DIY Splashback Using Wallpaper

DIY Splashback (backsplash) with wallpaper

My friend had a new kitchen recently installed and didn’t want the usual tiled splashback for her cooker. She wanted something that was going to be a bit of a statement piece. Therefore when Wendy come across some gorgeous Dragonfly wallpaper by Harlequin, she knew that was the one for her kitchen. A DIY splashback (backsplash) with wallpaper was the way to go.
The wallpaper is protected by a piece of glass and is screwed to the wall. Plus you know what the really awesome thing about this DIY splashback, is that it’s really easy to unscrew the glass and change the wallpaper when you feel like something different.
Create a unique and stylish designer DIY splashback with wallpaper.  Step by step guide.
Step by step guide on how to create your own DIY splashback with wallpaper.
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What you need to create your own DIY Splashback with wallpaper

  • Wallpaper – Depending on the size of your splashback (backsplash) and how your wallpaper pattern fits will determine how much wallpaper. Usually, you would need no more than a quarter roll. The wallpaper we used was a Harlequin Wallpaper, Palmetto Demoiselle, which comes in several different colourways. Ebay is a great place to look for odd or even part rolls of wallpaper.
    DIY splashback with wallpaper

  • Wallpaper paste/adhesive
  • – you might want to add an anti fungal agent to the adhesive

  • Rotary cutter and mat

  • Plywood base – This will need to be the size of your DIY splashback. We used 5.5mm hardwood ply.

  • Glass – This again will be the size of your DIY splashback. We used a 4mm toughened low iron glass which we got cut to size at the store. We also had 4 screw holes drilled into each corner of the glass at the store.

  • Domed mirror screws – 4, one for each corner.

  • Tile trim – The size of the trim depends on the thickness of the DIY splashback. We used a 12mm wrap round trim in chrome. You don’t have to have a trim, its mainly about aesthetics.


How to make your DIY Splashback

_DSC0718 sm

  1. Measure out your splashback and get the plywood and glass cut to the size at the DIY store.
    DIY splashback with wallpaper

  3. Think about how your wallpaper pattern design will fit on the splashback, measure it and cut to size. For the dragonfly design, we wanted whole dragonflies in the middle of the splashback. Therefore we ended up with one wallpaper roll width in the middle and two part widths either side.
    wallpaper splashback cutting sm

  5. Key your plywood by coating it with a layer of wallpaper paste and leaving it to dry.
    _DSC0557 sm

  7. Once dry, paste the board again and apply the wallpaper. Leave to dry thoroughly.
    DIY splashback with wallpaper

  9. We used a low iron toughened glass for this splashback because if it’s not low iron the glass can have a green hue to it. The DIY Splashback and the glass were fitted to the wall altogether. With the mirror screws going through the glass and backsplash into the wall. The screws were capped off with chrome mirror screw domes.

  11. Finally when it’s all in place you can fit the tile trim round the edge of your DIY splashback.
    _DSC1053 sm

DIY Splashback with wallpaper.  Create a statement piece with a designer wallpaper splashback in your kitchen.  Easy to change when you fancy something different.
DIY Splashback with wallpaper.  Step by step guide to creating your own unique splashback.
Wendy loved her DIY splashback idea so much that not only did she make one for her cooker, but one for the bathroom too. She used a mid century modern Orla Kiely wallpaper for the bathroom.
Bathroom diy splashback - create your own wallpaper splashback
Create your own stunning DIY splashback with wallpaper
Create your own unique DIY splashback for your kitchen using wallpaper.  Full step by step tutorial.
I love this DIY splashback (backsplash), I think it looks awesome in Wendy’s kitchen. There are so many fantastic wallpaper designs out there, so you are bound to find something that would look amazing in your kitchen. I know that when I eventually get a new kitchen, I will have a DIY wallpaper splashback. I also love the fact that it’s easy to change, when you fancy something different.
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62 Responses

  1. Splashbacks are in trend now a days, and side by you have shared very interesting content!
    Recently I have also renovated my interior using colourful and designer splashbacks and the result came out is so mesmerising.
    Looking forward to read more of such wonderful contents.

  2. I cherish the splashback design. Extremely one of a kind and beautiful. Thanks for the great guide!

  3. This is AWESOME! I love to see new and interesting ideas for kitchen backsplashes. I personally feel that backsplashes should be a focal point in a kitchen and this definitely is!

    DIY wins another one!!

  4. Hi, thanks for posting this, just what I was looking for my bathroom, instead using paint or tiles. I wanted to ask, did you add a sealant where the glass meets the worktop? Also the bathroom splashback you posted doesn’t appear to have been screwed like the kitchen one, how did you fix that on the wall?
    The final look is amazing btw, hope my one turns out as good!

    • Thank you. In the kitchen no sealant was used. For the bathroom it was clear acrylic and not glass which was glued to the wall ans sealant was used.

  5. This is amazing and lovely. So many diy projects are just kind of junky. I am doing his in the house we are buying, as long as my husband only sees he final result since he hates handi-work fixes or crafts except the ones he does. Of course!! Lol. Love so much for posting this!! I will follow your blog!!

  6. What i love about this is the fact that it is much cheaper than tile. Me and my husband are remodeling this house at the moment, but aren’t sure tiles are worth it (since the house won’t have such a high resale value). I think we’ll go with a splashback….thanks for the idea 🙂

    • Thank you, another good thing about it is that it is easy to change the wallpaper when you fancy something different.

      • Hi Claire
        Will water or dust get into backsplash and will the heat from the stove spoil the glue that a fixed the wallpaper to the plywood and glass? What’s the current condition? My contractor is giving loads of reasons to not use wallpaper. Appreciate your feedback.

        • My friends splashback is still looking good but do make sure that the wallpaper paste/glue you used is antifungal. The glass protects it from the water and the heat. The glass is screwed into the wall so should not be affected by heat and moisture.

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  8. do you cut in on an angle or straight across? How did you secure the pieces …glue?

    • The corners where mitered (45 deg angle) and a small amount of adhesive used to help secure it.

  9. how did you cut the tile trim and put it on ?? Thanks

    • I can’t remember it was a while ago. I don’t recall it being difficult the tile trim comes with instructions and is easy to cut with a hacksaw. The trim is designed to slot around the edge of the tile/glass. We bought it from our local tile shop.

  10. Can you give an estimate of the cost for the stunning back splash? Love it. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’ve just asked my friend and she’s still waiting for the glass bill, but the plywood, wallpaper and glue cost about £70. I’ll let you know the glass cost when I find out but from other projects think it will be about £100-£150 but not certain.

  11. Hi Claire,
    I have a sneaking suspicion that within the next 10-15 years or so, all of those tiled backsplashes will be passe. That’s why I think your friend has such a great idea of making her own! I did a painted backsplash in my previous house, and everyone thought that it was real stone. 😉

  12. Hi, what a lovely idea! We just bought a house and our kitchen has now beautifully smooth walls painted with a lovely colour. I don’t want to paste tiles all over the wall and I was thinking of just making a glass cover for the backsplash part. Adding the wallpaper is a genius idea! What I’m not understanding is the screws that you used. I’m in Europe, Spain to be exact, so could you please help out with some info/link to the type of screws you’ve used? Thanks a lot!

    • Sorry I don’t have a picture of the screws but they were domed mirror screws. If you go to your local DIY store they should help you pick ones suitable for the size of glass you use. When you get the glass cut, get them to drill four screw holes into the glass at the same time. The screws go through the glass and the wallpapered plywood and straight into the wall so need to be quiet long. I hope that helps.

  13. I love the splashback pattern. Very unique and pretty.

    My kitchen would need one like that too, really.Thanks so much for your tips

    • Thanks, the pattern is lovely and it comes in many other colourways.

  14. Claire,
    This is gorgeous! I love all the wallpaper idea post as well. Wow, I am pinning. I love and enjoyed your lovely blog and would love for you to share at a link party I am hosting. Hope to see you there. Have a great week.

  15. Wow! Amazing! I like the color of the wallpapers. It really works in her kitchen. She can change the designs when she wants. That’s a great idea! I will try it for my kitchen

  16. Perfect. I like it very much. DIY projects, I always like to read the article about it. It is very innovative, and new and wonderful. Your kitchen looks brilliant and become more beautiful. Thanks for the useful information that you have shared

  17. Robert Smith

    Really like the color of the wallpaper. It’s make the kitchen more light and fresh. This is the good ideas. I will try it out.

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  19. Excellent choice of colors and an interchangeable backsplash is vey unique. Thanks for joining us again at Celebrate Your Story!

    • Thanks ! Yes I think that you can change it up, is the best thing about this splashback.

  20. Thank you for sharing this amazing idea! I recently scored a roll of vintage wall paper and have been trying to come up with a way to incorporate it into my living space, so I’m very happy to see this option.

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  22. I love this look and think its great that you can change it up. Perfect for renters!

    • thanks, that’s one of the best things about it that it’s easy to change when you want something different.

  23. I love this idea and thinking I should try something like this in the bathrooms! Such a statement! Thanks for sharing at Welcome Home Wednesdays!

  24. First off, can would you tell your friend how much I love the clean lines of her new kitchen? I spotted the Orla Kiely utensil holder and trashcan right away and love the print in the bathroom. But the dragonfly wallpaper used for the backsplash is just stunning! I will definitely pin this in hopes that I can use this idea someday. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg

  25. Not only is that the coolest stove and counter-top combo that back splash is killer! I love your blog!
    -Michelle @

  26. This is fabulous. I love the wallpaper pattern and the color.
    Thank you for sharing this at Thoughts of Home.
    We are so glad you are here.

    I look forward to seeing you next week.
    White Spray Paint

  27. I just love everything about this! I have often wondered about how best to use wallpaper in a kitchen! Beautiful.

  28. WOW! I would have never thought about using wall paper for a back splash! But I have used old wall paper as drawer liners. Neat idea. Visiting from TOHOT. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  29. I love this idea and it’s just what we need to do in both kitchen and bathroom. (It’s about 6 years overdue, in fact). Thanks for the clear instructions-maybe even I could do this!

  30. This is such a great idea!!! I am so glad you linked up to WASTE NOT WEDESDAY link party! We love having you. oh and a side note: I love the font on your blog it is so fun!!!

  31. I love this idea. It isn’t just pretty but functional as well. I hate that greasy film on the wall! Thanks for sharing at #WonderfulWednesday.

  32. What a fun idea! And I imagine if you get tired of the design, or change your colors, you could easily change it out. (Maybe, kinda!) Visiting from Homemade and Handcrafted party.

    • Thanks ! Yes that’s the great thing is it’s easy to change when you fancy something different.

  33. What a beautiful and unique idea. Her kitchen style works perfect with the large splashback. Lovely!

    • Thank you ! Yes I think the DIY splashback looks great in her kitchen, she made a good choice with the colours.

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