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43 Easy Yarn Crafts For Adults You’ll Want To Make

Inside: A collection of unique easy adult yarn crafts and projects for the home; that isn’t knitting, crocheting or macrame.

Ask any knitter, crocheter and other yarn artists; they will have a stash of wool and yarn scraps left over from other projects. Or you can often buy bags of odd balls of wool from thrift stores very cheaply.

These yarn scraps are a fantastic crafting resource for many reasons:

  1. Sustainability: Instead of letting leftover yarn go to waste or disposing of it, you can repurpose it into new creations, giving it new life and minimizing your environmental impact.
  2. Cost-effective: Instead of purchasing new yarn for every project, you can use the leftover yarn from previous projects and save money.
  3. Creativity: Yarn scraps can provide unique colours, textures, and lengths that add character and charm to your crafts.
  4. Versatility: Yarn scraps can be used in various crafts, from small embellishments to larger projects. You can use them for appliques, trims, embroidery, or patchwork, among other things.

So, before you toss away those leftover yarn bits, consider their creative potential and let your imagination soar!

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Unique Ways To Use Yarn When Crafting

Working with yarn does not need to be as complicated as knitting, crocheting or macrame; there are many other ways adults can craft with yarn:

  1. Weaving and faux weaving: Yarn can create beautiful woven designs on a simple handmade loom. You can create wall hangings, rugs, table runners, and more by weaving yarn in different patterns and colours.
  2. Pom-poms: Yarn can be used to make fluffy pom-poms that can be used for various decorative purposes. You can make pom-poms in different sizes and colours to adorn blankets, pillows, bags, or decorations.
  3. Tassels: Yarn tassels can add decorative accents to home decor, such as curtains, pillows, or blankets. They can also be used as jewellery, keychains, or bookmark embellishments.
  4. Yarn-wrapped crafts: Yarn can wrap around various objects to create exciting and textured crafts. For example, you can wrap yarn around cardboard or foam shapes to make ornaments, wreaths, or wall art.
  5. Yarn painting: Yarn can create textured images by glueing or stitching them onto a canvas or other surfaces. You can make abstract or representational designs using different colours and textures of yarn.
  6. Gift wrapping: Yarn can add a decorative touch to gift wrapping. You can use yarn to tie bows, create tassels, or wrap around gift boxes to create a personalized and unique gift presentation.
  7. String Art: Many string art patterns and designs can be made with yarn. This is a great way to use up those odd leftover wool balls.
  8. Home decor: Yarn can create various items such as wall hangings, plant hangers, and lampshades. You can use different types of yarn, colours, and techniques to add a cosy and handmade touch to your home.

40+ Easy Adult Yarn Crafts

These are just a few examples of yarn's creative possibilities beyond crochet, knitting, and macrame. With imagination and creativity, you can use yarn to craft unique and beautiful projects that showcase your style and creativity. Happy crafting!

Other Craft Ideas To Check Out

As well as having a stash of yarn scraps, I also have plenty of fabric scraps. You should check out all the wonderful things you can make from fabric scraps, including many beautiful handmade fabric flowers.

Scrap paper is another excellent craft resource; there are many cool adult paper mache ideas for home decor crafts to check out.

Check out all these easy craft ideas for adults; I’m sure you’ll find one you can’t wait to try.