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Wonderful Felt Christmas Tree Made From Sweaters

My husband doesn’t get it, what he considers rubbish I look at as a recycling challenge. I do get a kick of making crafts out of the scaps of other projects. This Christmas felt tree project is one of my more successful ones.

I save all the families old wool sweaters and felt them for repurposing. Felting wool sweaters are just basically shrinking them in a hot wash so they would only fit a small child.

As there are no longer any toddlers in my house I keep these sweaters for crafting, no need to cry over spoilt wool anymore!

When it happens with one of my husband’s sweaters he gets suspicious now and thinks I do it accidentally on purpose (in some cases he might be right!)

Friends and family also hand me their old wool sweaters to repurpose. A couple of weeks ago I made a lovely soft recycled sweater blanket and then out of the scraps some gorgeous felt flowers for a wreath.

I still had a pile of sweater felt scraps and decided to make them into a cute felt Christmas tree. In fact, I made a few of these Christmas trees as they make a lovely festive decoration on the mantle.

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Recycled Sweater Scraps Into Cute Felt Christmas Tree

Felted Christmas Trees

What you need to make a felt Christmas tree

Felted Sweater Scraps – (you can of course use craft felt). To felt your sweaters, just put them into a hot wash in the washing machine as I did with my sweater mountain pillows.

Don’t worry if your sweaters don’t felt in the machine, as long as they don’t unravel and fray when cut, you can still use them for this craft. If a sweater has been knitted by machine often it will not fray when cut.

What need for felt christmas trees

How to make Felted Christmas Trees

1.. The first thing to do is to make a cardboard cone. Cut the cardboard tube lengthways and then roll it into a cone shape. Secure with tape and trim off excess cardboard so that the base is even.

There is another tutorial to make cardboard cones out of pizza bases with this upcycled denim Christmas trees tutorial. This is handy if you want to make larger felted Christmas trees.

cardboard cone

2. Next, cut the felt sweater scraps into zig-zag strips approximately 1″ wide. You can use pinking shears for this, but I think you get a better shape by doing it by hand.

You will need enough felt strips to cover the whole of the cardboard cone.

zig zag felt wool strips

3. Then, starting at the bottom of the cardboard cone, glue a strip of cut felt around the bottom of the cone. Then glue another one above this overlapping slightly as you go. Continue until the whole of the cone is covered.

Upcycled sweater felt Christmas tree diy

4. Finally, to make the trunk of the tree simple glue a twig to the center of the wood slice using a hot glue gun. Then glue the top of the twig to the inside of the cone. This gives the trees a natural rustic look.

Another fun alternative to the wood slice base is to use cotton reels, as I did with these mini tartan Christmas trees.

felt christmas tree trunk
Finished sweater felt Christmas tree
Use felt scraps from recycled sweaters to make felt Christmas trees for a really cute Christmas decoration.

It’s fun to make these trees in different shades of sweater felt. They are so easy to make. I’m working on having a whole forest of felt trees in different shades for my Christmas mantle. If you have any felt scraps left over, then I suggest using them to make sweater felt balls.

Every year, I make new upcycled tabletop mini Christmas trees for the mantle. As well as these felt Christmas trees, I’ve also made some other upcycled sweater felt trees, but these had more of a Scandinavian feel to them.

Crafting with old sweaters is one of my favourite fabrics to upcycle. I keep all the wool scraps from my larger upcycle to craft for small projects for Christmas. Check out these other Christmas sweater crafts.

Visit for more tabletop Christmas tree ideas.




All you need is a cardboard tube a twig and some felt scraps to make these adorable felt Christmas trees.  So easy the kids can make them too!
These gorgeous Christmas ornaments cost nothing to make as they are made from old sweaters and Christmas cookie cutters as a template.

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These are absolutely darling! What a clever way to re-use old sweaters. Thank you for linking up with Merry Monday - I'll be featuring your sweater trees at our upcoming party. Merry Christmas!

Claire Armstrong

Sunday 17th of December 2017

Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing the feature.

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What a fun upcycle for old wool sweaters! These are so rustic-ly beautiful! #MM

Claire Armstrong

Monday 4th of December 2017

Thank you, I love to upcycle old sweaters I think I now have a sweater pillow for all seasons.