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Homemade Paper Envelope Advent Calendar

DIY Paper Envelope Advent Calendar

For me, the countdown to Christmas day is as exciting as the event itself. I just love all the buildup and anticipation.
What better way to start the countdown to Christmas than with an advent calendar. Homemade ones are the best, as you get to choose what you put inside them. With this paper envelope advent calendar there is a chocolate treat and cheesy Christmas joke for each day.
The calendar is very easy to make. I used Christmas craft paper to make mine. However, you can use any paper from upcycled Christmas wrapping paper, old book pages and even maps to make yours. So many possibilities!
Free template to make a paper envelope advent calendar. Upcycle Christmas wrapping paper or use craft paper to make the envelopes and fill them with your own choice of treats and a daily Christmas joke for extra smiles.
Paper advent Pillarboxblue
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What you need to make an Envelope Advent Calendar


How to make an Envelope Advent Calendar

  1. Using whatever Christmas paper you have chosen, make the mini paper envelopes. Use the template for this. You will need 25 envelopes or 24 if you are a 24-day advent calendar kind of person.
    I have found that there is a big debate on whether advent calendars should be 25 or 24 days. Personally, I think you should just do how many days you like. I’ve even seen shop bought advent calendars go up to New Year’s Eve!
    Envelope advent calendar pillarboxblue tutorial

  3. Next, stencil, draw or paint a number on each envelope 1 – 25. Then fill them with treats and jokes.
     Paper envelope advent calendar -
    Paper Envelope Advent -

  5. When all the envelopes are made it’s time to decide how you want to hang them. I spray painted an old wooden hanger red and then hung my envelopes from this using the craft pegs and twine. Doing it this way enabled me to hang it easily on the back of boys bedroom doors.
    You can of course just hang them on the string like bunting.
    Advent Calendar -

Envelope advent
Envelope advent calendar Pillarboxblue
You may have noticed I have hung my numbered envelopes in a random order, that’s just a personal preference. For me, part of the fun of an advent calendar is hunting for the right day. Also in life, I generally err on the side of randomness rather than order and symmetry.
What do you put in your advent calendars? As children we used to have those paper calendars where you’d open the window each day to reveal a different picture there wasn’t a chocolate in sight. Now there would be a mutiny if my boys didn’t have a daily sweet treat in their calendars. But I think they like the cheesy jokes more, even though they won’t admit it.
One of the best advent calendars I had was from my husband, and everyday there was a different alcoholic chocolate truffle.
If your a bit short of Christmas jokes the Telegraph compiled a list of the best 50.
With 3 boys in our home we have more than one advent calendar each one different. If you are looking for more ideas for DIY advent calendars you should check out my tin can upcyeld advent calendar or my jeans pocket handmade advent calender.
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Free template to make a paper envelope advent calendar.


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Sunday 12th of November 2017

That's clever. I made a very basic similar advent calendar for my husband years ago (he felt he was missing out when the kids were opening their's each morning!) and just cut old manilla envelopes in half thinking it would be a one off funny thing for us to do. We used that same tatty old thing for YEARS! I think an upgrade might be in order, he would love one like this. This will be one the the features at Handmade Monday later on today :-)

Claire Armstrong

Sunday 12th of November 2017

Thank you, Julie that's a lovely story. Look forward to seeing the feature.


Tuesday 7th of November 2017

Claire this is so simple to make and yet so adorable. That is what Christmas should be all about. Making crafts with the family and then enjoying the holidays. Not running around spending money ton tons of things others may or may not want. You obviously have many fond memories from your advent calender's.

Claire Armstrong

Wednesday 8th of November 2017

Thank you Mary. That is my favourite part of Christmas is the making. I would love it if everyone made their gifts. I always have loads of things I want to make at Christmas, I'm working on about 6 different crafts at the moment.


Tuesday 7th of November 2017

I really enjoy all the variations of diy advent calendars. They are so much nicer than their commercial counterparts. Love this one with the various colours.

Claire Armstrong

Wednesday 8th of November 2017

Thank you Leanna, I always love a bit of colour.