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Fun and Unique DIY Oriental Vase Flower Pots

Growing up in I was surrounded by blue and white oriental pottery. My mother was and is a big collector of it. We lived in Hong Kong then, and blue and white porcelain has been very popular in Chinese culture since the 14th century. That’s where I got the idea for my latest tin can upcycle with these oriental pottery-style DIY flower pots.

One of my favourite ways to upcycle old tin cans is into planters. I have a stack of tin cans in various sizes in my craft cupboard, just waiting to be turned into a fun planter.

This upcycled craft is a fun way to give larger tin cans a faux Ming vase makeover. I have created some blue and white Ming vase images for this project, which you can download below. There is blue and white Chinese vases artwork on the Paintedhive blog that you could also use.

I originally made these vases for the garden, but I’m considering bringing them inside as they will match my Chinoise patchwork cushions.

Blue and White Style Upcycled Tin Can Planters

Blue is my favourite colour, hence the name of this blog! I spotted some blue bedding flowers in a local garden store and thought they would look lovely in these faux Ming DIY flower pots.

The flowers I potted were blue Gentiana scabra and deep purple Senetti.

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What you need to make upcycled tin can blue and white Ming vases

Empty tin cans

How to make Ming DIY Flower Pots

Step 1: First, remove the labels from the tin cans and spray paint them blue. I used Montana gold blue note spray paint.

bkue note spray painted tin cans

Step 2: Download and print out the blue and white vase templates below. These templates were designed to fit my DIY flower pots. However, you might need to adjust the printout size to fit the tin cans you are using. It is best to use lightweight paper for this decoupage.

Faux min vase print outs for DIY flower pots

Step 3: Next, carefully cut out each of the Chinese blue and white vases from the printouts.

Cuting out vase templates

Step 4: Using a foam brush, liberally cover the back of the small vase template with decoupage glue. Then stick the picture to the front of the small tin can. Repeat with the other two templates and tin cans.

Step 5: Next, seal the images on the tin cans. I printed my images on my home computer, an inject printer, so I used an acrylic spray varnish to seal the tin cans. If you use a laser printer to print the images, use the same spray or cover the tin cans in another layer of mod podge (waterproof mod podge for outdoors).

Mod podge on top of inkjet printed images can smudge them. That is why I use an acrylic varnish spray to seal.

Mod podge tin can diy flower pot
Trio of mod podge faux tin can ming vases

Step 6: Finally, all that is left is to plant the flowers. Blue flowers look fabulous in these faux Ming vase DIY flower pots. To help with drainage, I add a good layer of pebbles and broken pots before planting the flowers. As I did with my colourful tin can planters.

Faux Ming vase tin can planter

Ming DIY vase flower pots tall
Trio of Faux Miong vase planters
ming diy vase flower pots

Another fun way to make faux vases is to use wallpaper samples like these stitched paper vase sleeves.

If you like these DIY flower pots, try some of my other fun tin can crafts and upcycles.

Also, you can make another fun craft for your garden using three tin cans of various sizes with this songbird tin can wind chime.

There are more fabulous garden craft ideas here and decoupage ideas here.

Faux Ming Flower Pots

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Saturday 20th of July 2019

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This Scribbler Mum

Friday 17th of May 2019

What a great idea! Looks good! #ThatFridayLinky

Claire Armstrong

Friday 17th of May 2019

Thank you so much.

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Wednesday 15th of May 2019

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Nina Lewis

Tuesday 14th of May 2019

I absolutely LOVE these pots! You are so clever! I'm featuring them at this week's Party in Your PJs link party. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome ideas!

Claire Armstrong

Tuesday 14th of May 2019

Aww, thank you so much. I look forward to seeing the feature.


Monday 13th of May 2019

Absolutely fabulous, Claire! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

Claire Armstrong

Tuesday 14th of May 2019

Thank you, Cecilia.