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How To Make A Fun Paper Flower Wall Decoration

Sometimes a maker just got to make! That’s what I felt about this paper flower wall decoration once the idea popped into my head.

Why a pineapple? I would be lying if I said it was my favourite fruit (that’s mango); it’s in my top ten, though. But it’s the best-looking fruit as it comes in its fabulous package and screams summer to me!

I also have a lovely pineapple-stencilled table in my lounge and thought that a piece of pineapple wall art would look great above it!

Recently, I have been making lots of upcycled plants such as my fabric flowers, plastic bottle faux succulent terrarium and my repurposed felt succulent garden. This time I decided to use paper for my crafted plants.

A Beautiful Pineapple Paper Flower

Every time I see gorgeous paper flowers on Pinterest, I pin them. I thought it was about time that I looked at those pins and made some of the paper flowers. Having looked at those pins more closely, I decided I liked the look of those flowers and plants produced with crepe paper.

But there were loads of lovely flowers to make, and I couldn’t decide which ones to try. Because I’m so indecisive, I made lots of different kinds of flowers in lots of colours for my paper flower wall decoration.

I upcycled an old picture frame for this gorgeous paper flower display.

How to make a paper flower wall decoration pineapple

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What you need to make a gorgeous paper flower wall decoration

  • Frame – You’ll need one as big as the flower display. What size you make is up to you. The frame for my pineapple paper flower art was about A3 size.
  • Foamboard/corkboard – This is to fit inside the frame and mount the paper flower display.
  • Spray chalk paint – for the frame, and I chose a Rose Pink colour.
Crepe paper for flower wall art and frame s
Italian 180 gram crepe paper s

How To Make A Pineapple Paper Flower Display

Preparing the frame

Step 1: I first prepared the frame and base for the paper flower wall decoration. I spray-painted the frame with chalky pink paint. I used chalky paint as I like the lovely matt finish.

Chalk spray painted frame

Step 2: To create a base for the pineapple paper flower decoration, I cut a foam board to fit into the frame.

Top tip: Foam board can be a bit shiny, so you may also want to paint this with white matt paint.

cutting foam board for frame

As the display will be 3d, you will not need any glass on the front of your picture frame.

Making Paper Roses, Peonies & Other Flowers

As I mentioned in the beginning, I have pinned many paper flower tutorials over the years. When I returned to these pins, I picked the best paper flower tutorials.

However, I used the orange rose I made using my tutorial and the template I used for my beautiful map roses. The main difference is that I used crepe paper instead of maps this time.

Crepe paper rose flower decoration

The pink peony I made from the tutorial on Ash and Crafts. There are loads of fantastic flower tutorials on this lovely site.

Making pink peonies for paper flower wall decoration

I have a tutorial for the daisies on my denim hanging mason jar wall vase post. I made the dandelion and cream Peonies using the tutorials on Lia Griffith’s fantastic site. She has loads of fabulous paper flower tutorials on her site.

After making a few different crepe paper flowers, I was confident enough to design my paper flowers using my learned techniques. Like the ones I made for my leather Boho vase or my broken China teacup wall vases.

I used oil pastels on some flowers to add colour to the crepe. It was fun to experiment and make up flowers.

Assorted crepe paper flowers.

Making Paper Succulents

For the background of the pineapple body, I made crepe paper succulents using a brilliant Ash and Craft tutorial.

One thing I did differently, though, was to add some colour to the tip of my succulents with oil pastels. I made several of these crepe paper succulents in different sizes.

Crepe paper succulents coloured with oil pastels

The pineapple leaves were made by cutting out long leaf shapes of crepe paper and glueing them to the floristry wire stems. Again these were made in different sizes, and bits of colour was added to the crepe paper with oil pastels.

I have a DIY tropical leaf plant tutorial that would work well with this floral pineapple display.

Pineapple leaf tops out of crepe paper

How to Assemble The Giant Floral Pineapple

Once you have made all your paper flowers, succulents and leaves, you are ready to assemble the pineapple paper flower wall decoration.

Step 1: First, cut out a piece of green crepe paper in the shape of a pineapple onto the foamboard

Step 2: Add the leaves at the top of the pineapple. To do this, pierce the foam board with a wooden skewer (or similar) and then thread the wire through to the other side. Bend the wire at the back of the board to secure it.

Top tip: Add a dollop of hot glue to the wire at the back to stop it from slipping, but wait until the end when you are sure of your design.

Step 3: Next, glue the succulents randomly to the green crepe paper on the front of the foam board.

Step 4: Finally, add the crepe paper flowers to the pineapple wall decoration using the same method as the leaves.

how to make a flower wall decoration pineapple
How to make a paper flower pineapple

As I mentioned in the introduction, this paper flower pineapple wall art goes well with my pineapple-stencilled console table and fabric flowers. I also have a tutorial for some quick doodle flower decorations.

How to make a paper flower wall art

Floral Pineapple Party Decoration

This giant floral pineapple would be a great summer party decoration. Perhaps a Hawaiian-themed celebration or even a Cinque de Mayo party.

Especially if you used it along with the giant paper mache cacti I made and my DIY Frida Kahlo ornaments and Frida Kahlo pillow, these paper flowers would be great to use with many Frida Kahlo crafts.

If you love pineapple crafts, you’ll probably love these. And you could even make a DIY fabric flower version of this decoration.

Pineapples are the king of fruits. Here are 25 of the most fun Pineapple Crafts you will love to make.

Or if you’re looking for other ways to craft fake succulents.

AMAZING fake succulents and cacti tutorials

Lins @ Boo & Maddie

Tuesday 7th of August 2018

This is so so pretty Claire, I especially love all the splashes of pink (having a very pink thing at the moment!) X #HomeEtc

Claire Armstrong

Wednesday 8th of August 2018

Thank you, I love a bit of colour.

Caro | The Twinkle Diaries

Monday 6th of August 2018

What a great make Claire! Those flowers are amazing. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing with #HomeEtc

Claire Armstrong

Monday 6th of August 2018

Thank you, I had fun making them.

Becky at PinksCharming

Wednesday 4th of July 2018

This is such a fun tutorial, it looks great! #HomeEtc

Claire Armstrong

Wednesday 4th of July 2018

Thank you it was!

Sandra L Garth

Monday 2nd of July 2018

This is so right on time! I'm planning the decorations for my daughter's baby shower and there are lots of paper flowers to make. I bought a kit that has crepe paper and have been apprehensive about making them. Thank you for this post!

Claire Armstrong

Monday 2nd of July 2018

They are easier than they look to make, have fun making them.


Sunday 1st of July 2018

This is the prettiest pineapple I've ever seen! Pineapples really so scream summer don't they. Mango's are great but my favourite fruit has to be cherries, with strawberries coming in a close second. My son and I can sit with a bag of cherries and not stop until theres just a bag of stones and stalks!

Claire Armstrong

Sunday 1st of July 2018

Thank you. I do like Cherries but would prefer them without the stones, I'm a bit lazy like that. Though having been bought up in the tropics I do tend to favour tropical fruit and have been known to get over excited if I spot a mangosteen (thick purple skin) in this country.