks for sharing at our link party!

    12. I have to make these now. Thx for the DIY idea.

    13. These are so fun & festive! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

    14. Oh, I like this. My granddaughter would like to make this.

    15. Your lights are fabulous, so pretty. I’d forgotten all about shrink plastic, it’s a few years since I played with mine. Btw I gave you a ‘shout out’ on my blog.

    16. What a great idea! I have one spear copper string lights that hangs in our patio, but it would be great to bring it in and add some plastic shapes. I have never used shrink plastic before so that’s my chance to give it a go :).

    17. fantastic as always! so just to be clear, since you didn’t state it, you did shrink the plastic? Thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

      • Thank you. Yes I put them in the oven their was a formatting error in the post so that step didn’t show up, I have corrected it now though. If it wasn’t for your comment I wouldn’t have spotted the error.

    18. I’ve never made anything like this before – pretty clever. Thanks for sharing!

    19. Oooh this is such a cute and fun idea! Love it. #homeetc

    20. Sue

      How cool are these? Not only do they add some much needed light to these dark and dank winter days, but I adore the pop of colour. Lush! Sue x

    21. This is so cool, Claire! I used to do this too when I was little! Oh the memories!! They are so pretty with the lights behind them!

    22. This is such a clever idea – and I love the different patterns! Looks fab 🙂 #HomeEtc

      • Thank you, Kerry. They were fun to make as I enjoy the odd bit of colouring in, it’s very therapeutic.

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