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Easy DIY Yarn Wreath For Spring From Scraps

Tutorial for a colorful DIY yarn wreath made from scraps.

One American tradition I have discovered since blogging is that you guys have a wreath for every holiday. After a bit of Pinterest browsing, I wouldn’t be surprised if I found a wreath for every day of the year.

In the UK, wreaths tend to be just for Christmas. It’s rare to see a door wreath any other time of the year. Personally, I’m bucking that trend. I believe wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. I make both fall and spring wreaths for my front door every year.

Last year I made a real egg wreath for Easter and the year before a Marimekko spring wreath. This time I’ve delved into my scraps pile and have made a yarn wreath with a scrap fabric birdhouse.

As with most of my adult crafting, I prefer to use the resources I already have. I try to avoid going to the craft shop as much as possible. For example, my denim wreath with felt flowers was made from repurposed fabrics I already have.

Using Repurposed Materials For A DIY wreath

Yarn scraps

I used the stash of wool and fabric scraps I keep from other projects for this DIY yarn wreath. I have a good friend that is a punch needler. Every so often she passes me her bag of yarn offcuts. She knows I’ll make something fun with them.

Normally, I use these scraps to make decorative tassels or colorful pompom flowers. This time, I made a colorful spring wreath. The mini birdhouse on the wreath was made with fabric scraps and cardboard packaging.

So this is a very affordable DIY yarn wreath to make and is very simple. Even the birdhouse is a lot easier to make than it looks.

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What You Need

  • Scraps of yarn of any length will do, from 20cm to 2meters. Use a variety of colors in spring hues. If you have any knitter or crochet friends, ask them if they have any ends of yarn balls you can use.
  • Polystyrene wreath
  • Scrap fabric – This is for the birdhouse. If the fabric complements the color of the yarn, then that’s good. You only need a very small amount of fabric. Old printed shirts and blouses are good to use. Small printed patterns work best.
  • Thin batting and wadding -To pad out the birdhouses. You can make them without the wadding, but they do look better slightly padded.
  • Cardboard – Just use some old Amazon packaging.
  • Embroidery needle and thread
  • Decorative clip-on bird
  • Glue
yarn, fabric wreath ring

How To Make A DIY Yarn Wreath

1.. First, wrap the yarn scraps around the polystyrene wreath ring. Start off by tying the yarn in a loop around the ring, then wrap it around. Secure the end of the yarn by tucking it under the wrapped yarn loops.

wrapping yarn around the ring

Add one color of yarn at a time. Carry on until the whole wreath is covered. I like to use yarn scraps of different lengths. This is so that I end up with a striped yarn wreath with stripes of color in different thicknesses.

wrapping yarn around the wreath
Scrap yarn wreath

How To Make The Fabric Birdhouse

I made a cute mini fabric birdhouse to decorate this wreath. I’ve made large fabric birdhouses to decorate the walls in my house before and these mini ones were made in exactly the same way but on a smaller scale.

I suggest you check out the original fabric birdhouse tutorial if you want more comprehensive instructions.

1.. First, download the template pattern for the birdhouse here and print it out.

mini birdhouse template

2. Use the template above to cut out the cardboard pieces for the birdhouse. You should have 7 pieces in total. Make a round hole in the front panel of the birdhouse.

Cardboard shapes

3. Glue wadding to the front, back, sides and roof of the birdhouse.

gluing wadding to the birdhouses

3. Next, allowing for a 1cm margin cut out a scrap of fabric for each piece of the template. Wrap the fabric around the cardboard template. Glue it in place on the back of the cardboard.

I used fabric in three different patterns. One for the front and back of the birdhouse, another for the roof. The third patterned fabric was for the sides, top and bottom.

fabric covered pieces

4. Next, use embroidery thread to stitch the birdhouse together. Start by hand sewing the front of the birdhouse to the sides. Then stitch the back to the sides to form a box shape. Use a very simple hand stitch to join the pieces.

Next, simply pop the top and bottom pieces into the house. They should fit snuggly. Don’t forget to stitch around the hole in the front of the birdhouse.

Stitching the birdhouse
Stitched birdhouse

5. Finish off the birdhouse by adding the roof. First, make the roof pitched by bending it in the middle. Then, glue it to the top of the birdhouse. Use pins to keep the roof in place as the glue dries.

pitching the roof
Finishing off The Spring Wreath

All is left is to add this cute fabric birdhouse to the DIY yarn wreath. The wreath is made from polystyrene, so it is very easy to attach the house by just using some long pins. Stick the pins into the back of the birdhouse through to the wreath ring.

The bird on the top of the wreath was added using pins. I used pins instead of glue, which made it easy to change the decoration on this yarn wreath, when I fancied something different.

The Orla Kiely fabric used for the birdhouse and the colours of yarn used for this wreath make it a mid-century craft.

Adding bird house to DIY yarn wreath
DIY yarn wreath for spring
DIY yarn wreath

If you liked this colorful DIY yarn wreath, then you should check out my equally colorful felted acorn wreath.

I’ve used the polystyrene wreath ring before to make a map leaf wreath for fall.

Yield: Colorful scrap yarn wreath for spring

DIY Yarn Wreath

scrap yarn wreath

An easy to follow tutorial, to make a gorgeous colorful spring wreath for the door from scrap yarn and fabric. Includes the pattern for the cute mini fabric birdhouse

Prep Time 20 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • Yarn scraps - Yarn in lots of spring colors.  The more colors the more colorful the finished wreath
  • Fabric scraps- only the smallest scraps needed for the mini birdhouse, old shirts work well.
  • Cardboard
  • Wadding
  • Embroidery needle and thread
  • Glue
  • Polystyrene wreath ring


  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle


  1. Wrap the polystyrene ring in the yarn scraps. Add them one by one until the whole ring is covered. Make a stripe pattern in different thicknesses with the yarn.
  2. Print off the birdhouse template from the blog. Cut out the cardboard shapes with the pattern.
  3. Cover the side and roof cardboard pieces with wadding.
  4. Cover each piece of cardboard with fabric. Hold the fabric in place by gluing it to the back of the cardboard.
  5. Stitch the four sides of the birdhouse together using a simple stitch.
  6. Pop the top and base of the birdhouse into the stitched box.
  7. Fold the roof piece in the middle to create a pitched roof.
  8. Glue the roof to the top of the stitched birdhouse. Hold it in place until the glue dries.
  9. Finish off by adding the fabric birdhouse to the center of the yarn wreath. Use long pins to keep the birdhouse in place.
DIY scrap yarn wreath

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Tuesday 22nd of March 2022

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Michelle Leslie

Saturday 27th of February 2021

When I saw this beauty on Pinterest I just knew it was yours. You always come up with such unique, colorful, happy ideas.

Claire Armstrong

Saturday 27th of February 2021

Thank you so much, Michelle. I do love a bit of colour.

Marsha Heskett

Saturday 27th of February 2021

Oh, my goodness! Adorbs👏👏 Going to do this one. Quirky & don’t have to “color in the lines” which suits me top a T. Thanks for sharing & inspiring ❤️

Claire Armstrong

Saturday 27th of February 2021

Thank you so much, it's nice to have a bit of colour with spring decor.


Thursday 25th of February 2021

Claire, What an adorable wreath. Congratulations, you are being featured at Thursday Favorite Things Party. I hope you stop by. Thursday Favorite Things. Share NOW. #linkyparty. #TFT #thursdaayfavoritethings #eclecticredbarn Hugs, Bev

Claire Armstrong

Thursday 25th of February 2021

Thank you, that is awesome I look forward to seeing the feature.


Wednesday 24th of February 2021

Claire, your choice of colors tie in really well with the little handmade house. And the detail with the stitching on the house added another great layer of texture. This wreath could easily be used for fall and winter as well! Thanks for adding your pretty crafts to the the Friday with Friends link party :)

Claire Armstrong

Thursday 25th of February 2021

Thank you, yes I agree the colours on the wreath would work for Autumn too. I was pleased that I found fabric scraps for the house that matched the yarn.

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