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How To Make Upcycled Acorn DIY Sweater Pillows

Old wool sweaters are my second favourite fabric to upcycle after denim. And my favourite thing to upcycle sweaters into is pillows. This time I’ve made shaped DIY sweater pillows for fall/autumn. They are in fall colours, and shaped like acorns and an oak leaf.

Making pillows for fall/autumn is quite apt, as my nickname for that time of year is sweater season. I associate acorns with fall. Last autumn I made an acorn map wreath for the front door.

Shaped pillows are fun to make, especially out of old soft wool sweaters. I’ve made mountain sweater pillows and a Christmas tree pillow before. But this is the first time I’ve made acorn pillows.

I got the idea to make these DIY sweater pillows when sorting through a stash of old sweaters. They had been given to me by my Mum, a lot of them were in autumnal colours. Such as oranges, yellows, and browns. Perfect for making seasonal acorn pillows.

By the way, most people in the UK call sweaters jumpers and pillows cushions. However, even though I’m British I wasn’t bought up in the UK but in Hong Kong. It was a British colony at the time, but there were a lot of American cultural influences. So I’m used to both American English and British English and often get confused between the two.

Fall coloured sweaters for a acorn and oak leaf pillow upcycle

What Sweaters To Use For The DIY Fall Pillows

I used to only upcycle with sweaters that were at least 70% wool. If you put these sweaters in the washing machine on a hot wash the sweaters would shrink, thicken, and felt. Felted sweater wool is great for crafting with. Sweater felt, does not unravel or fray, so there is no need for hems.

However, I have other sweaters that perhaps don’t have such high natural wool content, that can be used to. Even if they don’t felt, if you can cut the sweaters and they don’t unravel you can still use them for some crafts.

Especially, if the sweater was made on a knitting machine instead of being hand-knitted, it can often be cut without unraveling. Some wools like cashmere don’t felt but still make lovely soft cushions.

For the acorn DIY sweater pillows, you will need two sweaters in contrasting fall colours. For the leaf pillow, you only need one large sweater in an appropriate colour.

What Else You Need To Make DIY Sweater Pillows

How To Make Acorn Pillows

1.. Decide on the sweaters that you are going to use. For the acorn pillow, I choose two sweaters. One in a dark brown for the nut and another patterned sweater a mustard yellow for the nut.

2. Put the sweaters in a hot wash in the washing machine. Then in the tumble dry to shrink and felt them. Only the yellow sweater felted. Even though the brown sweater did felt, it not unravel when cut so was still suitable for this project.

3. Next, print out the two patterns for the acorn pillows. One for the nut and one for the cup. Remember the patterns are in half so need to be drawn out in full. (The full pattern was too big for standard computer paper).

both acorn patterns

4. Next, pin the acorn cup pattern on to the sweater and draw around it. Place the pattern so that the straight edge of the cup is lined up with the bottom of the sweater. The bottom of the sweater is normally ribbed which will give a nice bit of texture to the pillow.

Cut out 2 acorn cups from the same sweater for each pillow.

5. Next, on the brown sweater use the nut pattern to cut out 2 acorn nuts from the sweater.

cut out DIY sweater pillow pieces

5. Next, take one of the sweater cup pieces and fold over the straight edge by about 1cm. Then, pin it to the straight edge of the acorn nut. Overlap the two pieces by about 1 cm. The folded edges should be visible on the front side of the acorn sweater pillow.

Either by hand or machine sew both pieces together and then repeat with the other acorn pieces.

6. Next, place the 2 full acorn pieces right sides together. Then stitch around the edge, leaving a margin of about 5mm. Leave a gap of about 5cm for stuffing.

Acorn pillow pinned right sides togther.

7. Then, using the small hole that you have left open, turn the stitched acorn pillow right sides out. Then use the hole to fill the pillow with fiber. Finish off the DIY sweater pillow by hand-stitching the stuffing hole shut.

stuffing an acorn fall pillow
DIY sweater pillows for fall acorn pillow

How To Make The Oak Leaf Pillow

1.. For this DIY sweater pillow, use the oak leaf pattern. Place the pattern on to the sweater and cut out two leaf shapes. One for the back and one for the front of the pillow.

Oak leaf pattern

2. Next, using some sewers chalk, draw some simple leaf vien pattern on the front pillow piece.

Drawing veins on oak leaf sweater

3. Then using crewel wool (or thin wool) in a contrasting colour stitch over the chalk lines. A simple running stitch will do for these sweater pillows.

Sitching viens

4. Next, pin both oak leaf sweater pieces right sides together. Then stitch them together. As the sweater felt doesn’t fray, you can sew the pieces together with a very small seam (less than 5mm). Leave a small hole for filling the leaf pillow.

5. Finally, turn the leaf pillow right sides out and fill with fiber. Then hand stitch the hole closed.

Oak leaf sweater pillows
Acorn and oak leaf sweater pillows

The acorn pillow was fun to make so I made another one, with a stripey jumper.

Upcycled fall sweaters

For these upcycled sweater pillows you only need the body part of your old jumpers. But don’t throw away the sleeves as you can also use them to make a fun DIY knot pillow.

Keep the leftover scraps too as they can go towards making an upcycled felt rug to match your fall pillows. Or if you don’t think you’ll have enough to stretch for a whole rug, how about combining them with denim to make some upcycled fabric placemats.

The smaller leftover scrap sweater felt pieces can even be upcycled into a faux felt succulent garden. There are more upcycled sweater craft ideas here.

By the way, if you love acorns and oak trees Pictureboxblue has some wonderful free botanical leaf prints which include many oak trees and acorns. For more acorn inspiration check out this painted acorn Christmas garland.

Yield: fall shaped sweater pillows

Acorn And Oak Leaf DIY Sweater Pillows

fall diy sweater pillows

Use your old sweaters to make some super cute full sweater pillows. These cute pillows are not only in the colours of fall but they are in the shape of an acorn and an oak leaf. This upcycled craft can be made either with sewing by hand or on a machine.

Prep Time 30 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $1


  • Old wool sweaters in fall colours
  • Acorn and oak leaf pattern (free to download on blog)
  • Crewel wool
  • Fiberfill


  • Needle and thread or a sewing machine


  1. Print out the patterns for the acorn and oak leaf
  2. The patterns are in half so draw them out to full size.
  3. Pin the acorn cup pattern to the sweater matching the straight edge of the sweater to the straight edge of the pattern.
  4. Cut out two acorn cup pieces
  5. In a sweater of a different colour cut out to nut pieces
  6. Fold over the straight edge of the acorn cup about 1cm and pin it to a nut piece. The straight edges should overlap by 1cm.
  7. Stitch these two pieces together and repeat with the other side.
  8. Pin the full acorn sides right sides together.
  9. Stitch around the acorn leaving a 5cm gap
  10. Turn the acorn sweater pillow right side out and then stuff with fiberfill before stitching the hole shut.
  11. To make the leaf pillows, cut out two leaf patterns.
  12. One on leaf side draw veins with chalk and then stitch along the lines with crewel wool.
  13. Next, pin and stitch the oak leaf pieces right sides together leaving a 5 cm gap.
  14. Turn the leaf right sides out and fill with fiberfill. Then hand stitch the hole shut.
fall sweater pillows DIY

For more sweater pillow ideas visit


Monday 7th of September 2020

So cute! Your post is being featured on the Little Cottage Link Party today!

Claire Armstrong

Monday 7th of September 2020

Thank you, I look forward to seeing the feature.

Donna Williams

Friday 4th of September 2020

What a perfectly themed and gorgeous project! That waffle looking sweater is a dead ringer find! I'd really love these plunked on my own sofa...

I've featured this project in this weekend's DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 543. Thanks for linking up!

Claire Armstrong

Saturday 5th of September 2020

Thank you so much Donna, I look forward to seeing them.


Thursday 3rd of September 2020

Wow, gorgeous, and LOVE the red leaf pillow which makes the acorn look all that much better! thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

Claire Armstrong

Thursday 3rd of September 2020

Thank you so much Sara.


Wednesday 2nd of September 2020

Wow I’m in love with this project’ great nature project!

Claire Armstrong

Thursday 3rd of September 2020

Thank you Maria, I'm often inspired by the nature around me.

Ann Butler

Wednesday 2nd of September 2020

Thank you so much for sharing!

Claire Armstrong

Wednesday 2nd of September 2020

thank you

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