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27 Cool Cactus Crafts Ideas To Make Today

Inside: 27 of the best cactus craft ideas for adults and children you want to make.

Who doesn’t love a cactus? They may be a bit prickly, but they look cute, big or small.

Over 1750, different kinds of real cacti occur in various shapes and sizes. One of my favourite places to visit is the cactus display at the Prince of Wales Conservatory at Kew Garden in London.

I don’t know if it’s just because it’s on my mind, but I have been noticing a lot of cacti around at the moment, not just the real ones, artificial ones, cactus prints, candles and many more home accessories in the form of cacti.

I must admit something is appealing about cacti. My youngest son has even requested a cactus display for his soon-to-be revamped room. Maybe it’s the prickles, as I love pineapple crafts, too, and they are prickly. Or is it because they are tropical and quirky?

For whatever reason you like cacti, one thing is for sure they are a great DIY theme. Here I have gathered some of the most astonishing cactus craft ideas on the net.

I’ve presented a range of crafts, from the simplest of paper crafts to more complicated ones like crochet. From tiny cacti pendants, for necklaces to giant paper mache cacti, for the garden.

Hopefully, there will be something here to inspire everyone. All the ideas include a step-by-step tutorial or even, in some cases, a video.

CACTI garden kew

The Best Cactus Crafts to Brighten Up Your Home

A wonderful collection of fun cactus crafts, from giant paper mache cacti to soft stylish cactus pillows. A lot of the crafts are very easy. Many can be made with stuff you will already have in your craft room.

If you love these crafts, you will probably enjoy these free vintage cactus illustrations and these fun Frida Kahlo crafts.

There are also some great ideas for making and crafting fake succulents on the blog.

I’m not very green-fingered; I seem to kill my cacti and succulents with kindness. I tend to overwater them, so I’m better off with the DIY kind. They last longer!

Before starting these cacti projects, ensure you have these craft essentials.

Other popular crafting themes complimenting these cacti are mushroom crafts and butterfly crafts.

27 cactus craft ideas

Michelle Leslie

Saturday 21st of August 2021

Anything to do with cacti works for me. Love these ideas and there are so many I haven't seen before too.

Claire Armstrong

Sunday 22nd of August 2021

Cacti are such a fun theme for crafting. They are just soo cute.

cactus crafts | Jill

Friday 16th of December 2016


Marion l'épicière

Tuesday 11th of August 2015

Hello! What a nice selection of cactus DIY ! At La Petite Epicerie, we choose each month a new theme and the one at the moment is Arizona because we also love cactus :) Maybe you could visit and tell us what you think about our tutorials !

Have a good day


Claire Armstrong

Tuesday 11th of August 2015

Thank you have visited your site and love the theme Arizona. I especially love your cactus shaped cutters. I actually did a post more recently were I made giant papier-mâché saguaro cacti like the ones found in Arizona

Naomi @ Plaster & Disaster

Sunday 19th of July 2015

Love this roundup! I'm crazy about that cactus pillow. I just might need to make one myself!

Claire Armstrong

Sunday 19th of July 2015

Thanks, loved your cactus table would have included it if known about it when I did the round up.

Lindsay - Shrimp Salad Circus

Tuesday 2nd of June 2015

What a great collection - great minds think alike! :)

Claire Armstrong

Tuesday 2nd of June 2015

Thanks as I said like the neon cactus idea in your collection.