The Best Superhero Crafts and DIY’s for All

12 Awesome Superhero Crafts and DIY’s(not just for kids)

Some people never grow out of their love of superheroes, like my husband.
Paul has been collecting old Flash and Green Lantern Comics since he was a boy, and I have been working on my own superhero craft to celebrate his collection. I decided to translate one of his vintage 60’s Flash Comics into a giant cross stitch.
Unfortunately, it’s taking me a lot longer than I thought and won’t be finished for a long while yet.
I have rounded up 12 awesome Superhero themed crafts that can be completed a lot quicker. Also, these aren’t just crafts for kids, there is something for everyone young and old, DC or Marvel fans.
The Flash Giant Cross Stitch
AWESOME superhero crafts diy(3)


12 Superhero crafts for all

1. DIY Superhero Bookends – Little Red Window
How about some bookends to keep all those superhero comics in place.
12 Awesome superhero crafts
2. Superhero Lamp – Sobadsogood
I so want to make one of these and perhaps spray it copper it’s a bit like the toys frame I made for my sons room.
Superhero Lamp
3. Comic book planter – Plucking Daises
I think this would look awesome with a venus fly trap in it.
Comic Book Planter
4. Comic Book Flowers – Crissybaker
How about a lovely comic book floral buttonhole for that special occasion.
Comic book button hole
5. Comic book shoes – Jonathanfongstyle
What about some superhero shoes to go with the buttonhole flower. They are a bit like the Marimekko Shoes I made last summer.
comic book shoes
6. Vintage Comic Book Suitcase – Homejelly
Unfortunately there isn’t a tutorial here but if you follow the tutorial for my Vintage Map Suitcase you can easily make your own.
vintage comic suitcase
7. Turn a wardrobe into a tardis – Grillo Designs.
I just love this wardrobe door, perfect for all those Dr Who fans. Wouldn’t it be great if it had the same storage as a Tradis.

8. Crochet Iron Man Gloves – Louisloops
One for the crochet fans!

9. Printable gift jars – Sandytoesandpopsicles
Fill mason jars with their favourite treats, and by using these free printable labels create an awesome gift.
Superhero fathers day gift
10. Superhero Storage Bins – Sugar Tot Designs
Great tutorial for making this unique Justice League storage.
superhero storage bins
11. Mason Jar Superhero Banks – Fireflies and Mud Pies
Go for another Batman V Superman battle this time on with savings. This is an easy craft and it wouldn’t be that difficult to design a Flash and Green Lantern mason jar bank.
Superhero Mason Jar Money box
12. Christmas Baubles – Handimania
I think I will be making Flash and Green Lantern baubles for the tree this Christmas.
Superhero buables

Do you have a favourite superhero? Paul’s is the flash, personally, I’m not that bothered but did like Thor in the recent movies.
AWESOME superhero crafts diy pin



16 Responses

  1. I love the lamp idea so much. I have a ton of old figures and now know what Im making for my study. THANK YOU. And love your site.

  2. Hi Claire! These look like so much fun! I love the flower pot it is so cute!

    • Yes I like the flower pot too! I’ve got a bunch of old comics I might do this one for my sons room.

  3. I love these ideas, especially the door!!! Looks so cool!

  4. I know quite a few super hero fanatics. Such a great roundup! Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!

  5. My 41 yr old son is still a BatMan fan and I know he would appreciate these. Thanks for sharing your creativity at Celebrate Your Story this is a really fun post.

  6. My 8 year old would love these, he’s a massive DC fan. I might have a go at the shoes and the boxes!

    • Thank you! My 48 year old loves these and is also a massive DC fan.

  7. In an attempt to have something still in common with my only remaining child at home (he’s 17) I watch a whole array of superhero programmes and films. I tend to enjoy the slightly lighter ones like Flash and Supergirl and I used to like Arrow but now the flashbacks get on my last nerve!
    This is a great selection of ideas, I made a friend a glasses case covered in comic book scraps which turned out really well and which he still uses all the time. I think I need to decoupage something else now with all this inspiration!

    • Thank you. I also have a 17 year old at home, as well as 13 year old (+one at uni), the Flash seems to be their favourite superhero programme. There does seem to be loads of superhero themed programmes at the moment. Yes I’ve been eyeing up my husbands duplicate comics for a craft project.

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  9. Great collection! So many “super” ideas. My 4 year old has a superhero-themed room and making more decor for it is on the To Do. Visiting from Redo It Yourself Inspirations party.

    • Thank you ! I think those storage boxes are great for a kids room.

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