How to Doily Stencil a Cushion / Pillow

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Doily Stencil a Cushion / Pillow

Stencil a cushion or pillow with doilies. I gave my outdoor canvas cushions a bit of a makeover by using a doilies as stencils to paint pretty patterns on them. I loved this craft. It was so easy to do. My favourite kind of craft, cheap, fun and little effort for great results. I warn you it is very addictive as the cushions are so lovely. I know I’m going to end up with too many cushions outside now.
You might remember a couple of weeks ago I made some Map Table Mats. When I was putting them away in the kitchen with all my other table stuff, such as paper napkins and cloths, I struggled to shut the draw. It was time for a clear out! Firstly I discovered that I must stop buying paper napkins no matter how pretty they are. Secondly I found right at the bottom a packet of paper doilies. I’m not one normally for fancy doilies, these must have been left over from the traditional English garden party we held for the Queen’s diamond jubilee in 2012. These doilies did however give me an idea and that didn’t involve cucumber sandwiches and victoria sponge cake. I would use them as a stencil.
Transform some plain pillows & cushions with doilies.  Use a paper doily as a stencil to add interest and colour.  Full step by step tutorial.
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What you need to stencil a cushion / pillow

  • Assortment of paper doilies
    Repositionable spray mount
    Acrylic Paint
    Foam paint brush
    Plain canvas cushion/pillow covers
    How to doily stencil a cushion / pillow

    How to Doily Stencil a Cushion / Pillow

    1. Remove the cover from the cushion / pillow. Using the repositionable spray mount, spray one side of your doily. Place the doily on the cushion where you want to stencil.
    Doily Stencilling a cushion / pillow
    2. With your foam brush, dab acrylic paint into the holes of the doily.
    Stencilling a cushion / pillow with a doily
    3. When finished quickly and carefully remove the doily. Don’t leave the doily too long on the cushion as it will get stickier and be harder to remove.
    Stenciling with doilies
    4. Repeat until you have the pattern you want. You will have to use a fresh doily each time.

    5. Next you can seal and soften your stencilled cushion. Once the paint is thoroughly dry, spritz the paint with a 50/50 mixture of clear vinegar and water. Using a cloth in between the paint and the iron, iron with a hot iron.
    _DSC0427 sm
    Doily stencilled cushion, really easy to do for great results.
    Stenciled doily cushion / pillow.
    Brighten up your cushions by painting them using a doily as a stencil
    I love how these cushions turned out. It is best to use a paint colour that contrasts with your cushion cover. So if you have dark cushion covers than use a light paint. For example I used a navy blue cushion and white paint. If you have a light cushion cover use a dark paint. I had a light turquoise cushion and stenciled with a dark blue paint. I’m tempted to go and by some more colourful cushion covers and try out lots of different colour combinations.
    Doily Stenciled Cushions - Fun easy craft full tutorial
    Brighten up your cushions by painting them using a doily as a stencil
    Brighten up your cushions by painting them using a doily as a stencil
    Doily Stencilled Cushion - fun addictive craft

    Brighten up your cushions by painting them using a doily as a stencil


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    69 Responses

    1. What a great little project – and so effective. I’m definitely going to give this one a try xx

      • Thank you ! It is great fun, 8 keep eyeing up other things round the house to see what else I can stencil.

    2. I really love this craft idea for your pillows! The doily stencils makes these pillows so pretty! Pinning!

    3. Just my style, sweet and simple.

    4. This is such a fun and cute project-turned out wonderful too!
      Thank you for sharing this with us at TOHOT!

    5. Oh how lovely….! I’m definitely going to do this as I’ve already got some doilies…..just need to pick up some acrylic paint when I go to the shops later on…. 🙂

    6. Wow the ideas are endless! Beautiful project, maybe tablecloths, quilts, knapkins, even clothing! Thanks!

      • Thank you ! Yes I keep on looking at things now and thinking would they look good with a doily stencil on them.

    7. So, so effective, Claire! Love your cushions.

    8. As one who loves doilies I love this idea. =) Your cushions look very cool. I love the contrast. Just visiting your lovely blog via Sweet Inspiration.

      • Thank you very much. I love the contrasting colours too ! I think I will try some other colour combinations.

    9. What a pretty project and the final product is lovely.
      The colors of the pillows you chose are perfect.
      Thank you for being at TOHOT.

    10. So simple and what a difference it makes!

    11. I love them, can you do some blue and white for me please.
      I have the cushion but won’t be able to get the paint here.

    12. Claire…these are fantastic. They look a little Indian Batik-ish. How fun. And I love that you used your doily stash! Those pillows will forever remind you the Diamond Jubilee now, which is really neat. Thanks for sharing your creativity with the rest of us.
      Wishing you a lovely weekend.
      Hugs, Lynn

    13. Pam

      These turned out so pretty! I’d never heard that technique for setting acrylic paint. Can’t wait to try it! Thank you for sharing at the Creatively Crafty link party.

      • Thank you ! I’ve seen it in several different places online but can’t remember where I first saw it.

    14. I loved this idea and how it turned out. I have started to redo my bathroom, and everything is done in white and a teal color. I made a cute bathroom shelf using an old house shutter and I put white porcelain brackets on it, and white porcelain hooks for towels. However, I used a chalk paint. Now I need a new shower curtain but the only way to match the color is to use that same chalk paint. So I was wondering, if I buy a fabric shower curtain, would I be able to do this same stencil ing technique using chalk paint? Would I still be able to seal it using a hot iron? I hope to hear back from you soon as I’d love to get started on it and finish my bathroom. Thank you for your great ideas!

      • I’m not sure about the chalk paint, but it’s worth trying it out first on an old piece of fabric. I have seen lots of tutorials on like for painting fabric with chalk paint so it may be worth googling it to see if you need to set it or how they do it.

    15. This is so awesome. The outcome is so simple yet elegant.. You make it sound so simple.

    16. Wow, these are beautiful – what a simple but effective idea! xx

    17. I love these pillows. I have so many doilies and I have some paper ones to try this. The end result is awesome.
      Thanks for the idea,

    18. they look lovely. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things link Party, Pinned xo

    19. Gorgeous, I’m so inspired! Thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

    20. I am so glad that you linked up at Family Joy Blog Link Up Party this week. These look great!

    21. Claire, what a pretty and creative idea. Using doilies? Would have never have thought of that. So many colors, so many possibilities to try.

    22. These are very very pretty. Lve the contrasting colours you’ve used. Have you tried washing them .I just wondered how they would stand up to hand washing. Awesome idea and thank you for sharing. Wynn x

      • I haven’t washed them yet, but accidently left them out in the rain the other day and they were fine. They should be ok on low temp easy wash. I have used acrylics on other fabrics and they are still going strong. The heat sealing process with the iron helps.

    23. Claire I love how pretty your project turned out. I will definitely keep the doily stencil idea in mind. Wouldn’t it be great on a little tote bag, too? Thanks for linking with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg Hope to see you again! 🙂

      • Yes it would look great on most things including a tote bag. Thank you !

    24. What a fun idea! Your pillows look so pretty. I didn’t know about the vinegar/water trick – great tip!

    25. I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing! Those pillows are adorable!

      Sheri Ann

    26. Love how your pillows turned out Claire. The contrasting colours look fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Charm.

    27. These are just too cute Claire. Did you spray on the water and vinegar to seal the paint on the fabric? That is a new trick I did not know. Pinning and sharing. Thank you for giving us loads of sweet inspiration in a small package.

    28. Such a pretty pattern! Love the way these turned out. Thanks for sharing this with us at the #HomeMattersParty

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    41. The pillows are so delicate looking and pretty. I love how they turned out.

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