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27 of The Best Hexagon Crafts and DIYs

I have compiled this list of the 25 best hexagon crafts and DIYs. Geometrics are a popular trend in home decor, especially hexagon shapes. You can even buy hexagon-shaped tiles for your floors and walls.

Hexagons are not just a shape you see in the home, but they are also very common in nature. Just think of beehives, snowflakes, and turtle shells, they are all hexagonal.

The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is an amazing example of a geographical formation of hexagons. Hexagons are often thought of as nature’s perfect shape. It is a strong shape and the most efficient for covering a surface.

Many craft and DIY ideas are reflections of nature and with the hexagon shape, this is no exception.

For example, hexagon crafts such as English paper piecing are very popular with quilting and patchwork. The hexagon pattern is common in home interiors from wallpaper, tiling, and furniture.

A regular hexagon has sides that are all the same length, and all vertices have the same angle. Like squares and equilateral triangles, regular hexagons fit together without any gaps to tile the plane. Hexagons can be arranged together with infinite patterns and styles known as tessellation.

Honeycomb is hexagonal for this reason and because the shape makes efficient use of space and building materials.

Because they can be combined to make different shapes, hexagons are fun to craft with. The following is a list of wonderful hexagon crafts and DIYs. These include ideas that just use one hexagon, such as coasters and mats. And ideas that use combinations of several hexagons, such as wall coverings and pinboards.

Many of the crafts and DIYs takes advantage of the shapes tessellating properties.


Hexagon Crafts

A wonderful collection of hexagon crafts and DIYs for the home that takes advantage of "nature's perfect shape".

hexagon crafts

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