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How To Make An Upcycled Sweater Mountain Cushion (Pillow)

As a reminder of my love of mountains I upcycled some old wool sweaters into a mountain cushion/pillow.

I love living in Bedford, but there are a couple of things I don’t like, it’s as flat as a pancake, and is probably as far from the coast you can get in the UK. I love mountains, in fact my whole family loves mountains.

My husband and boys make an annual mountain climbing pilgrimage. They have now climbed all the major peaks in the UK, so will probably venture abroad for their next trip. We also all love to ski & snowboard, especially in the Alps. However our favourite mountains are those in Norway, we love the stunning fjords where the mountains meet the sea.

Upcycled Sweater Mountain Cushion (Pillow)

When upcycling my sweaters into a mountain cushion I decided that I would turn them into my own little mountain range, as a reminder of what I’m missing.

Create your own little mountain decor by upcycling your old sweaters into a mountain cushion /pillow.  Full tutorial.
Hardanger Fjord Norway
Hardanger Fjord Norway

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What you need to make a Mountain Cushion

  • Old woolen sweaters (65% or more). Preferably in neutral colours like greys and greyish greens.
  • Small piece of cream felt (or cream woolen sweater).
  • Pillow stuffing.
  • Needle and thread, can either be sewn by hand or by machine
  • Pins, scissors, a large sheet of paper (for pattern) & a pen.

How to felt woollen Sweaters

Old Sweaters

Old wool sweaters are one of my favourite fabrics to upcycle. If you felt them then they don’t fray or unravel when cut. This makes them great for crafting and DIY.

Felting wool is really easy. Like me, you have probably done this in the past. Where you have accidentally shrunk your sweater in the wash so that it is only fit for a toddler to wear!

To felt my sweaters, I just put them in a hot ‘cotton’ wash in the washing machine along with my normal washing. I then dry them in the dryer. I have managed to felt sweaters without using the dryer, but it does make them softer.

If for some reason this doesn’t work you can repeat the process again. Basically to felt woolen sweaters you need, heat, water, and agitation.

Felting binds the wool together which enables the sweaters to be cut without unraveling or fraying.

Felting sweaters

How to make a Mountain Cushion

1.. First, lay your sweater down with the front-facing up. Make a paper pattern of a mountain outline as big as is possible for your sweater.

making the mountain paper pattern

2. Next, pin the mountain pattern on top of the felted sweater. Then, draw a snowy outline for the top of your mountain.

drawing snowy mountain top of felted mountain pillow

3. Next, using the pattern cut out 2 identical mountain pieces on from the font of your sweater and one from the back. Cut out your paper mountain top and use this as a template for cutting out 2 identical cream felt snowy mountain pieces.

snowy felt mountiain top

4. Then, pin the cut out cream snow pieces to the top of each mountain piece. Both pieces should be right side up. Sew round the edges of the cream snow piece attaching it to the sweater pieces.

pining the snowy top to mountain pillow

5. Next, pin the two woolen mountain pieces right sides together and sew around the edge, leaving a small hole at the bottom for stuffing. This can either be done by hand or on a sewing machine.

Sweater Mountain Cushion

6. Turn the mountain pillow right sides out. Then, through the hole in the mountain cushion stuff it with fiber fill. Once the pillow is full then, hand stitch the hole shut.

Sweater Mountain Cushion
Sweater Mountain Cushion
Upcycled sweater cushion

I love my snowy topped cushion so much that I made another; one soon I will have my own mountain range. I think my cushion will look great with my piste map chair when I finish it.

Mountain Cushion Tutorial

They would also make a great seasonal gift for any mountain craft loving friends or family. You could make it more personal by repurposing one of their own sweaters.

I loved the my mountian pillow so much, I made it a friend.

Mountain cushion Tutorial- Made from upcycled sweaters

If like me you have a passion for the mountains then you might want to check out these really interesting and beautiful free printable vintage mountain sketches and posters.

Mountain cushions aren’t the only shaped DIY pillows that you can make from felted sweaters. I’ve made sweater Christmas tree pillows and felted acorn pillows too.

Even though you didn’t use the sleeves of the sweaters for these mountain pillows, keep them for a DIY knot pillow.

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Sarah Lee

Wednesday 21st of October 2020

amazing idea and tutorial!

Claire Armstrong

Wednesday 21st of October 2020

Thank you so much.

Christina Woodcock

Tuesday 1st of October 2019


These are so adorable! What an awesome way to use the wool sweaters!

Claire Armstrong

Wednesday 2nd of October 2019

Thank you so much. There are loads of things you can do with wool sweaters.

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Saturday 18th of November 2017

Love your idea and I live in Vermont .. are wool sweaters the only kind that you can use. Thought of going to our local thrift store to look around

Claire Armstrong

Saturday 18th of November 2017

The thing about wool sweaters is that they can be felted and felt doesn't fray. You could try other sweater fabrics and see if they would work too, as with this project fraying is not a big issue. You could of course just make the trees with craft felt.