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How To Make Trendy Upcycled Planters With Velvet

DIY Boho Tin Can & Velvet Upcycled Planters

Velvet is one of my favourite fabrics. Last year I had lovely velvet curtains made for my front room and I covert a velvet sofa. However, that is on hold for now. In the meantime I have made some...

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How To Make A Repurposed Felt Succulent Garden

Using Sweater Felt Scraps To Make A Gorgeous Felt Succulent Garden

Making this repurposed felt succulent garden was so much fun. It really got my creative juices going, trying to work out how to make different succulents out of sweater felt scraps.

Working out...

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Easy Upcycled Marimekko Decorative Tin Can Planters

DIY Colourful Spring Decorative Tin Can Planters

Every time I go into a Scandinavian/Nordic interiors shop I wander around swooning over all the beautifully designed furniture. I can't afford the furniture but don't want to leave empty handed so I buy a pack of Marimekko paper napkins.   Marimekko prints are a favourite...
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How To Upcycle Tins With A Faux Marble Effect

DIY Marble Christmas Upcycled Tins

One of the many things I love to do at Christmas is to make some gorgeous sweet treats such as fudge and biscotti to give as gifts. I'm a real sucker for great packaging and I even like the things I make to be packaged nicely. That's when I...
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How To Make Pine Cone Christmas Tree With Lights

DIY Cute & Colourful LED Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Every day, I walk the dog down our local park and the ground is covered with lovely pine cones. Sometimes I can't help myself I pick a couple up and bring them home with the intention of creating something with them.     They just sit in a bucket...
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