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How To Make An Upcycled Scandi Woven Hearts Garland

If you have ever been into a Scandinavian home you will probably have noticed woven hearts decorations. (Sometimes called pleated hearts). These lovely Scandi hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s but Christmas too and all year round.

Ever since spotting the gorgeous woven hearts whilst visiting relatives in Norway, I’ve been wanting to make my own.

My mantle has been looking a bit bare since all the Christmas decorations have been taken down. I thought I’d cheer it up by making my own woven hearts garland to hang on it.

Often Scandi hearts are made from paper or felt in two contrasting colours. As I love to upcycle, my woven hearts are made from my two favourite fabrics to repurpose; denim and sweater wool.

These woven hearts garlands cost almost nothing to make. You just need a few scraps of denim and old felted sweaters to make the Scandi hearts. I’ve also made some Scandi embroidered hearts, which you might want to also check out.

Upcycled denim and sweater felt heart garland

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What You Need To Make A Scandi Woven Hearts Garland

  • Paper template – Available to download here
  • Denim scraps from old jeans
  • One long seam from the inside legs of a pair of jeans
  • Felted wool scraps from old sweaters or craft felt
  • Pen, iron, scissors and glue (or needle and thread).

How To Make A Woven Hearts Garland

  1. Cut out the paper template and fold it in half lengthways. Cut the slits where marked.
woven heart template

2. First, fold the scrap piece of denim you are going to use in half and iron in a sharp crease. Place the folded paper template on top of the denim.

Lining up the fold in the paper with the fold in the denim. Draw around the template with a pen.

Cutting out denim using template for Scandi hearts

3. Next, cut out this shape and cut in the slits.

If you don’t want the denim cut edges to fray, spread a little fabric glue around the edges as this will stop it from happening.

Cut out denim shape

4. Then, repeat the last 2 steps, this time with the felted fabric.

Felt does not fray so no need to glue the edges.

Denim and felt heart halves

5. For the next step, you need to weave the two heart halves together (like the picture below). This is a little fiddly, but fortunately, the fabric is flexible and won’t tear.

Making upcycled woven scandinavian hearts for decoration

6. Finally, to finish off the heart I stitched the open round top sides together. Carry on making woven hearts until you have enough for a garland.

If you don’t want to sew you can always just use fabric glue instead.

Stitched woven heart
A stack of woven hearts for a Scandinavian garland for Valentine's day.

7. Finally, layout the Scandi hearts in the order you want the colours to appear. Then glue or stitch them to a long denim seam. If you don’t have one you can always just use twine for this part.

Long seam from the inside leg of a pair of jeans.
Finished upcycled denim and sweater Scandinavian woven hearts garland.

All that is left to do, is to decide where to hang your Scandinavian heart garland.

I like to hang mine on the door to my bedroom. I might just put it on the mantle for Valentine’s week. It’s my birthday on Valentine’s day so I like to put some decorations up!

Scandinavian woven hearts garland hung on the door.
Upcycled denim and felt woven Scandinavian hearts on door.

These Valentine’s hearts are featured in the A to Z of denim crafts.

There is a tutorial for making the paper version of these woven hearts in this collection of DIY Scandinavian decorations. The paper ones can be opened up to form little hanging baskets for the Christmas tree.

As well as making denim hearts, I also make patchwork denim stars.

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