How To Make A Christmas Tree Pillow Form A Sweater

DIY A Cute Upcycled Christmas Tree Pillow

I’m so chuffed at how I managed to turn a plain boring old wool sweater into a really cute and cuddly Christmas Tree pillow.
When I saw this green jumper in my junk trunk (yes, I have a trunk full of old sweaters and jeans waiting to be upcycled), it was screaming out to me, Christmas tree!
I’d made cute sweater mountain pillows before so it wasn’t a huge leap to Christmas tree pillows. Just a different colour with a few decorations! This pillow was really simple to make.
Pom poms were the perfect decorations for my Christmas tree pillow as they look like colourful baubles. And who doesn’t like a pom pom!
It also helped use up some of my embarrassingly large yarn stash. However, I’m going to need to make a whole forest of Christmas tree pillows to make a real dent in it.
Make a really cute Christmas tree pillow from an old green sweater. Add fun and colourful decorations to the sweater tree with pom poms. #Christmascraft #sweater #Christmaspillow #repurposed #upcycle #pompom
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What you need to make a Christmas tree pillow


How to Make an Upcycled Sweater Christmas Tree Pillow

  1. First felt your sweater by putting it in a hot wash in the washing machine. If you’re like me you have probably done this loads of time by accident, where you shrink your favourite sweater to a size only fit for a toddler to wear.
    (If you want more felting details you can find them here)

  3. Next, lay your felted sweater out flat. Using the chalk mark out the biggest triangle shape the sweater will allow.
    Upcycled felt sweater

  5. Cut out the triangle shape. If you have a brown felted sweater you can cut out a trunk for your tree at the same time. Sew up the cushion outline right sides together leaving a gap at the bottom.

  7. Turn the pillow right sides out and stuff with fiberfill before sewing up the bottom. As there is not much sewing it can easily be done by hand if you don’t have a machine.

  9. Finally using the pompom maker make the pompom decorations in various colours and sew them to your tree. I made 10 pom poms to adorn my repurposed sweater Christmas tree.

making pom poms

Upcycled sweater into a cute Christmas tree pillow with pom pom decorations.
Make a really cute Christmas tree pillow from an old green sweater.  Add fun and colourful decorations to the sweater tree with pom poms.
Make a really cute Christmas tree pillow from an old green sweater. Add fun and colourful decorations to the sweater tree with pom poms. #Christmascraft #sweater #Christmaspillow #repurposed #upcycle #pompom
Cut Christmas tree made from a repurposed wool sweater and yarn scraps.


Make a really cute Christmas tree pillow from an old green sweater. Add fun and colourful decorations to the sweater tree with pom poms. #Christmascraft #sweater #Christmaspillow #repurposed #upcycle #pompom

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  1. Super cute, Claire. Sorry for the late comment. Pinning for next year.

  2. You never disappoint, I love these, will be pulling out old sweaters. Thanks, and Happy Holiday’s

    • Thank you, Ivory and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

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  5. This turned out so cute! Perfect for getting the sofa in the holiday season!

    I just wanted to let you know that you were featured as a Rockstar at last week’s Creativity Unleashed party! Congrats, and thanks for sharing at our party!

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  8. So cute Claire!!! Love the pom poms and that you have repurposed this from an old sweater! Brilliant!

  9. So very cute…love the pom poms. Thanks for sharing with us at the Waste Not Wednesday link party. Can’t wait to see what you are up to this week.

  10. Just hopped over from tipjunkie. Love this DIY Christmas pillow!

  11. Such a sweet little pillow. Love this! Thanks so much for joining the To Grandma’s House We Go link party!

    • Thank you, I want to make more of them. I think it looks a little lonely on its own.

  12. I never thought of keeping jumpers for this but I will now – love that Christmas Tree

    • Thank you, yes I’m on the look out for another green jumper to make more.

  13. This is such a cute idea for a pillow, and I love that it was upcycled from a sweater.

  14. Oh that is too cute Claire. It looks like something that a little family of gnomes would have in their living room. Really sweet

  15. Nice craft to do with an old sweater, it would be great to have for an old favorite sweater that is wearing. Or baby blankets for a little one etc.

  16. Gorgeous! What a lovely use of an old green jumper. You have a cute pom pom maker too – I’ve put that on my Christmas list, I’m starting to think they are a crafting essential.

    • Thank you, Julie. Tray are handy but I like to use a coat hanger to make Pom poms if I have more than one in the same colour to make as it’s so much faster.

  17. What an adorable idea! I just love it! 🙂 Lisa

  18. Ha next time I shrink a sweater I know exactly what to do. Is that really all felt is? Thanks so much for linking up to #HomeEtc

    • Thanks! Yes I’ve felted so many sweaters by accident before.

  19. How cute! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  20. That is so adorable! What a fun upcycle.

  21. Claire, I absolutely adore this pillow! I could so see making this for my den. Thanks for the inspiration my friend.

    Hugs, Lynn

    • Thank you, Lyn, I bet it would look really sweet in your den.

  22. Super cute and great upcycle! Visiting from Grandma’s House party.

  23. So cute!!!

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