How To Make A Gorgeous Recycled Jean Planter

Fun Upcycled Denim Tin Can Planters

Ok I admit it I have a tendency to get a bit obsessed with things and one of my pet obsessions is recycling and upcycling jeans. I never throw out old jeans I have a stack of them sitting in my loft ready to be cut, pinned, glued or stitched into something new.
It’s not just denim but I also have a thing for recycling and upcycling tin cans too! I also have a stack of them hidden away in the shed ready to be repurposed.
Guess what, I managed to marry the two with this gorgeous recycled jean planter.
To make this planter unique and to show off the different shades of indigo in denim, I used just the seams and hems for this upcycle.
When cutting up old jeans no bits of denim are safe. I make sure that every part is utilized and I especially love it when I get to use the seams and waistbands of jeans. These are definitely the most interesting bits that add character to any upcycle (along with the pockets of course).
Don’t you think succulents and denim look awesome together? I do! So I’ve used these recycled jean planters for my succulents. I really love their rustic look.
Make some unique recycled jean planters by upcycling denim seams and tin cans
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What you need to make a recycled Jean planter


How to make a recycled jean planter

  1. The first thing to do is cut the hems and seams of the jeans to the circumference of the tin can.


  3. Apply Mod Podge to both the inside of the denim strip and the outside of the tin can. Then wrap the jean seam round the tin can and hold in place with a pin.

  5. Repeat this process until the whole can is covered in denim strips. As you add each strip, make sure that the hems all join at the same place on the tin can.


  7. Once the Mod Podge has dried remove the pins. To tidy up the bit of the back of the jean planter where the seams meet, glue on another denim strip. Again using Mod Podge and pins to hold it in place as it drys.


All you need to do now is to plant your succulents. You could of course just leave them as they are and use them as pen or utencil holders.
How to make a recycled jean planter from upcycled denim hems and seams and tin cans.
How to make goregous upcycled planters for your succulents. Just using tin cans and recycled jeans.  Full tutorial no sewing involved.
These recycled jeans tin can planters are so easy to make.  No sewing involved just glue and upcycled denim hems and seams (step by step tutorial).  They look great when planted with succulents and would make a lovely gift.
I only used the seams and hems of denim jeans in this project. If you want to see how I recycle the pockets of jeans you should check out my Denim Pocket Organiser. And if you are looking for away to use up all your little scrap pieces of denim check out my No-Sew Denim Patchwork Suitcase, or my Denim Patchwork Chair.
There are so many other ways you can repurpose jeans in your home decor. Don’t forget to check out my denim page.
Unique upcycled denim and repurposed jeans ideas for the home.


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  1. I love this project! It came out beautiful and the texture is just perfect! I love the look of denim for decorating

  2. Love the cans and your pin heads!

  3. U can make pretty pictures using old blue jeans. Cut material the size of a picture frame your using put into frame. Add flowers or bling on top. There you have it simple. Enjoy. Make a necklace. Cut thing strip of bluejean material enough to tie in back, add something like metal pieces u see on bracelets, whatever is your favorite items like crosses, flowers.animals.etc connect to necklace. Enjoy. Make a dog leash. Keychain.eye patch,purse, apron, oven mitt cover an old laundry basket make it New again , make a name poster for your kids rooms. There are so many uses. Thanks for getting me thinking. Creative juices flowing. Enjoy.

    • There are so many things you can make with an old pair of jeans that is why I upcycle all mine.

  4. Great idea . I’ve seen whole jeans made into planters also. Cement the bottom half of jeans so they stand up, plant a plant or Bush on top.Adult jeans. Or make smaller planter kid size for summer.

    • Thank you, Donna. I’ve seen those cemented denim planters but they weren’t for me.

  5. So happy to have just found your site. So many great ideas and projects. Really love the cute heart shape straight pins.

    • Thank you so much, it’s always nice to have someone new visit.

  6. I love these! After crafting projects, I always have that stuff left over and now I can use it for yet another project! 🙂

  7. These are really cute and I reckon even I could make them!!

    Thank you for adding this post to the #GoingGreen Linky and huge apologies for taking so long to reply: a combination of being so busy over the summer that I hardly touched the blog and an Internet that took to crashing when I did have time! The next linky opens on Sept 4th so I hope you will join in again 💚

    • Thanks, Rosie. I will be visiting the linky when it opens again.

  8. I simply adore these denim plant cans! The succulents look great in there. I love that you used the hems and seems of the jeans to make these. Why throw that away when it can be repurposed. Save the planet! Did you plant the succulents in a special soil, and did you use a “filler” in the bottoms of the cans?

    • Thank you, Barbara. I just put a layer of pebbles in the bottom of the planters for drainage. As they are for indoor plants it’s a lot easier to manage the watering of the plants.

  9. I love this idea! The look of those jean hems put all together like that is fantastic and you’re right that they look great with succulents! Pinning and sharing! 🙂 Lisa

    • Thank you so much, Lisa. It was great to find another use for the hems.

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  14. You always come up with the niftiest crafts and DIY’s!

  15. Barbara Chapman ~ French Ethereal

    These are super cute!!! I’ve been saving blue jeans for several years now and just started making projects with them. You’ll have to come over and visit my blog, French Ethereal, and check out my denim Welcome Banner I made in either late winter or early spring, I think. It turned out cute. Your blue jean planters are really, really cute! Happily pinned to several of my boards.

    Thanks for more great ideas,
    Barb 🙂

    • Love how you used denim pockets and appliqués the letters on to them. Thank you,

  16. Such good ideas and these would make great Christmas gifts. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, and I hope your week is going great.

  17. What a creative way to use those cans and denim scraps and they look awesome with succulents in them! Thanks for sharing them at Talk of the Town!

  18. That is so cool! I’m going to have save and share this. ~Hugs, Linda on Poinsettia Drive

  19. I love your denim projects, and this one is so so cool Claire!

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  21. What a cool project! I’m always holding on to cans (much to my husband’s annoyance!) so that I’m ready whenever I come across a fun upcycled can project. Usually I end up getting rid of the seam sections of jeans when I’m upcylcing them, so this is a great idea for me to keep in mind!

    • Thank you, Natasha. My husband gets a bit fed up with my tin can and denim stash too, I have to hide them.

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  23. You already know I adore these Claire I am collecting cans and jeans !!

    • You can use the hems, seams and waist bands of jeans for this project. Good luck with them.

  24. Super cute!! Love them and can’t wait to make a few! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Laurie. They are fun and easy to make, good luck with them.

  25. Hi Claire,
    I came from Happiness is Homemade Linky Party.
    What a clever project..thanks for sharing!

  26. Awesome upcycling project, Claire! The color of the blue jeans against the greenery are perfect together. Thanks for sharing with us at Funtastic Friday!

  27. Calire, I think this is one your best denim projects! and my fav so far! I feel inspired to try it 🙂

  28. I really enjoy the posts where you make something pretty out of unloved items. I really like the shabby feel of this project perfect for a boys room, add some lace flowers perfect for a girls. Besides that we all know blue jean denim goes with everything.

  29. Love these Claire. Jean hems are always so difficult to work with because they”re so thick and chunky. Using them to make pretty planters is a brilliant idea, especially since you don’t have to sew them

    • Thank you Michelle, yes denim hems are a pain to sew with I have broken a few needles attempting to do just that.

  30. How cute! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  31. Super cute! Love that you used the hems. I made several denim cut offs this summer and have also saved these legless pieces!! Visiting from Remodelaholic.

  32. Claire you are so clever and I love this project! Whenever I see old jeans I totally think of you and your creative projects!

    • Ahh, that’s very kind of you Janine. There are plenty more denim projects to come.

  33. I always love a good upcycled denim project and your planters are fabulous, Claire!

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  35. Claire you know I am a huge fan of all your denim projects. And this one is no exception!

    • Thank you so much, Mary. There will be plenty more denim projects to come.

  36. Too cute! When one of my sons was younger, I had a lot of denim touches in his bedroom. Wish I had seen all your clever ideas then!

    • Thank you, Wendy. I just love thinking up of new ways to recycle old jeans. With three sons I have plentiful supply of old denim.

  37. Would never have thought of this! Perfect in the right setting…possibly even a special event centerpiece. Would love if you’d share at Reader Tip Tuesday:
    It’s open all week & growing…hope to see you & your upcycle idea at the party 🙂

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