Simple To Make Jeans Handmade Advent Calendar

Easy No Sew Upcycled Denim Handmade Advent Calendar

To me, the best bit about Christmas is the build-up. I love the excitement in the preparations for the big day more than the day itself. What better way to revel in that fun anticipation than with a denim handmade advent calendar.
We love advent calendars in our home. We don’t just have one but at least 3! One for each of my boys. Even though my oldest son is 20 years old he still expects an advent calendar.
Our homemade advent calendars are filled with a daily sweet treat and cheesy Christmas joke. Just so my boys start the day with a smile.
Last year I made a tin can upcycled advent calendar and paper envelope advent calendar the year before.
This year my homemade advent calendar was going to be a fabric one made out of recycled jeans pockets. The idea came from the denim pocket organiser I had made for my sons room.
However, the wall organizer only has 16 pockets I needed to make one with 25 pockets for a denim homemade advent calendar.
Denim can be quiet difficult to sew with, especially the thicker parts like the seams and pockets. Therefore I designed and made a no-sew recycled jeans pocket advent calendar.
Getting the denim advent calendar out year after year. Filling the pockets with treats and jokes will be the start of the Christmas excitement for me. The fact that this handmade calendar is made out of the pockets of the family’s old jeans also makes it extra special.

Recycle your families old jeans pockets into a fabulous handmade advent calendar. Really simple step by step tutorial with no sewing involved.#Christmas #adventcalendar #upcycleddenim #recycledjeans #christmascraft

Denim handmade advent calendar with pockets
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What you need to make a denim handmade advent calendar

  • Jeans Pockets – 25 in total. (However, some people only have 24-day advent calendars but that’s another debate). That may seem a lot of pairs of jeans, but if you use the front pockets as well as the back you can get 4 pockets out of one pair.
    I have made a lot of denim craft and DIY projects over the last year and have been keeping the pockets to one side just for this project.
    Recycled jeans projects ready to be upcycled into an advent calendar

  • A Large piece of backing cloth, such as a drop cloth. I was fortunate in that I had a large old cream curtain in my stash ripe for an upcycle.

  • Number Stencils – You can use a stenciled ruler or buy sets of number stencils on Amazon. As I stencil on denim a lot I use the “Alphabet Stencil Book” which has several letters and number stencils in different fonts to choose from.
    Alphabet stencil book

  • White fabric paint and a stencil brush

  • Fusible hem tape

  • Rotary cutter and mat

  • Fabric Mod Podge

  • Drawing/push pins

  • Foam board or a large cork board

    How to make a denim pocket handmade advent calendar

    1. First lay the jeans pockets on top of your backing cloth (old curtain/drop cloth). You will need to decide how to arrange the advent calendar. I went for a 25 pocket advent calendar in a 5X5 arrangement.
      If you have a 24 pocket Christmas advent calendar you can go for either a 6X4 or 8X3 arrangement.
      Denim pockets for advent calendar

    3. When you are sure of your Christmas calendar layout, cut the background cloth to fit. Use a rotary cutter and mat for this and don’t forget a 1/2″ seam allowance.
      Cut background cloth pocket Christmas advent calendar

    5. Next hem exposed the edges of your background cloth using an iron and the fusible web.
      heming fusible web

    7. Paint a number from one to 25 (or 24!) onto each jeans pocket using a stencil and white paint.
      Stenciling denim pockets for a handmade advent calendar

    9. Due to its thickness denim can be tricky to sew, especially the pockets. Therefore, I attached the pockets to the backing cloth using fabric glue. To do this first lay your backing cloth onto a foam board or corkboard.
      Cover the back of the pocket with fabric glue paying particular attention to the edges. Also, cover the relevant area backing cloth with glue. Press the pocket down onto the cloth.
      glueing denim pockets s

    11. Then using push pins, pin around the edges of the pocket through the denim and backing cloth into the foam board. This is to hold the pocket down whilst the glue dries. Carry on until all the pockets have been stuck down.
      glueing denim pockets to curtain s

    13. Once the fabric glue has dried, remove all the push pins. Now all you need to do is to fill the pockets of your handmade advent calendar before deciding where to hang it.

    Rustic, industrial homemade advent calendar.  This is easy to make Christmas craft from recycled jeans pockets and is a no-sew project.
    Homemade advent calendar made from the families jeans pockets. A really easy no so rustic Christmas calendar for that farmhouse/industrial look.
    The rustic industrial denim look of the advent calendar will go really well in my youngest sons room so I will probably hang it there this year.
    I will be filling it with random chocolates and sweats with a daily Christmas themed joke. The Telegraph has a great list of Christmas jokes.
    What do you put in your advent calendar?
    The felt garland drapped over the calendar is made from old sweaters. You can also check out some of my other denim crafts for the home here.
    Cool upcycled denim crafts for the home
    15 of the best handmade Christmas Advent Calendar

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    1. This is adorable! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Whisk It Wednesday. Have a great week and come back to see us real soon! ~Carrie

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    7. Such a cool idea Claire!! I love all of your repurposed jean projects!!

      • Thank you so much, Sam. There are still plenty more denim projects to come

    8. Mia

      A beautiful and clever project. Perfect for Christmas. Thank you for sharing the instructions. Kisses, my friend.

    9. There must be a serious shortage of denim in your neck of the woods. But you make such fantastic things with it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with our link party!

      • Thank you! I have a plentiful supply of denim as all my friends and family hand me their old jeans knowing I’ll do something with it.

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    11. So cute, Claire! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

    12. Claire, what an innovative idea to use jeans pockets with an Advent calendar! Totally impressed with the usefulness of this! I bet the boys really enjoy this. Any kid would…big or small.

      • Thank you Florence. The boys love it, they all want one now so I’m stock piling those jeans pockets again.

    13. what an amazing craft project in readiness for Christmas! It would be great to get children involved in this project too having fun creating something that can be used again and again! now to find 24 presents! 🙂

      • Thank you. I think my kids would be more interested in emptying the pockets than making it.

    14. You are incredibly brilliant! Love this so much and pinned it. Thanks for linking up to the Waste Not Wednesday linky and you will be my pic this week!

    15. What a fabulous idea Claire I love the denim and you had me at no-sew 🙂

    16. This is absolutely FABULOUS Claire!! I made an advent calendar for the boys a couple of year’s ago — with little fabric bags attached to a pegboard — but this is a more grown up version. I’ve half a mind to make one for myself! Thanks so much for joining in with the #HomeEtc linky. Caro x

      • Thank you. I like the idea of fabric bags to a pegboard. Yes, I agree the denim one is more of a grown-up one, my boys seem to approve anyway.

    17. This is a wonderful idea and I totally agree, why not continue the traditions and enjoyment for everyone even once we’re older? Such a wonderful tutorial as always, thank you for linking up to #HomeEtc X

      • Thank you, Lins. I think there would be mutiny in this house if I stopped with the advent calendars.

    18. Wow, absolutely amazing DIY advent calendar idea.. love the denim pockets very unique and original.. and no matter how old you get its always fun to have a countdown to christmas! I made one for my husband a couple of years ago. I don’t know who was more excited me making it or my hubby opening it…

    19. You are without a doubt the Denim queen Claire. Using the pockets to make an advent calendar is brilliant. They’re the perfect size for little surprises and I like the idea of having a 25 day advent calendar – it means there one extra surprose and chessy joke

      • Thank you, Michelle. Being the Denim queen I just had to have a denim advent calendar!

    20. Love this idea Claire! I’ve seen lots of homemade advent calendar ideas but I always think they look a bit too twee – the denim is such a good idea to keep it looking fresh. Rx

    21. #WishingThatIHadThoughtOfItFirst… ;-}
      Brilliant idea! I suppose I’ll have to start collecting Pockets *now* for NEXT YEAR!

      • Thank you! I’d been wanting to make this for awhile, and had been saving pockets. It took me so long to get round to it I had enough pockets for 2 advent calendars.

    22. Such a cute advent calendar. When I first saw it I thought no way it’s no-sew but then it all made sense. Enjoy it!

      • Thank you. no sew makes it easier. Unless you have a really good sewing machine pockets can be difficult to sew.

    23. What a cute idea! And a great way to use up old clothes too 😊

    24. I LOVE this! I actually have a box of old jeans (I’ve already used some to upholster an old chair!) so I’m raring to go. Such a great idea and so stylish! My living is dark blue so this would fit in perfectly. Thanks for sharing! x

      • Thank you! I best your chair looks awesome. I love denim upholstery!

    25. That’s fabulous, what a great idea.
      I think an advent calendar should be 25 but maybe that’s just me.
      My kids still have calendars that they made themselves years ago, our daughters is one she did with little boxes and paper mache based on an idea in an art attack magazine and the boys made them with match boxes. The problem with the match boxes is that those boxes are pretty small and it’s hard to get wrapped sweets that will fit. They had a lot of starbursts over the years! Your pockets give much more options. Brilliant.

      • I’m with you on the 25 but I got a lot of stick a couple of years ago with an homemade advent calendar there are a lot of people who think it seems it should be 24. Art Attack takes me back my son used to love that magazine he’s now studying engineering at uni!

    26. A lovely idea and nice to see something that works for boys and girls. I’m ashamed to say that I usually just buy my advent calendars but this is an inspiring craft project to try.

      • Thank you, I love making advent calendars, thinking up new one each year.

    27. I love advent calendars! Yours is so unique! Love it!

    28. Love this, Claire! I’m kicking myself that I threw away a whole pile of old jeans…what was I thinking? They are a DIYer’s staple…I really should keep everything;(

      • Thank you, as you can probably tell I never throw out old jeans or wool sweaters.

    29. Claire, this is extra cute. I think it would really work for a teen boy room.

    30. It’s cute that your oldest son still likes to have an advent calendar. This one looks great, Claire! I always love a good denim upcycle project.

    31. Looks fantastic! Even better that it is no sew. Well done Claire

      • Thank you, Wendy! No-sew certainly makes it easier and less fiddly.

    32. Super cute idea, Claire! Great way to use jean scraps and an excuse to visit thrift stores, lol!! Visiting from We Are Pinnable party.

      • Thank you, Victoria. With three boys I have a ready supply of old jeans so lucky for me no need to visit the thrift store.

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