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DIY Denim Hanging Jar Vase With Paper Daisies

Inside: Discover dual crafts in one post: Learn to create a chic denim hanging vase styled like a mason jar, followed by a tutorial on crafting delicate crepe paper daisies to adorn it.

I love mashups and used to be a bit of a Glee fan. I would say that my taste in mashups extends to my home. My interior style is a bit Boho, mid-century, with a hint of rustic farmhouse. This denim mason jar vase is a mashup of crafts and upcycling.

There is the upcycled element of the old jeans and floorboards combined with a mason jar craft and a bit of paper mache. Then there are the DIY paper flowers which you could argue are a bit Boho.

These denim wall vases go well with the Boho jeans pillows I made last year and my denim rug on the floor. The paper flowers give the hanging vases a colourful spring feel.

Upcycled Jeans Mason Jar Wall Vase

As with most of my crafts, these hanging mason jar vases cost almost nothing as they were made from repurposed materials. The only cost was for the glue and the crepe paper to make the flowers.

(There is a printable how-to card for this craft at the end of the post.)

Denim mason jar vase with paper daisies.

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What you need to make a hanging mason jar vase

  • Scraps from old jeans, including some seams and labels.
  • Mason Jar – to use as a mould. You could use any old jar as long as it’s the size you would like your wall vase to be.
  • An old piece of wood – I used a cut bit of floorboard.
  • Old newspaper and wallpaper paste.
  • Gorilla glue contact adhesive clear
  • Fabric Mod Podge
  • Four small nails, cling film and a couple of elastic bands.
mason jar, wood, denim scraps and newspaper

How to make the hanging mason jar vase

Step 1: The first thing to do is to make the paper mache mason jar. Start by covering the mason jar in cling film (saran wrap). Then cut the newspaper into small strips.

Step 2: Next, using wallpaper paste, stick the newspaper strips to the mason jar. over just half of the jar.

I use wallpaper paste rather than diluted glue for paper mache as it is less messy. The paste is more gel-like and not runny like glue. I find it creates lots of a mess and dries quicker.

paper mache the mason jar
paper mache jar

Step 3: You will need two layers of newspaper on the jar. Let the first layer dry before papering the second layer. Also, whilst the paper is drying, hold the paper at the top in place with elastic bands. This will ensure that you get the contours at the top of the jar in the paper.

paper mache jar.

Step 4: When both layers of the newspaper have dried, carefully remove it and the elastic bands from the Mason jar mould. Using scissors, carefully trim the paper mache into shape. It should look like a Mason jar cut in half lengthways.

paper mache half jar

Adding the denim o the Mason jars

Step 5: Cut the old denim pieces to fit the jar. You will need one plain denim piece for the main body of the jar and another basic half-circle shape for the base. Cut two pieces of denim seam to fit around the rim of the jar.

Old denim pieces for the mason jars

Step 6: Using t fabric glue, stick the denim pieces to the paper half Mason jar vase. To add interest, I also like to attach a label from the old jeans to the front of the jar. Use pegs to hold the denim in place as the glue dries, especially around the rim.

gluing  the denim to the paper mason jar vase

Making a hanger for the denim Mason Jar

Step 7: Cut the old piece of wood you will use for the backing o the mason jar vase. I used an old pine floorboard as it was just the correct width. The wood also had a lovely aged look to it. You could use a piece of pal et wood if you don’t have any old floorboards.

Next, cut a piece of denim seam or hem about 30 cm long. Nail one end to the side of the wood and the other end to the other side. This denim seem is to be used to hang the mason jar vase.

Denim seem hanger

Step 8: To finish the Mason Jar vase, glue it to the wooden board using contact adhesive.

Gorilla glue and denim vase

Once the glue is dried, the vase is ready to hang. You only need to slip the seam over a hook or nail.

Denim mason jar wall vase

I was so pleased with how this handing denim Mason jar turned out that I made another out of my husband’s old Levis.

Levis denim mason jar vase

The vase is not waterproof, so it is unsuitable for real flowers. However, it is perfect for faux or paper flowers. I love crepe paper flowers, so I made some for the mason jar vases.

How to Make Paper Daisies

I love making crepe paper flowers. I will show you how I made the giant daisies. If you want to make other crepe paper flowers, check out my paper flower wall decoration. Also, sites like Lia Griffith have many paper flower tutorials.

These paper daisies are a fun and easy spring craft.

What you need

crepe paper for paper daisy

Daisy Petal Template

Step 1: Cut out seven small and slightly large petals from the white crepe paper. Use the template below.

Daisy petal template

Step 2: Wrap the green floristry wire around one green wire stem.

Step 3: Cut a piece of yellow crepe paper approximately 3cm wide and 20cm long. Fold it half lengthways and cut 5-7mm slits about 3mm apart along the old.

Step 4: To form the centre of the daisy, glue one end of the folded cut yellow c pe paper to the top of the wire stem. Wrap it around the stem and secure it with hot glue.

Middle of daisy
rolled yellow crepe paper

Step 5: Using the hot glue gun, glue the small white petals to the yellow centre one by one. Space out the petals evenly.

gluing small daisy petals
Half finished crepe paper daisy

Step 6: Once all the small petals have been stuck down. Repeat with the larger petals sticking them between the small layer of petals. Finish off by wrapping more green tape around the base of the daisy.

DIY crepe paper daisy

All that is left to do now is to put the paper daises in the denim hanging Mason jar vases.

If you prefer other types of paper flowers in the vases, there are tutorials for several with the pineapple flower wall art I made and some giant boho flowers with the upcycled leather vase.

These vases could also be used as a handy hanging storage pouch for the craft room, like the hanging denim pocket ones I made.

denim mason jar and paper daisies.
Denim mason jar vase
Levi jeans mason jar vase

For another vase Mason jar combination, check out the tutorial for these beautiful paper vases and mason jar sleeves. Also, check out these other upcycled vases & DIY bud vases.

Yield: Denim Wall Vase

Hanging Denim Mason Jar Vase

Denim mason jar wall vase

Upcycled denim wall hanging mason jar vases. Simple and cheap craft a great way to display faux flowers.

Prep Time 1 hour
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Denim scraps from old jeans
  • Mason jar to use as a mold
  • Newspaper
  • Scrap wood
  • Glue


  • Sander
  • Hammer


  1. Paper mache a half Mason jar shape. Use an existing Mason jar as a mold.
  2. Decoupage paper mache Mason jar with denim
  3. Make a hanger out of a jeans seem by nailing it to a piece of wood.
  4. Glue the denim Mason jar to the wood.
  5. Fill with paper flowers


There are instructions for the paper daises on the blog.

The denim vases featured in the A to Z of jeans crafts.

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Deborah Bish

Sunday 13th of June 2021

I really like this denim vase.I was looking for a project to make for my little sister's birthday,which is July 6. Thank you so much for a really great idea to make for her. So I need to get moving to get it made. LOL

Claire Armstrong

Sunday 13th of June 2021

Thank you, have fun making them, I'm sure she will love it.


Sunday 14th of February 2021

These and other flowers can be cut from plastic grocery bags too. We have done this before and called them 'recycled flowers'. Only limited to your imagination and the plastic you have...plastic milk or juice jugs make great and sturdy creations also. The heavier plastic can also be painted( we used acrylic paints from a craft store.). Happy Crafting!! Happy Valentine's Day 2021 !!

Claire Armstrong

Monday 15th of February 2021

Thank you so much

Inge Vos

Saturday 4th of April 2020

You could add a small plastic bottle (top cut off) to fill with water if you want to use it for real flowers.

Claire Armstrong

Saturday 4th of April 2020

Thank you, that is a good idea.

Pam @Threading My Way

Saturday 15th of June 2019

So creative, Claire!! I love it!

Claire Armstrong

Sunday 16th of June 2019

Thank you, Pam.


Tuesday 9th of April 2019

This is so clever! You are being featured tonight on my blog for Party In Your PJs.

Claire Armstrong

Wednesday 10th of April 2019

That's brilliant, thank you!

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