Five of the Best Upcycled Mother’s Day Gifts .

The Best Upcycled Mother’s Day Gifts from Pillarboxblue

If your English and reading this you may think that this post is a bit late. (In the UK we celebrated Mother’s Day in March). However, the rest of the world seems to celebrate Mother’s Day in May.
I grew up in Hong Kong where despite being a British colony at the time we celebrated Mother’s day in May.
My Mother now lives in Portugal, I don’t know when the Portuguese celebrate Mother’s day but it isn’t the same as the UK. As my mother is always surprised when she gets a Mother’s day card in the post from me as she has no idea it’s Mother’s day.
Nevermind, when Mother’s day is where you live these upcycled Mother’s Day gift ideas, can be used all year round. You can use them for Birthdays, Christmas or just because you feel like giving someone a special handmade gift.
I love giving homemade gifts and here I have rounded up what I consider my five best upcycled gift ideas.
Everyone loves a unique handmade gift.  Here are some of the best upcycled Mother's day gifts. Full tutorials.
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Upcycled Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Gorgeous Fabric Birdhouses
These are just made from cardboard packaging and scraps of fabric. You can even use a favourite old blouse to personalise the gift. These fabric birdhouses were so popular I even made a tropical fabric birdhouse version.
Make your own gorgeous fabric birdhouse from upcycled materials. Free pattern and tutorial.
Upcycled Mother's Day gifts - Fabric birdhouses.  Free pattern and tutorial.
2. Beautiful Map Roses
Everyone loves to get flowers and these ones will last forever. Again these upcycled Mother’s day gifts can be personalised by using maps of special places.
How to make simple but gorgeous map roses.
3. Gorgeous Spring Fabric Birdcages
All you need to make these upcycled Mother’s day gifts is a wire coat hanger and scraps of fabric. Just add a sweet little clip on bird.
Fabric birdcage - full tutorial
4. DIY Jewelry – Upcycled Silk Scarf Necklace
How about using one of your mother’s beloved old silk scarves to make them a lovely unique necklace.
DIY Jewelry by upcycling old scarfs and making denim beads. Makes a great gift.
5. DIY Ring Holder from a Scallop Dish.
I love these ring holders so much I made myself 3, even though I don’t wear rings. I use them for my change and necklace chain. If you don’t live by the sea or eat scallops in fancy restaurants you can actually buy scallop shells online.



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  1. These are all wonderful upcycled ideas. I especially love the ring holder. Thanks for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle. Pinned to my Mother’s Day Board.

  2. Those fabric birdhouses are the cutest thing ever!

  3. I didn’t realise mothers day was different in different countries until I started blogging and saw all the ideas shared in May by people in the US. Apparently it’s spread right through the year across the world, Mr Google tells me in Russia it’s in November! Who knew??! (apart from Russian people of course)
    I love your ideas for anytime a mum needs a gift! The penguin ring holder is just fab.

    • Thanks, Julie. Having grown up abroad I have celebrated Mothers day on different days in different countries. My mum currently lives in Portugal and it’s mothers day there May 7th so I better get that card in the post quick.

  4. Great gift ideas all occasions! Lots of inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Great ideas! But most of all I like birdhouses. This is a symbolic house that children leave. I think this is a perfect gift for both parents, not only for mom.

    • Thank you, and yes it is a great present not just for Mother’s day.

  6. Those fabric birdhouses!!! Too charming! You always have such clever ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Hugs, LYnn

  7. So many fun ideas! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  8. Jen

    What great ideas! I’ve already pinned it. Thanks for sharing. If you’re interested, it would make a great addition to my weekly link up on Wednesdays called Be Clean Be Green With Kids. Hope to see you there!

  9. Especially love those birdhouses! Great ideas for Mother’s Day or a friend gift. Thanks!

  10. Great gifts, I LOVE the bird houses & flowers!

  11. Great ideas – my favorite is the bird houses.

  12. Great collection of ideas, Claire. Love the birdhouses and the ring holder! Visiting from Vintage Charm party.

    • Thank you, the birdhouse are very popular I’ve made quite a few over the years.

  13. Great ideas… I love how unique they are… and can be made extra special. 🙂

  14. Love your ideas and I had no idea that Mother’s Day was different in different parts of the world…seems silly. It will be here before we know it!!!

    • Thank you, Mother’s Day in the U.K. Is always on Mothering Sunday which has something to do with the church calendar and Easter.

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