Unique Easter Egg Decorating With Marimekko Decoupage

How To Do Marimekko Easter Egg Decorating

Every year I love to do a bit of Easter egg decorating. Last year, I made rustic upcycled denim eggs and the year before no sew patchwork fabric Easter eggs. This year I decided to go with one of my favourite obsessions and that is Marimekko.
I’ve decoupaged loads of things in the past with Marimekko napkins, from a garden bench, large Christmas wall art and I even made some DIY Marimekko shoes. So why not some Marimekko Easter eggs?
I always use real eggs for my Easter egg decorating, as I often have scrambled eggs for breakfast so they are readily available and cost me nothing. If you can’t be faffed with blowing your eggs you can of course use craft eggs.
The only problem with using real eggs is that it is hard for me to get hold of white eggs. In the UK all the eggs in the supermarket are brown. So for my Easter egg decorating I had to paint my egg shells white.
I know in a lot of other countries chicken eggs are white. I used to think that was because they were bleached white. That’s what my dad told me. As it turns out he was wrong! It’s all to do with the breed of chickens.
Decorating Easter eggs with Marimekko
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What you need for Marimekko Easter Egg Decorating

  • Eggs – I used real eggs which I blew, (you can see how here), and then painted white. If you can get white eggs to start with then there is no need to paint. Or you can just buy some white craft eggs.
    Painted blown easter eggs

  • Marimekko Paper Napkins – I used the KAINO print. There are loads of wonderful Marimekko prints available as paper napkins on eBay. I used about 2 paper napkins to cover half a dozen eggs.
    Marimekko KAINO paper napkins

  • Mod podge
  • Foam brush


How to do Marimekko Easter egg decorating

  1. Firstly if your eggs aren’t white, then paint them white.

  3. Next, Marimekko paper napkins are 3 ply. You will only be using the top printed ply, so carefully separate out the top ply from the rest of the paper napkin.
    Separating top ply paper napkins

  5. Cut away small flowers, and design elements from the napkins.
    Cutting out pattern from paper napkin

  7. Cover the egg with a 50/50 Mod podge water mixture and carefully stick the paper napkin cut out to the egg. Use a clean foam brush to push the napkin down onto the eggshell.
    Paper napkin easter egg decoupage

  9. Carry on covering the eggs with bits of paper napkins until it is all covered. Fill in any gaps with tiny pieces of paper napkins.
    Marimekko easter egg decoupage.

  11. To finish off cover the eggs completely with 2 coats of Mod Podge to act as a protective varnish. Let the first coat dry before adding the second. I found that resting the eggs on a wire frame made this easier.

Decoupaging easter eggs.
Easter egg decorating with Marimekko napkins
Marimekko easter eggs
Marimekko decorated Easter eggs
I have a habit of buying a pack of Marimekko paper napkins everytime I visit a Scandi shop. Now I have quite a collection so I think I will be decorating some more eggs with Marimekko.
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  1. Oh wow, these look beautiful! Great idea to decorate those Easter eggs 🙂

  2. These are so pretty! I enjoyed seeing the previous years as well. Thank you for sharing them with us at Party in Your PJ’s. Pinned!

    • Thank you, Teresa. I like to think of a new way to decorate eggs every year.

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  7. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing your Marimekko eggs at Merry Monday! I can’t wait to see what you link up next week! Roseann from This Autoimmune Life

  8. Omg, I love these. What fabulous ideas. You so rocks!

  9. They are beautiful Claire, you always have the most lovely ideas to use these gorgeous paper napkins. I had no idea about the different coloured eggs either.

    • Thank you, Julia. Paper napkins are the easiest way to add colour and pattern to a project.

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  11. These look brilliant! I love decorating eggs and I love mod podge . I am definitely giving this a go. We have chickens, so egg shells are in abundant supply. #homeetc

  12. Yay Marimekko are one of my absolute fave designers!! The prints are always so bold, thank you for sharing X #HomeEtc

  13. These are so bold and pretty, love how they stand out

    • Thsnk you, Sarah. That’s what I love about Marimekko prints. They bold and pretty.

  14. These are gorgeous! I’m so excited to feature this project in the To Grandma’s House We Go DIY Crafts, Recipes and More Wednesday link party! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  15. Wow! These are amazing and so unique. What an awesome display these would make. Thanks for the tutorial Claire.

  16. They look very eyecatching. I can’t help thinking they might be dragon eggs. Perhaps I am too much into Game of Thrones.

    • Thank you, Ginny. I haven’t watched game of thrones yet so I’ll look out if ever I do.

  17. You literally never cease to amaze me Claire — you’re a crafting machine!!!!! I love this little tutorial. We’re lucky as one of our chickens lays pure white eggs (your dad was totally fibbing!)! I might give this a go with the boys — thanks for sharing Cx #HomeEtc

  18. I love the look, and now to go do some of my own. Thanks for sharing with us at #CCBG

  19. You create such beautiful eggs! Pinning to my Easter board!

    • Ahh, thank you so much Tonna. I think your crochet is very creative.

  20. These look amazing Claire, sooo cool! Love the napkins too!

    • Thank you, Katrin. I have a large collection of Marimekko napkins.

  21. How creative! Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  22. Gorgeous Claire!! The napkins all have such a beautiful patterns, almost zentangleish. LOL, I had a quite chuckle when I read about the bleached eggs, I believed the same thing for years 😀 Until a friend of ours told me that you need to look at a chicken’s earlobe to see what color the eggs will. Go figure, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chickens earlobe but I’m guessing they’re all brown here in S Africa since we don’t get any white eggs either .

    • Thank you,Michelle. Yes I heard that too that you can tell the colour the eggs will be by looking at the chicken. I do feel happier now I know white eggs aren’t bleached.

  23. These are divine! I’ve pinned some on pinterest and you’ve made it look completely achieveable… So I can see these popping up on my insta at Easter. Thanks for sharing this #homeetc

  24. These are wonderful. I had no idea that the UK only had brown eggs, in Canada we have both. The decoupage looks great.

    • Thank you. Apparently you can get both in the UK too but not in the shops I use though.

  25. Those are amazing. Our local eggs are brown too, although it is easy enough to get white eggs if you want them.

    • Thank you so much. I know you can get white eggs but I couldn’t find any near me.

  26. So creative! The lines really draw the eye…how will you display them?

    • Thank you. I will just put them in either a bowl or small wooden tray on the dining room table for spring.

  27. Your eggs look fantasic, Claire! I love the napkins you chose for this project.
    I also checked out your decoupaged Marimekko shoes. They look great as well. May I asked how they kept up? Were you able to wear them for a whole season or even longer?

    • Thank you, Julia the shoes lasted a good season but are beginning to look a bit worn in places. So are now regulated to dog walking and gardening.

  28. I’m swooning!

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