Simple to Make Repurposed Sweater Felt Garland

How to Make A Colourful Repurposed Felt Garland

Making a repurposed Christmas felt garland is such an addictive festive craft. Last week when making Christmas felt letters I suggested that you might want to keep the scraps to make a felt decoration (felt tinsel).
These felt garlands are fantastically colourful and can be used in loads of ways. You can wrap the felt garlands around your tree, use it to hang things from, treat it like ribbon or just drape it over your pictures for that fun festive feel. I love to hang mine from my Christmas mantle.
Even though what happens in craft club should stay in craft club, I can tell you that last night we got into the festive mood by turning mini felt garlands into adorable felt Christmas baubles, whilst sipping sloe gin.
This is an addictive and easy upcycle, making a gorgeous felt garland recycling old sweaters. It can be used like Christmas tinsel or ribbon.
Felt Garland Pillarboxblue
Make funky felt garlands to brighten up your Christmas decorations.
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What You Need to make a Christmas Felt Garland

Felted sweaters

How to Make Upcycled Christmas Felt Garlands

  1. Using the pinking shears cut your felted sweaters/scraps into small squares. The pinking shears are only for decorative purposes as it gives a better effect than with straight scissors. I tend to cut my felt into 2cm squares and don’t worry about them being to even. How many squares you cut depend on how long you want you felt decoration garland to be.

  3. Thread a button or a craft bell onto the end of your thread, this will stop the felt squares falling off the end.

  5. Next using the tapestry needle thread your felt squares in the colour order of your choice. Red and cream alternate make a lovely festive garland.
    I also love a Christmas felt garland of many colours.

  7. When your felt garland is the length you want, finish as you started with either a button or craft bell.

 How to make a Felt garland- Pillarboxblue
This is a very addictive craft once you start, you’ll find that one felt garland won’t be enough ! I sometimes call these felt garlands, felt tinsel.
The simplicity of this craft makes it a great one for kids. Believe you me they will love it. I’ve found that kids love crafts that grow as you go; especially boys. It’s like when I get my Beavers to make paper chains they never want to stop.
Upcycled Felt Garland
Upcycled Felt Garlands
Upcycled Felt Garlands Pillarboxblue 

How to make Felt Decoration Baubles

Felt Baubles are made the same way as the felt garlands but this time use craft wire instead of thread, as it holds it shape. Loop the wire at one end before you start to stop the felt falling off. When you have finished adding felt squares thread the end of your wire through the loop to create a circle and tie off.
Again you can make these as big or as small as you want.
Felt bauble
Upcycled sweater felt tinsle
Felt bauble
Upcycled Sweater Felt garland
Happy felting, and remember once you start it’s hard to stop. If you’re like me you will be on the look out for old colourful woollen sweaters to turn into this fabulously festive felt tinsel. It’s a great way to add colour to your Christmas decorations and costs next to nothing to make.
Check out my other repurposed sweater crafts here. Including these cute sweater upcycled Christmas ornaments.
For other fabulous upcycled Christmas crafts visit allfreechristmascrafts.

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  5. Oh what fun and they look stunning. I can see why it must be addictive and relaxing too. Such a lovely idea, thanks for the share Claire

  6. This looks like a very addictive craft! Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story link party and have a great weekend.

    • Thank you, it is very addictive. It’s a bit like making paper chains you never know when to stop.

  7. I have to show this to my oldest daughter! She loves to sew and work with felt and she keeps all the scraps. She will love the idea!

  8. What a super cute idea! I don’t have very much felt, but I always have leftover fabric. This is a priject the grandkids could help with when their down for a visit. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love how chunky and big the garland looks! Pinning so I can remember to make this!!


  10. Loving this! Thanks for sharing with us at Family Joy Blog Link Up Party this week!

  11. I need some of these!!! 🙂

  12. Such a cute idea!! I’m thinking I’ll stay home and do a lot of Christmas crafts this weekend, maybe even get our tree! Thanks for sharing at the Peaches+Salt Link party!

    • Thank you, I love Christmas crafting in the cold winter evenings.

  13. What a great idea and so festive too! Happy Holidays!

  14. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing on the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party!

  15. This looks like a great “do whilst watching tv” kind of craft, I can imagine cutting a great pile of pieces and hardly noticing the time passing! I always keep felted jumpers but I’m now thinking I need more colourful ones. I would never deliberately shrink a jumper just so I can cut it up of course so I’ll have to keep my eyes open in charity shops for something suitable.

    • It is kind of addictive once you start, my family give me all their old jumpers and my Mother and aunt like to wear bright colours, so I have a plentiful supply. I also would never deliberately shrink a jumper, but I’m not as upset as I used to be if I accidently do. As I start thinking of all the things I can make with it.

  16. Claire, these look like so much fun and so so nice for the season! I love to decorate with felt, its great for crafting and I would have never gotten this idea, you’re so clever!

    • Thank you, Katrina. I keep all the families old sweaters to felt, I love working with it. You can see why I even keep the scraps too!

  17. Another great idea for those old sweaters Claire – these garlands could be made for so many occasions!!

    • Thank you! Yes you can make them in fall colours for the autumn or spring colours for Easter.

  18. How creative! Thanks for sharing at My Flagstaff Home!


  19. This is the cutest idea- I’m dying to try it!

    • Claire Armstrong

      Thanks ! I warn you once you start you can’t stop, I’ve got loads of the garlands. As well as decorating the house I do use them as ribbon on gifts.

  20. Really cute!!

    • Claire Armstrong

      Thank you, glad you like them !

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      Cheers ! Thanks glad you like it, I’m having a great time visiting the coast this weekend !

  22. Hi Claire,
    You are one patient woman, compared to me anyways. The look beautiful.

    • Claire Armstrong

      Thank you ! These are really quick and easy to make so actually don’t need that much patience honest !

  23. Love it! So cozy and fun…..and you could alternate all kinds of fabric really, like some jeans squares and such, and maybe throw in a few felt balls here and there….thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

    • Claire Armstrong

      Thanks ! I like the idea of the felt balls.

  24. Love, love, love this idea! Just pinned to try later!

    • Claire Armstrong

      Thank you ! I warn you once you start making them you can’t stop but they do look great.

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