How To Make An Easy Mod Podge Fabric Mirror Frame

Create A Stunning Patchwork Mod Podge Fabric Mirror Frame

I totally forgot about this mirror I picked up from a charity shop last year for the bargain price of £3. I loved the shape of the mirror but not the dark frame. It had sat in the back loft unloved. When I stumbled upon it the other day I was suddenly struck with inspiration to give the mirror a Mod Podge fabric makeover.
I have never shied away from colour. My mother is always the most colourful dressed woman in a room. Her home interior style reflected this. This love of colour seems to have rubbed off on me. I particularly love the striking pinks, blues and greens favoured my the interior design house Designers Guild.
One of my very good friends was a textile designer there for many years and she was always passing on lots of there fabric scraps to me for my crafting.
I dug out the bag of fabric scraps along with a few others I’d collected over the years. I sorted them into the colours I wanted to use for this Mod Podge fabric upcycle.
The fabrics scraps were mainly upholstery fabric scraps. You can easily use craft fabrics for patchwork or even cut up old patterned blouses and shirt.
Mod Podge fabric Mirror frame
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What you need to Mod Podge fabric frame

  • Old mirror or any other frame you’d like to upcycle. The oval mirror I used is quite a common one. I picked it up at my local charity shop very cheaply.
    Old oval wall mirror

  • Fabric scraps – These can be upholstery, craft fabrics or even cut up old shirts. You can easily buy bundles of scrap fabric online too.
    Pink, purple-red fabric scraps

  • Fabric Mod Podge
  • Rotary cutter and mat.
  • Scrap paper, pen, and scissors.
  • Velvet ribbon to match your fabric scraps.
  • Sewing Pins

    How to make a Mod Podge Fabric frame

    1. The first thing I did was to give the wood frame a good clean to make sure it was dust free and dry. I then covered the mirror with newspaper to protect it while I worked on the frame.
      If you are using thin craft fabrics you may want to paint the frame first.


    3. I then gathered the fabric scraps that I was going to use for this mirror upcycle. My colour theme was a pinky red one. The pieces of fabric were laid out on the frame to see how they would look. Once I was happy with the design, I was ready to Mod Podge.
      Laying fabric on to mirror frame.

    5. To get a neat edge I cut my fabric pieces with a rotary cutter and mat.
      Cutting fabric scraps on mat

    7. I pasted both the wrong side of the fabric and the mirror frame with Mod Podge. Then I stuck the fabric to the frame.
      Make sure that the edge of the fabric just touches the mirror and press it into the groves of the mirror frame. If there is a bit of overhang on the outside of the mirror, don’t worry this can just be tucked under and glued to the base.
      Sticking fabric scraps to mirror frame using mod podge

    8. As the mirror frame is curved I needed to create a pattern template for each additional piece of fabric that was to be decoupaged to the frame.
      To do this, first lay down a scrap piece of paper where the fabric is to be placed and then mark the shape with pen. Then cut out this shape and used it as a template for the next piece of scrap fabric. If you have a straight frame you will not need to do this.
      Making a paper template mirror frame decoupage

    10. Carry on making paper patterns and sticking fabric around the frame until it is all covered.
      using mod podge to stick fabric to a wooden frame

    12. When the whole frame is covered, turn over the mirror and stick down the excess fabric overlap.
      back of mod podge  fabric mirror frame

    14. Finally, remove the newspaper and neaten up the inside edge of the mod podge fabric. To do this, glue a velvet ribbon around the inside edge. Holding it in place with pins as the glue dries.

    Mod podge fabric mirror frame

    Applying ribbon trim.

    Now all that is left is to hang the mirror. The colours go really well in my lounge, it matches my gorgeous sweater felt rug I made earlier on in the year.
    Mod Podge fabric Mirror frame & fabric flowers
    Patchwork mod podge fabric mirror frame
    DIY sweater felt rug made from upcycled old sweaters soft on the feet.
    There is a tutorial for the fabric flowers next to the mirror here.
    DIY faux fabric flowers
    For other fabulous mirror ideas visit


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  1. Aaaah I LOVE this!!! I’ve always seen Modge Podge on tutorials but have never used it — is it a bit like PVA? Thanks so much for linking up with #HomeEtc

    • It’s is very similar to PVA and PVA can often be used instead. But Mod Podge is better designed for crafts and comes in lots of different finishes so a bit more refined than PVA.

  2. Hi Claire. What a fab project for using your fabric scraps! I love the ability to create your own frame of fabric memories 🙂 Our readers will love it. I’ve shared your post in our latest Top 10 In Craft collection. Cheers Jodie 🙂

  3. Love the colours! 🙂

  4. GORGEOUS, Claire! You always amaze me…..and I just love this idea. Of course the oval is lovely, but just realized that i have some fun hex shaped vintage frames that would be perfect for this, thanks for the inspiration and for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

    • Thank you. The method will work on any shaped frame. My friend covered a molded square shaped mirror and it looks wonderful.

  5. Ah how sweet is this? Love the colours you’ve chosen x #HomeEtc

  6. This looks perfect. I love the idea 🙂 Mod podge crafts are always my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Such awesome idea. Mod Podge helped me a lot on my DIY project. Love the way you use it.

  8. I love this, (I am a sucker for a splash of colour!) I’ve only ever spray painted mirrors and picture frames before, I love the texture that this technique gives.

    • Thank you. I love the patterns you get too, which is difficult to achieve with painting.

  9. So pretty & colorful! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  10. I love projects that involve mirrors. This is a wonderful way to use up the fabric scraps.

    • Thank you. Yes it’s great way to show off some of your favourite fabric prints, but I’ve still got a load more.

  11. Peg

    Love it!! So doing this

  12. Very cool idea! Those old mirrors are easy to find so a great project to try.

    • Thank you, Victoria. My friend followed my tutorial and did it on a square mirror that looked great too.

  13. Thi is so pretty!

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