All the Best Ideas for Making Denim Pillows (Cushions)

How to upcycle old jeans into denim pillows

My old jeans stash doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller. Now that I have a bit of a reputation of a denim upcycler, friends and family are always passing me their cast-offs.
Not that I’m complaining, please carry on giving me your old denim, I will find someway to upcycle them. One of the simplest things to upcycle old jeans into is denim pillows.
I’ve made a few denim pillows myself over the years but I’d thought I’d check out some of my fellow bloggers to see what sort of jeans pillows they have made. Here are what I consider the best upcycled denim pillow designs that I have come across.
If you search for denim pillows on Pinterest you will find lots for sale in Etsy or designer stores from a few dollars up to a few hundred dollars. Here though I have just included pillows from blogs with a tutorial.
15 of the Coolest and unique denim pillows


Denim Pillows Tutorials


  1. Hexagon patchwork jeans pillow – Lilluna
    I love the hexagon appliqued patchwork effect witht this pillow. The denim hexagons look like tiles with white grout in between.

  3. Repurposed Denim Fish Pillow – Pillarboxblue
    These are such fun, the eyes are jeans buttons and the fins and tails pocket. The scales are made using bleach and stencils on the denim.
    Repurposed denim fish pillow with bleach stenciled scales #denim #pillow #summercrafts

  5. No Sew Denim Pillow – Refreshrestyle
    This has to be one of the quickest and easiest denim pillow upcycles, no sewing involved.

  7. Iphone Denim Pocket Pillow – Pillarboxblue
    I made this for my son, and guess what he still loves it and uses it. The pocket for the phone is so handy when listening to music in bed.
    Denim Iphone pocket pillow

  9. Denim Herringbone Pillow – Ashleemarie
    This one is definately not no sew, it’s a bit more challenging but for a great look.

  11. American Star Fringe Pillow – The Sewingloftblog
    This has to be one for the Fourth of July, I love the denim star.

  13. Colourful Boho Jeans Pillows – Pillarboxblue
    The combination of vintage sari trim with old denim, gives these pillows a lovely Boho touch.
    Finished boho style vintage sari trim and recycled jeans pillows with giant pom poms

  15. Ampersand Denim Pillow – Ashbeedesign
    Another applique desgin this time with a giant ampersand. Great step by step tutorial too!

  17. Upcycled Shirt and Jeans Circle Pillow – Greenissuesingapore
    This is very green, denim scraps sewn onto a pillow made from an upcycled shirt.

  19. Beach Pillow from Old Jeans – Remodalandolacasa
    I love the fun stenciling and the ombre effect on this recycled jeans pillow.

  21. Cheveron Denim Pillow – Ashbeedesign
    Another great tutorial from Ashbeedesign this time for a gorgeous ombre effect chevron jeans pillow.

  23. Colourful Pom Pom trim jeans pillows – Hestershandmadehome
    I love these jeans pillows the pom pom trim just makes them adorable. The cute dog helps too! There is even a video tutorial.

  25. Denim Waistband Pillow – Newlifenewpurpose
    It’s great fun to upcycle all the parts of a jean. This is a great project for the waistbands.

  27. Simple Jeans Pillow – Feltmagnet
    A simple upcycled denim pillow and a simple tutorial.

If you don’t have enough denim for a whole pillow then you could combine it with some other fabrics to make some gorgeous pillows like these ones from Luz Patterns.

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  1. God bless you for the tutorials. I also have a huge stack of my husband’s worn denims. I would look for creative ideas for the use of repurposing the denim into useful materials for gifting and home use and would come up stumbling w/o a tutorial. So thanks for your post.

  2. I love them all, the denim must be soft and comfy.

  3. The hexagon one and the huge ampersand are my favourites I think, or the one that use the pockets …. what am I saying, I love them all. Can’t beat a good denim upcycle. Thanks for putting these all together

  4. thank you for the inspiration and for sharing at TFT, pinned xo

  5. Excellent pillow ideas ! Love them all but I like most those with pom pom trim 🙂

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  7. This is such a great idea, I am pinning it for later. I can see myself making a slushee of these pillows for my sleeping porch. 🙂

  8. I love the herringbone, but I’m a sucker for that beach one. It is adorable!

  9. They all so pretty!

  10. Love all of these!

  11. What a fun collection of denim pillows! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  12. Claire you know I just love these. I need to start saving my soft denims. They would make an awesome pillow. So many pretty ideas you’ve gathered together.

  13. Great denim pillow picks, Claire! Thank you for sharing!

  14. These pillows are great. I am pinning your tutorials.

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